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Recently, we received messages from multiple Android users asking about the best way to export text messages from Android to PDF for free. The original intention of this may be to better save the mobile phone text messages, or it may be to provide the text messages as evidence to the legal counsel. Regardless of the purpose, converting text conversation to PDF is more convenient than directly taking screenshots of the mobile phone text messages. And PDF is more secure than other file formats.

Now, we decided to organize an article that explains in detail the different methods of how to save text messages to PDF on Android phone. Go below to see more information about these methods.

export text messages from android to pdf

Method 1. Export Text Messages from Android to PDF with Assistant for Android

First, we can export Android SMS to HTML format first, and then convert HTML to PDF if you need. The reason for this is that HTML has almost all the advantages of PDF. It can perfectly save the text, pictures, hyperlinks, etc. in the SMS. After exporting text messages to HTML, you can browse SMS content online.

So, first of all, we need a professional and powerful Android SMS export tool - MobiKin Assistant for Android, to help you export SMS from Android devices to multiple formats, including HTML, CSV, Text, etc. Let us first take a look at the specific powerful features of this software.

Assistant for Android - Export SMS to PC/Mac

  • Export Android text messages to the computer with one click.
  • Save Android text messages as HTML, CSV, Text, etc.
  • Fully manage other Android data on computer.
  • Back up and restore Android data with one tap.
  • Work well with all Android models as well as computer systems.

assistant for android for win assistant for android for mac

Steps to download text conversations from Android to PDF with Assistant for Android:

Step 1. Install and launch Assistant for Android

Launch the installed Assistant for Android program, and connect your Android phone to the computer via a USB cable or WiFi. Once connected, you can see the software interface like the picture below.

Note: to make the connection successful, you need to enable USB debugging on your Android device during the connection.

run assistant for android

Step 2. Select the text messages you want to export

All transferable file types are listed in the left side menu. Highlight the "SMS" tab and all your Android text messages will be scanned and displayed. You can preview and select the text messages you want to export to PDF.

export android messages to pdf via assistant for android

Step 3. Export Android text messages to computer

After selecting all you needed text messages, you can click on the "Export" button from the top menu, choose "HTML" or "CSV" as the output format, to export the selected text messages to HTML on your computer.

Step 4. Convert to PDF format

Assistant for Android will text messages in CSV or HTML format. Next, if you need, you can find a free online converter to convert the CSV or HTML file to PDF format. You only need to enter "how to convert CSV/HTML to PDF online" in the search engine, choose a reliable tool and follow the instructions to convert your CSV/HTML file to PDF.

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Method 2. Convert Text Messages to PDF on Android with Android Backup & Restore

If you'd like to export all text messages from your Android phone in one click, you can use MobiKin Backup Manager for Android, which is an excellent Android backup & restore tool that enables you to back up Android text messages on computer, and restore them back to Android with simple clicks. It can back up and restore Android text messages, photos, call logs, contacts, videos, music, apps and more. You can easily export text messages to HTML and then convert to PDF without any hassle.

download for win download for mac

Now you can follow us to see how to download text messages from Android to PDF with one click by using Android backup and restore tool, and then convert text conversation to PDF.

Step 1: Run Android backup and restore tool

Download and install this Android backup and restore program on your PC or Mac. Open it and connect your Android device to the computer via USB. The connected Android phone will be recognized by the program.

launch android backup and restore

Step 2: Select the SMS to backup

When the Android device is successfully detected, click "Backup" option from the main interface and you will see all the data types that can be backed up are displayed.

select the text messages you want

Step 3: Transfer Android text messages to computer

Tick off the checkbox of "Messages" and click "Browser" to choose a location on your computer for saving the output text messages. After that, you can click the "Back Up" button to save Android SMS to computer.

convert android sms to pdf via android backup and restore

Step 4: Restore text messages to Android

The exported text messages will be saved as an HTML file. Now, you can also find a free online converter to convert the HTML file to PDF format.

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Method 3. Use Apps to Transfer Text Messages to PDF on Android

If you don't want to install software on your computer, you can also use a mobile app to convert Android phone text messages to PDF. Below we have found three apps with higher ratings for your reference.

1. PDF Creator

If you are looking for a simple and practical Android text to PDF converter, you can try PDF Creator. It is simple to use and has a user-friendly interface. No special skills are required, and the conversion can be done easily. You can find this app in the Google Play Store and install it on your phone. Follow the operation prompts on the interface, you can convert mobile phone text messages into PDF format without any obstacles. PDF Creator users score relatively high, judging from user reviews, it is also an app worth trying.


  • The installation is simple.
  • Easy to use.


  • Single function.

pdf creator

2. PDF Suite - Scan, Read, Merge and Convert PDFs

The second app we want to recommend to help you convert text into PDF in Android is PDF Suite. As you can see from the name, it is a comprehensive tool that can not only complete PDF conversion, but also quickly scan, read and merge PDFs. In other words, you can share your PDF with others, print your PDF files, scan PDFs, and merge PDFs. Like PDF Creator, you can get the PDF kit from the Google Play Store. This tool is 100% safe and will not cause any damage to your equipment and files. Please rest assured.


  • Friendly interface.
  • The loading speed is relatively fast.


  • Limited functionality.

pdf suite

3. All Files to PDF Converter

All Files to PDF Converter, as the name suggests, it can convert files of many different formats into PDF. Therefore, you can use it not only to convert text to PDF, but also to convert other file formats such as Word, Excel, HTML and PNG to PDF. If you want to convert text messages, photos, contacts and pictures on your phone to PDF, then you can choose this app.


  • You can convert files in multiple formats to PDF.
  • The interface design is excellent.


  • It will be a bit difficult for users who use this app for the first time.
  • There may be problems converting large files.

all files to pdf converter

Sum Up

As you can see, you can use Assistant for Android to selectively export text messages from Android to PDF. Of course, you can also use Android Backup & Restore tool to convert all Android text messages to PDF in one click. Finally, you can also install the PDF converting app directly on your device to complete the Android SMS to PDF conversion. Thank you for reading, and you can share your comments below.

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