Top 6 HTC Sync Manager Alternatives You Wish You Knew Sooner

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HTC Sync Manager can be utilized to sync HTC media files and personal info to and from your computer. It is a free program that bridges the gap between HTC devices and PCs. Yet, its users have to look for HTC Sync Manager alternatives for Windows/Mac because of the following factors:

  • HTC Sync Manager has retired in HTC U12/12+/U11/U11+, etc.
  • Some errors might occur when installing it.
  • It's unable to recognize its supported devices at times.
  • Limited non-multimedia support.
  • HTC Sync Manager is not working occasionally.
  • It may miss some content while reading data or cause apps to restart automatically.

OK, here we guide you through several replacements for it and detail their overviews, uses, advantages, and disadvantages.

htc sync manager alternatives

Top 1: Best HTC Sync Manager Alternative - Assistant for Android

It sounds promising to sync HTC files to a computer in one click. Alright, MobiKin Assistant for Android (Win and Mac) is fully capable of simplifying the data transfer between your phone and computer. Its wide compatibility gives you a promise to perform the data syncing smoothly on almost all HTC models. And you can take it with its additional feature for further use.

Main features of MobiKin Assistant for Android:

  • Sync HTC data with a PC/Mac with simple clicks.
  • Pretty easy to restore Android devices from any backups.
  • Selectively transfer content between Android and computer.
  • Work for files including contacts, photos, videos, books, text messages, music, documents, applications, etc.
  • Apply to almost all Android devices, including HTC U12/U12+/U11/U10/U9/U8, HTC One M10, One M9W, One M9Et, One M8W, HTC Desire C, Desire HD, Desire HD A9191, Desire S510e, A3360, A3366, A3380, A510b, A510c, A510e, etc.
  • It won't disclose your privacy.

Best HTC Sync Manager alternative download:

android assistant for win android assistant for mac

How to Use Assistant for Android:

  • Install and download the program on a PC/Mac.
  • Use a USB cable to connect HTC to the computer.
  • Enable USB debugging on HTC to let the tool recognize your phone.
  • main interface of mobikin assistant for android

  • Go to "Super Toolkit" from the top screen and tap "Backup".
  • Check the data types you want to sync with this computer.
  • Choose the "Back Up" button to initiate the data syncing at once.
  • sync htc data with computer via assistant for android

  • When needed, you can turn to the "Restore" option to restore the backup file to your phone.
  • restore htc data from computer via assistant for android


  • Media files and non-media files are supported.
  • Offer both USB and Wi-Fi connections.
  • Let you preview and manage various Android data on a computer directly.
  • Free trial offered.
  • Widely compatible with almost all Android devices and PCs/Macs.
  • First-rate, attractive, and reasonable price.


  • It only lets you transfer, back up, restore, and manage data for Android phones, not Apple devices.

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Top 2: Google Drive

With Google Drive, you have the ability to sync data between your HTC phone and Google storage if you have a Google account. And you'll be enabled to view or share HTC files on the cloud at will. You can get this HTC Sync Manager app alternative on your phone or simply access the service online.

How to Use Google Drive:

  • Go to HTC's "Settings" > "Backup & reset" > "Backup Account".
  • Select "Existing" to sign in to your Google account or hit "New" to create a Google account according to your situation.
  • Head to "Settings" > "Google" > choose specific data types you want to sync. (Google Drive not working?)

htc sync manager alternative like google drive


  • Easy-to-use interface.
  • Shipped with Microsoft Office
  • Offer custom links to share files.
  • SSL encryption.


  • Potential security risks.
  • Fully rely on internet connection.
  • Limited file sizes.
  • Your data will be analyzed by Google.

Top 3: ApowerManager

As a decent HTC Sync Manager replacement on Windows 11/10/8/7, ApowerManager lets you create backups for such files as contacts, photos, videos, apps, music, documents, etc. Moreover, it also gives you the option to further manage your HTC U/Desire/One on a computer directly.

How to Use ApowerManager?

  • Download and install the app before running it on your computer.
  • Connect your HTC phone to the computer via USB.
  • Open the utility and go to the file category from the top menu.
  • Choose to sync "Music", "Pictures", or "Videos" as per your needs.
  • Once done, safely unplug your HTC phone from this computer.

htc sync manager software like apowermanager


  • Simple and fast data migration.
  • View and edit Android/HTC pictures.
  • Let you preview content before syncing.
  • Additional features like playing music.


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Top 4: Moborobo

Moborobo makes it easier for you to control Android files in addition to syncing data between your phone and computer. Though this alternative software to HTC Sync Manager could be a bit frustrating for you to install the driver, it offers other features such as downloading ringtones, wallpapers, or apps on Android.

How to Use Moborobo?

  • Get Moborobo on both your HTC device and PC.
  • Run the app on HTC and tap on "Connect to PC".
  • Scan the QR code displayed on the computer or input the given verification code.
  • When connected, click the specific data types to sync HTC to/from your computer.

htc sync manager alternative like moborobo



  • A bit sluggish.
  • Unexpected crash.
  • Installation may take some time.

Top 5: doubleTwist

Working for portable devices like mobile phones, DAs, PSP, cameras, and MP3, doubleTwist, one of the best HTC Sync Manager alternatives, facilitates you to sync your media files across devices. You're empowered to browser data on either your computer or the connected HTC phone. And you can use it to play music, share files, and view images without another app.

How to Use doubleTwist?

  • Install doubleTwist on your computer after the download.
  • Attach HTC to the computer through a USB cord.
  • Open the program and pick your wanted data from HTC.
  • Click "Sync now" to commence.

htc sync manager program like doubletwist


  • Ease of use and conciseness.
  • You can use it to sync HTC files from multiple devices.
  • Enable you to share items with your friends.


  • Old fashioned interface.
  • A single list of features
  • No drag-and-drop options.
  • Support limited devices.

Top 6: MyPhoneExplorer

MyPhoneExplorer isn't the best alternative to HTC Sync Manager, though it is an optional data sync and management software for Android. It lets you manage file transfers and perform automatic file syncs. Besides, it gives you the freedom to sync contacts, calendars, notes, etc., to 3rd-party platforms. And it works as long as you connect your phone to your computer via Wi-Fi, USB, or even Bluetooth.

How to Use MyPhoneExplorer?

  • Download MyPhoneExplorer on both your desktop computer and HTC phone.
  • Install and open the program.
  • Link your HTC phone to your computer.
  • Make a connection by enabling USB debugging on HTC, Wi-Fi Router, or Bluetooth.
  • On your computer, go to the program's "File" > "Settings" > "Sync".
  • Choose the sync service you want to select in the pull-down list.

htc sync manager alternative like myphoneexplorer


  • Easy and quick data sync.
  • Its visualized screen offers a clear display.
  • Equipped with many email clients.


  • eBay toolbar included.
  • Unable to work with Windows XP/Vista.
  • Slightly complicated.
  • May mess up some double-byte in Outlook.

The Bottom Line

Above are the top six HTC Sync Manager alternatives for you. Now, which one has impressed you most? Unbiasedly, MobiKin Assistant for Android is undoubtedly your top pick, combined with its pros, cons, features' practicability, and overall performance. So, just try it, and you'll be more convinced. At last, please leave a comment below if you have any queries.

android assistant for win android assistant for mac

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