[5 Tips] How to Recover Deleted/Lost Data from OnePlus 10/10 Pro/9/8/7/6?

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"I licensed a data recovery program on my laptop, but it isn't able to identify my OnePlus 8. Could anyone suggest how I can recover deleted data from My OnePlus?" -- from OnePlus Community


Despite being released in 2014, OnePlus phones have been hitting the market since then. And it has won a mass of loyal fans with good design and brand culture. People who often use smartphones know that devices risk data loss ubiquitously, and users are awkward or even helpless due to accidental deletion or factory reset.

It's urgent to perform OnePlus data recovery if something important is lost from your phone. Well, we will talk about several easy tips to help you retrieve your deleted or lost OnePlus files. Let's get to the point now.

oneplus data recovery

Way 1: Recover Data from OnePlus with OnePlus Switch

Have you ever made a backup of your phone with the native OnePlus Switch (Known as Clone Phone)? If so, you'll be empowered to recover your disappeared contacts, SMS, call records, calendars, photos, videos, audio, and apps. Here's how to recover deleted files from OnePlus using OnePlus Switch:

  • Connect OnePlus to a smooth Wi-Fi network.
  • Start OnePlus Switch on your device.
  • Go to its "Backup and Restore" > "Restore Backup".
  • oneplus data recovery with oneplus switch

  • Check all the backup files you ever made on this app.
  • Select what you want to restore.
  • Choose "RESTORE" to recover deleted files to your OnePlus phone.

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Way 2: Recover OnePlus Data from Another Phone via OnePlus Switch

In addition to backing up and restoring OnePlus data directly, the OnePlus Switch also applies itself to copy data to a new OnePlus device from an iPhone or Android phone. So, if the files you need are still stored on another phone, just try to use this tool to migrate them to the target OnePlus conveniently.

Restore deleted OnePlus files from an iPhone via OnePlus Switch:

  • Link your iPhone to a Wi-Fi network.
  • Back up your iPhone to iCloud.
  • Go to your phone's OnePlus Switch and press "I'm new phone" > "iPhone".
  • Input the iCloud account you used to sync your iPhone content.
  • The on-screen instruction will cue you to restore files from iCloud to OnePlus.

Restore lost OnePlus data from an Android phone via OnePlus Switch:

  • Open OnePlus Switch once you download and install it on both devices.
  • Tap "I'm new phone" on the target OnePlus.
  • Choose your old phone's type and tap "Continue".
  • Select "I'm old phone" on the source phone.
  • Scan the QR code displayed on the destination device to make the connection between the two phones.
  • recover oneplus data from another phone via oneplus switch

  • When it is complete, choose the data types you want from your old cell phone.
  • Hit "Start" to migrate data to the recipient.

Way 3: Recover Deleted Files from OnePlus Using Google Drive

OnePlus 8/7/6/One/X/Z/Nord data recovery isn't a big deal if you knew how to use Google Drive and synced your OnePlus data to its storage. It stores your archive files, multimedia, markup/codes, and the like. Next, how do I recover lost data from OnePlus with Google Drive?

  • Swipe down from the top of the OnePlus to tap the "gear" sign.
  • You will now get into Settings. Then tap "Backup and restore".
  • Press "Restore" and enter the Google account and password you used to back up your phone.
  • Locate the last backup file.
  • Tap it and hit "RESTORE" before waiting for the task to complete.
  • recover deleted files from oneplus using google drive

  • Once done, please reboot your OnePlus device to check the recovered data.

Here's another way to get lost OnePlus data from Google Drive. (Quick Look: Visit from your browser. Then input your Google account and tap "My Drive" to check the backup files. Lastly, pick what you desire from the data list and hit "Download".)


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Way 4: Recover Lost Data from OnePlus via Google Photos

As another Google service, Google Photos lets you restore content on the premise of backing up OnePlus. Unlike the Drive, it only works for photos and videos. If you accidentally delete the synced files within, try to find them in the "Trash" folder. Yet, please remember that photos are kept there for 60 days from the date of deletion.

To retrieve deleted files from OnePlus via Google Photos, you can:

  • Access Google Photos from a browser.
  • Log in to the same Google account you used to make the backup.
  • Preview the files on the next page.
  • how to recover deleted files from oneplus with google photos

  • Select all your wanted photos or videos before tapping the 3-vertical dots.
  • Download the selected items and save them locally.

Way 5: Recover Deleted OnePlus Data without Backup

When you can't find what you want from a backup, or there is no backup yet, it is particularly important to have third-party software dedicated to restoring Android data. As one of the representatives of cutting-edge technology in the industry, MobiKin Doctor for Android (Win and Mac) has the ability to help you regain various lost content without backup. During the recovery, you can also choose to back up the existing Android stuff to your computer.

Doctor for Android - Best tool for OnePlus Data Recovery:

  • Recover deleted or lost OnePlus data from internal memory or SD card.
  • Retrieve such files as contacts, text messages, call history, pictures, videos, songs, audio, documents, etc.
  • You're enabled to view and choose what you want before file recovery.
  • Free trial, widely compatible (Working on PCs & Macs), and fast scanning.
  • Apply to various Android phones/tablets, including OnePlus 8/8 Pro/7/7 Pro, OnePlus 8T/7T/6T/6/5T/5/3T/3/X/2, OnePlus One/X/Z/Nord, Samsung, Xiaomi, Vivo, Google, LG, Sony, Motorola, etc.
  • It won't track your privacy.

android data recovery for win android data recovery for mac

After the download, go through the steps below to learn how to recover OnePlus files via Doctor for Android:

Step 1. Link OnePlus to a computer

Install and launch the software on your computer. Hook up OnePlus with the computer via USB. Then check the on-screen instruction and follow it to have your device identified by the utility.

Step 2. Scan your OnePlus phone

Select your desired data categories from the screen. Subsequently, click on "Next" and trigger the data scanning according to the screen prompt.

choose data types of oneplus for scanning

* Cannot scan out the files you want? They must be in OnePlus's internal storage. Please click the relevant link on the interface to do a complete scan.

Step 3. Start OnePlus data recovery

After scanning, you can preview and choose the specific items you want to rescue. Finally, click "Recover" to initiate OnePlus file recovery immediately.

how do i recover lost data from oneplus with doctor for android

Ending Words

As we just said above, both OnePlus Switch and Google services can only work in the event of a reliable backup. And you'd better keep the copy up-to-date to ensure that it covers all the files you want to restore. If it didn't, try MobiKin Doctor for Android, which allows you to recover OnePlus data without backup. Lastly, if you have any comments or suggestions, welcome to communicate with us on the message board.

android data recovery for win android data recovery for mac

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