MobiKin Eraser for Android

Permanently erase all data on Android Devices, covering photos, contacts, messages, call logs, and private information. Ensure 100% irrecoverability for maximum privacy security.
Fully compatible with the latest Android 14!

Supported OS: Windows 11/10/8/7

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why need an android eraser

Why We Need to Erase Data on Android?

Our devices contain a wealth of privacy, including banking information, logins, personal photos, and contacts, etc. Many people are unaware that factory reset cannot permanently delete data on phones. Therefore, in situations like the following, to safeguard our privacy from potential misuse, it is essential to securely erase data using a professional Android data erasing tool:

  • Reselling or donating your Android device.
  • Discarding an old Android phone.
  • Safeguarding against identity theft.
  • Getting a second-hand device.
erase android data

Erase All Types of Android Data Permanently

MobiKin Eraser for Android is easy to use - even a technology rookie can complete the erasure without any hardship. Only 3 steps can you erase the Android device with this tool.

  • Erase all kinds of data: Permanently erases all sensitive data such as contacts, messages, call logs, photos, videos, music, calendars, notes, Apps, books, etc.
  • Erase deleted files: Overwrite and erase deleted files to prevent recovery, ensuring the security of deleted data.
  • Erase private data: Wipe the privacy data like accounts, passwords, transaction records, financial data, search history, browsing history and more.
3 erasing levels

3 Erasing Level Options to Meet Your Personal Needs

To cater to diverse erasing requirements, this Android data eraser offers three levels – Low, Medium, and High. Choose the level that suits your specific needs.

  • Low Level: Swiftly erase and overwrite all data on your Android phone, rendering them unrecoverable.
  • Medium Level: Ensure 100% unrecoverability by erasing and overwriting data on your Android device.
  • High Level: Opt for the utmost security as this option overwrites data on your phone or tablet three times, eliminating any possibility of recovery.
erase android easily

Android Data Erasing is as Easy as 1-2-3

Eraser for Android offers a simple one-click erasure, making it user-friendly even for those less familiar with technology. Just follow these 3 steps to erase your Android device:

  • Connect Android device to PC: Connect your Android device to the PC via USB or Wi-Fi.
  • Select an erasing level: Choose your preferred erasing level: Low, Medium, or High.
  • Start to erase the device: Click "Erase" to initiate the erasure process.
differences between android eraser and factory resetting

Differences Between Factory Reset and Eraser for Android

A factory reset aims to restore a smartphone to factory settings, erasing user data, settings, and apps. However, it often fails to securely wipe all data, leaving information accessible on around 40% of phones sold secondhand.

Enter the professional Android data eraser – a powerful tool that permanently wipes everything on the phone. It overwrites privacy with random data, ensuring irrecoverability.

data eraser for android

Comprehensive Android Data Erasure

  • 100% Unrecoverable: Every piece of data is completely erased, impervious to any recovery tools. Your privacy is absolutely secure!
  • User-Friendly: Effortlessly wipe your Android phone in three steps, enhancing efficiency with high-speed erasure and diagnostics.
  • Erase All Data: Erase all forms of privacy data on your Android phone for a thorough clean slate.
  • Maximum Security: Employ military specifications for a secure phone wipe, guaranteeing robust privacy protection through comprehensive data sanitization.

Users of MobiKin Eraser for Android Have Surpassed 740,000+ Worldwide.

The user evaluation


Just so so...Actually, it is a simple app and needs to improve more functions. But good enough. :)


I am very satisfied dealing with MobiKin. They're really helpful and they value their customer. Great, five stars!!!

Joe Rose

Erased all kinds of personal data on my android phone that I want to give away. Well protect my private information from leaking. It is easy to use and suitable to a computer novice just like I.

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