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Android Device Manager - How to Manage Android Devices on PC/Mac

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Summary: This article is going to show you the best Android Device Manager for your reference. You can read this page to learn the features and how to perform it in details.

What is the most indispensible thing in our daily life nowadays? Most of people would think of cell phone. That's probably right. In this digital world, there are a lot of things you can't do without cell phone. And actually it has brought so much convenience to people ever since it is invented. Speaking of cell phone, I have to mention some brands now. There is no denying that the competition between iPhone/iPad and Android smart phone/tablet (especially Samsung) is getting more and more intense. But due to the high price of iPhone devices and the favorable price of Android ones, Android phone and tablets account for lots of market share all over the world as time passed by. And an increasing number of people tend to use android smart phone such as Samsung, LG, and HTC, etc.

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But no matter what brand cell phone you are using, it will always come to a situation that the storage of the phone is not enough. Many aspects can lead to this, such as the swarm of the contacts, text messages, videos, and music. This may probably drive you crazy when you want to add some new contacts or videos. So what can be done to improve this situation?

It's quite easy. MobiKin Android Device Manager (Windows/Mac) will be your assistant. With the help of the software, you are able to edit the data which need to be released or regain. Not only Android phone, it also empowers you to make managements on your tablet. And it is compatible with almost all Android system devices. Sounds great, right? Now you can follow me to the world of this fantastic manager software. Here are two versions of it, you can choose one of them compatible to your Android devices. Click and download it.

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How to Manage or Edit Android Devices on PC or Mac

First of all, install the android device manager software on your computer. Then, link your android phone or tablet to computer via a USB cable. If you have opened the USB debugging earlier, the program will detect the phone accordingly. And if you haven't done this before, then you will see a interface below:


To continue, you need to open USB debugging and make your Android device be recognized by the program. After that, you will also see the following screenshot.


Note: If your Android device is failed to be recognized, you need to find a solution for it firstly, then you can contine to manage your Android data as follows:

1) Modify or Edit Contacts Info on Android

From the files shown on top of the window, you are enabled to choose whatever you want to manage. As we can see, there are different categories such as contacts, apps, video, and book and so on. Among these categories, I would like to take "Contacts" as an example. You can click "Contacts" first on the left column, and you will see the specifics of the information. Now you can manage these details as you want.

New - Add new contact info into your device;

Edit - Modify the data like add group, add number, address, etc. to the existing contact as you like;

Delete - Remove unused or unnecessary info from your Android address book on PC directly;

Export - Move your selected contact info from your device to computer;

Import - Load the contact backup file from computer to Android devices.


2) Edit Android Text Messages/SMS on PC

After entering the "SMS" category in the program, you can deal with your messages via below icons:

New - Open a pop-up window, and here you can send messages to any people you like;

Delete - Remove any text conversation from your Android device on PC as you like;

Export - Backup selected messages to desktop computer in specific formats;

Import - Load the backed up messages to Android device.

3) Manage or Modify Android Media Files Including Photos, Music, Videos, Books

 Add - Import any pictures, music, videos, books you want from desktop computer to Android phone or tablet;

Delete - Remove unwanted images, music, videos, books from Android easily;

Export - Copy the selected media files from Android to PC for backup or other uses as you like.

Video Tutorial:

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