Top One Click Root Tools and Comparison [Step by Step]

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Rooting is a slightly risky yet popular procedure that is carried out to "unlock" the entire Android operating system. Unlocking the android operating system provides you with various administrator privileges. These newly gained administrator privileges can then be used to block the intrusive advertisements that are generated by malicious third party apps, uninstall the apps (stock) that came with your handheld android device, boost device performance, install designer custom ROMs, increase battery life and even install incompatible apps among other amazing functions.

The rooting process was previously considered to be a complex procedure that was best done by technology experts. This is not the case anymore thanks to various programs that are guaranteed to help you unlock your handheld android device with a single click. Below are the top four one-click android root tools.

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#1 - King Root

King Root is a popular, super-effective yet one-click computer-based and android application (program) that has been widely used to root numerous smart phones and tablets that are running on the android operating system. The free one-click program is available both as a PC or android program. King Root is considered to be the most trusted android rooting tool.

This tool was developed by "KingRoot Inc.", has a high success rate of about 98%. This is definitely the highest success rate that has never been recorded. According to the official King Root website, the tool supports over 104,000 different device models.

This is possible because King Root makes use of a very unique yet highly advanced technology to initiate and complete the android rooting process. The King Root program is completely free both to download and even use on various devices.


- Supports a wide range of android devices.

- Free to use and quite easy to use.

- Has an incredibly high success rate of rooting.

- The program is under a relatively small size.


- Cannot be used on a Mac computer.

- Cannot be used to reverse the rooting process (unroot).

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#2 - iRoot

iRoot, which is developed and distributed by the Chinese "Mgyun" team, is a sophisticated application that can be widely used even by "amateurs" to unlock almost any gadget that is running on the android operating system. The program just like King Root is available both as an android app or a Windows PC program.

According to the official iRoot website, this tool has already been used to unlock over 246 million devices. iRoot is believed to support over 150,000 different device models and has an average rooting success rate of about 90%. This alone makes it increasingly easier for you to use the program to unlock your tablet or smartphone that is running on the android operating system without encountering any serious issues.


- Supports over 150000 different device models.

- Remove root from a rooted Android device.

- High success rate of rooting for the daily using.


- Only works on devices that are running on the android 2.2 to android 5.0 operating systems.

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#3 - One Click Root

Just as its name suggests, One Click Root is a paid program (costs $39.95) that has been proven to easily unlock almost all major android devices with a single tap or click. One Click Root unlike all the other programs that are provided in this guide provides you with 24/7 customer support assistance.

This alone guarantees that you are able to easily unlock your handheld android device without facing any serious issues. The android rooting tool is believed to include various extra fail safes that are used to prevent you from bricking your android gadget. One Click Root apart from being used to unlock the android operating system can also be used to reverse the entire rooting process.

The One Click Root development team is willing and able to provide you with a full refund if the program is unable to successfully unlock your device.


- Available both as an Android app and a Windows program.

- Provides you with a super-fast yet easy way to unlock your android gadget.

- 24/7 customer support assistance is provided.


- Paid application.

- Older devices are not supported by the program (those running on android 3.0 or earlier).

- The program's trial version has limited features.

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A Comparison of the Top 3 One-click Android Rooting Tools

1. Cost

The "One Click Root" need to be purchased (are paid) while the "iRoot" and "King Root" programs can be obtained and used at no cost whatsoever.

2. Success Rate

All the top three programs that are provided in this guide have a very high success rate.

3. Customer Assistance

Of all the applications provided above, it is only the "One Click Root" program that offers 24/7 customer assistance.

4. Unrooting

Only iRoot in the list that has the ability to reverse the android rooting process.

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