How to Recover Deleted Files from SD Card in Android Phone?

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"My SD card in my HTC mobile seemed to be infected by the viruses so I formatted the whole SD card immediately. I thought I had a backup in my computer and then I was going to transfer the backup to the SD card. But I cannot find the backup anywhere. What should I do now? There are many photos about my family and I and some videos I shot before in the SD card and they are really important to me! Could you please tell me recover deleted files from SD card in Android? It will be appreciated if you can offer me some useful advices."


Seriously, you are not the only one experiencing a similar situation. Whether it is losing data from the SD card or from the phone's memory, it is a nightmare that we don't want to experience. Fortunately, with the development of technology, we have a reliable SD card recovery for Android tool that can help us retrieve lost or deleted data from SD card in Android phone. Continue reading, below I started to share my personal Android SD recovery experience.

android sd card recovery

Part 1: Common Situations for Losing Files from Android SD Card

There are various reasons for losing the data on the SD card in Android. To sum up, there are roughly the following situations.

1. Accidental deletion

This is the most common reason for losing mobile phone or SD card data. Maybe you accidentally deleted important files when you cleaned up the junk files in your phone; it may also be that the child accidentally clicked the delete button while playing your phone.

2. Format the SD card

In the process of using the SD card, you may encounter the situation that the SD card cannot be read, or the SD card is formatted due to misoperation. SD card formatting is to clear the contents of the memory card, all the data in it will be deleted.

3. SD card is damaged or inaccessible

Sometimes the phone prompts you that the SD card is damaged for no reason, and then the content of the SD card cannot be opened. There are many reasons for SD card damage or inaccessibility. There may be a short circuit of the memory card that has burnt out, or it may be caused by a system error. (Here are some tips to fix corrupted SD card on Android.)

4. Virus infection

Virus infection will also lead to the loss of SD card data on the phone. If you install an application with a virus, or browse an unsafe web page, your phone and SD card will be at risk of virus infection.

5. Power failure

Power failure, also known as power outage or blackout, is also one of the causes of SD card data loss. Survey data shows that 25% of the data loss is caused by power failure.

6. Other reasons

The best method to avoid the SD card data loss case is to make a backup of your SD card files by following the instructions in this post: How to backup Android SD card.

Part 2. Things to Consider When Choosing An Android SD Card Recovery Tool

If you unfortunately have lost important data from Android SD card, don't be discouraged, we have professional SD card recovery software to help you perform SD card data recovery for Android. However, in order to get you better recovery results, I suggest you consider the following suggestions before choosing your favorite recovery tool:

First of all, be sure to perform data recovery as soon as possible, it is best to start the recovery work as soon as you find the data lost. Because if you wait for a while, the lost data may be overwritten by the new data, so the opportunity to recover the data will be missed by you.

Second, it is best to remove the SD card from your Android phone to prevent you from accidentally performing any other operations on the SD card, such as storing new data on the SD card. In this case, the lost SD card data is Will be overwritten by the newly copied content.

Again, be sure to choose a reliable SD card recovery tool for your Android phone. If you choose an unreliable or unsafe tool by mistake, then not only can you not recover the lost data, but it will cause more damage to the SD card.

In addition, when choosing Android SD card recovery software, be sure to carefully read the terms and conditions of the software. A qualified recovery software should not access your data or disclose it to third parties.

Finally, after recovering the data you want, it is best to put it in a new safe place instead of the original damaged storage location.

sd card recovery for android

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Part 3. The Best SD Card Recovery Tool for Android: Doctor for Android [Must-read!]

After reading the above, it's time to reveal our killer tool for recovering Android SD card data - MobiKin Doctor for Android. It is extremely safe, reliable and user-friendly recovery software for recovering Android phone data. You can not only use this software to recover deleted files from memory card in Android, but also you can recover lost data from Android internal memory.

  • It helps over millions of Android users recover deleted or lost data from both phone's internal storage and SD card.
  • It is able to scan deeply of your Android SD card and allows you to preview the recovered data so that you can restore them selectively.
  • It will detect all the files in your SD card including the deleted and existing ones and then you can export the wanted files to computer.
  • Supports various file types, including photos, videos, music, call logs, contacts, SMS and many more.
  • Supports 6000+ Android device models, various Android OS, including Samsung, HTC, LG, Sony, Motorola, Huawei, Xiaomi, etc.
  • It guarantees 100% safe and comes with a free trial version.

You can download the free trial version of the MobiKin Doctor for Android to experience its phone SD card recovery functions.

How to Perform SD Card Data Recovery for Android by Using Doctor for Android:

You can link your Android phone, with SD card inserted, to the computer for connection and recovery. But actually, this Android SD Card Recovery software allows you to get back your deleted or lost data on the external SD card without connect your Android phone. Here, you only need to insert your SD card to the computer, and launch the program to perform the recovery. Below is the detailed steps for your reference.

Please be noted that if you want to recover the files that were stored in the internal memory space, you need to connect your device to the computer and root your Android Phone at the beginning.


Step 1: Connect SD card to computer

Let's suppose that you have inserted the SD card to the computer via card reader, and the program also be installed. Then just launch it, and choose "Android SD Card Recovery" option on the top menu, and you'll see an interface like below:

android sd card recovery

Step 2: Scan your SD card quickly

Choose the disk drive of your SD card and click "Next" to begin the scanning process of the SD card.

scan your android sd card

Step 3: Start SD card recovery for Android mobile

When the scanning is finished, you'll find that all data on the SD card is divided into different categories. Select them and preview the detailed files in the program. For example, if you want to recover deleted photos from SD card in Android phone, you should choose "Photos" tab from the left panel, then tick the pictures you wish to restore and hit "Recover" button to begin the data recovery from SD card in mobile.

recover deleted files from sd card in android

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Part 4: Tips for SD Card Data Recovery for Android

1. Stop using the SD card immediately

Although it has been said many times, we have to emphasize again. When you find that data is lost, you must stop using the SD card immediately to avoid storing any new data in case the lost data is overwritten. Otherwise, the lost data will never be recovered.

2. Do not format the SD card

Although formatting the SD card can reduce the storage capacity, it will reduce the service life of the SD card. And it can destroy the important information that the recovery tool needs when recovering data. This will increase the difficulty of retrieving the data, and may also cause the data to be unrecoverable.

3. Don't use apps in the Play Store

This is because when you use applications in the Play Store, these applications will create new data on the SD card, and these new data will overwrite the lost data, thereby allowing you to reduce or even lose the recovery of the Android SD card chance.


Now, you should be able to relax a little, because recovering data from Android memory card is achievable. Losing data can cause a lot of stress. You can avoid stress by developing a good habit of frequently backing up Android to computer. Of course, even if you have lost your data, don't despair. Our safe and reliable MobiKin Doctor for Android can help you recover deleted files from memory card in mobile quickly and easily. This is a tried and tested solution. Whenever I lose Android data, this solution can always solve my troubles. You can try this micro SD card recovery software for Android for free to experience it. If you have any questions during use, you can tell us at the bottom of this article.

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