Reasons: Why I Fail to Root Android Phone? [Solved]

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In order to manage the mobile phone freely or use a better operating system, more and more Android users tend to root their devices. However, during the rooting process, most of you may find that you are not able to complete the course successfully. Then you might ask what causes this issue and what can you do when it happens. The answers are here! Just come to get the reasons and tips for Android root failure.

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Reasons for Android Phone Root Failure and Solutions

1. The version of rooting system doesn't match the phone model

Obviously, there is no any rooting tool is compatible with all types of Android phone. So when you fail to root your phone, the first thing you should think is whether the tool is suited for your device.

Solution: Go to Google Play to find a rooting tool and then download and install it on your Android phone. But remember to read the introduction carefully this time to see whether it supports the phone model you are using.

2. Root package

The root package may pose a challenge as well. Most Android devices support OTA or ICS update which is able to deliver new software or data to mobile phones and be copied to the SD card.

Solution: You can root your phone by means of flashing your phone.

3. The Recovery mode

Your Android phone or the rooting tool you download might require you to flash the device under the recovery mode. In this case, it is not possible to root your phone directly.

Solution: Try to accomplish the rooting process under the recovery mode. To enter the recovery mode, you can press and hold the "Volume -" and "Power" button for a while and then you can choose to root your device in this mode.

root android phone under recovery mode

4. Phone Driver

To root Android phone, sometimes you may need to connect the device to computer. And when you choose to root your Android on Mac/PC, you must make sure that you have install the necessary driver for your phone on computer or it would be impossible to start the rooting process.

Solution: Install the drive of the phone before rooting. You can download the needed drive from the official website of your manufacturer and do not forget to enable USB debugging at the same time.

5. The PC system

Another reason for the rooting failure might be the unsuitable computer system. This is because some rooting tools can only work under the Windows XP mode. So you'd better go to check if the PC system is compatible with the tool.

Solution: Turn the PC system to the right one. For example, users of Win 7 or Win 8 need to set their PC to "XP compatible mode". To do that, you can right click the icon of the program and then go to "Properties"> "Compatibility"> "Windows XP (Service Pack 3)"> "Apply"> "OK".

turn pc system to windows xp mode

6. Poor internet connection

The rooting process also requires a stable internet connection. So if the Wi-fi or cellular data is poor, it would be very difficult for you to finish the rooting process smoothly.

Solution: Check the status of the network you connected or reconnect the internet. It is very easy. You just need to swipe down the screen of your device to see if the icon of Wi-fi or cellular data is lit and check the signal of them. If you find that the signal is weak or even no signal, you can try to turn the internet off at first and then turn it back on.

root your phone under a stable wifi

7. Low battery

Most rooting tools ask a high battery to support the rooting. It means that you will have trouble rooting your Android if you do not charge your device to a high battery.

Solution: Charge your Android phone before the root.

charge your android before rooting

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