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How to Unlock Your Samsung Phone Automatically?

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No one would disagree that the smart lock on Samsung can better protect our phone data, right? But even so, there are still some users don't like this feature since they need to deblock their devices every time they enter the Samsung phone. Then for these users, we would strongly suggest you to unlock Samsung phone automatically in trusted place or with trusted voice/device/on-body detection. These Samsung features allow you to unlock the phone screen easier and faster. If you are interested in them, just read on to get the details.

Use On-body Detection to Unlock Your Samsung

The On-body detection will keep your Samsung phone unlocked when you are carrying the phone in your hand, pocket or purse. That is to say, once you turn on the On-body detection, the phone screen won't be locked if you always hold it in your hand, pocket or purse. Then you can enter the device without typing in passwords. To enable this feature, you can:

- Tap on the options Settings> Lock screen and security> Secure lock settings> Smart Lock in sequence.

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- Then you will need to enter your PIN code/password/pattern to enter the section.

smart lock menu

- In Smart Lock section, you should look for the On-body detection option and toggle on the button. Here the phone will notify you that On-body detection can't distinguish between you and some else so someone may access your phone when it is unlocked. If you think it is ok, you can tap Continue to enable the On-body detection feature.

enable onbody detection

If you want to turn off the feature after enabling it, you can follow the steps above and toggle off the button to switch it off.

Unlock Samsung Galaxy with Trusted Device

Samsung device also allows you to unlock the device with trusted device. What does that mean? It means that you can add a trusted device in your phone settings. After that, your phone will keep unlock when it is connected to the trusted device like Bluetooth watches, fitness trackers, car speaker systems or other devices. You can go with the steps below to add the device to your phone.

- Also, the first step is to enter Settings> Lock screen and security> Secure lock settings> Smart Lock.

- The next step is to enter the passcode then you can enter the Smart Lock section.

- Now you can select Trusted devices and tap on Add Trusted Device in this section. Here you can choose to add a Bluetooth device or NFC device as you like.

To add the trusted devices successfully, you need to enable Bluetooth or NFC on your phone.

- After selecting a device, you can tap on Yes to add it to the trusted device list.

add trusted devices

When you do not want the device to unlock your phone, you can go to Settings> Lock screen and security> Secure lock settings> Smart Lock> Trusted devices> Remove Trusted Device to remove the selected device.

Unlock Samsung Device in Trusted Place

You can also choose to unlock your phone when you are in the trusted place. To enjoy this feature, you need to set a place as your trusted place at first and then your phone will stay unlocked when it is in there. Here you should know a trusted place has a range of up to 80 meters so you need to pay attention to the phone safety when you leave the place. Now just see how to set up a trusted place on your Samsung phone.

- First of all, you need to navigate to Settings> Location to turn on high accuracy or battery-saving location mode on your phone.

- Next, you can select Settings> Lock screen and security> Secure lock settings> Smart Lock as well to enter the section.

- Then you can select Trusted Places and tap on Home or Add trusted place to choose a location from Map as the trusted place.

enable trusted place

That's it! From now on, your Samsung phone will stay unlocked when you are in the trusted place.

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Use OK Google to Unlock Samsung S9/8/7

Except for using trusted device and place, you are able to add a trusted voice to unlock your phone. This goal can be achieved by OK Google. You can set up voice recognition in the Smart Lock settings and then enable OK Google to let the phone recognize your voice. This means sounds complicated but it is easy to follow actually.

- Click on Settings> Lock screen and security> Secure lock settings> Smart Lock to enter the Smart Lock section.

- Here you should elect the Trusted voice option to set up voice recognition.

- Then you need to toggle on Say OK Google any time and go with the instructions to help the phone to recognize your voice.

- Finally you just need to turn on Trusted voice option and then you can enjoy the feature freely.

add trusted voice

What to Do If Smart Lock Not Working?

During the unlocking process, you may encounter a problem- you cannot find the Smart Lock menu in settings. This is a common issue that many users have met and most of them have solved the problem by using the method below:

- Navigate to Settings> Lock screen and security> Other security settings> Trusted agents.

- Then you can tap on the button to turn on the Smart Lock feature.

enter trust agents

After that, you can choose to turn on the wanted feature in the menu.

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