How to Recover WhatsApp Account in Various Scenarios? 4 Ways

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If we delete a WhatsApp account, can I get it back? That's possible! Individuals may accidentally delete their WhatsApp accounts due to various scenarios, such as rare bugs in software updates, factory resets, or simply honest mistakes. Concurrently, people also delete WhatsApp accounts for personal reasons, including regaining privacy, controlling personal data, taking a break from social interactions, or switching to other messaging platforms.

Anyway, it's important to figure out how to recover WhatsApp account after the deletion. In this passage, we will deal with this situation from different aspects.

Part 1: How to Recover WhatsApp Account from the Old Device Directly

I have deleted my WhatsApp account from my old phone; how can I recover a deleted WhatsApp account from it? Just re-register using the same mobile number. But please note that after deletion, data is removed within 90 days, including both messages and backups.

How to get back my WhatsApp account from my old device directly?

  • Open WhatsApp, go to "Settings > Account > Delete Account".
  • Enter your number, select a reason, and tap "Delete My Account".
  • Reinstall WhatsApp on your device.
  • Start the app and register your account with your phone number.
  • Enter the six-digit code sent to your number.
  • recover whatsapp account from old device directly

  • You'll regain access to your deleted account without delay.

If you suspect someone else is using your WhatsApp. You can follow the guidelines to secure it: 1. Check for unauthorized activity like messages you didn't send. 2. Go to "WhatsApp > Tap three dots > WhatsApp Web > Log out of all devices". 3. Log out of WhatsApp, log in again with your number, and enter the code sent via SMS. (If asked for a two-step verification code you didn't set up, simply wait 7 days to sign in.)


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Part 2: How to Retrieve WhatsApp Account from New Device with Old Phone Number

If I delete my WhatsApp account, can I reactivate it on my new phone? Yes! Assuming your old phone isn't physically available and you want to recover your WhatsApp account on a new device without your SIM card, bear in mind that you can't activate your old account from your old smartphone directly, but you can do this with your old phone number on your new phone. Here's how:

  • Secure your SIM card by contacting your mobile service provider. (Once the SIM card is locked, anyone with your phone cannot utilize it.)
  • Following that, you can proceed to activate your WhatsApp account on another device.
  • Using a SIM card with the same number facilitates the quickest recovery of your WA account.
  • After that, restore WhatsApp from the backup if you have one.
  • retrieve whatsapp account from new device with old phone number

  • Complete setup and regain access to your WhatsApp account on this new device.

Part 3: How to Get My Old WhatsApp Account Back from New Device with New Number

You can recover your old WhatsApp account on a new device, even with a new phone number. Please note that changing your number on WhatsApp won't affect your old account's chat history - you can still access it on your new device with a new number. However, If you didn't back up your chat history, you won't be able to restore it.

How to recover WhatsApp account from a new cell phone with a new phone number?

  • If you haven't backed up your chat history on iCloud or Google Drive, manually transfer the backup file first.
  • Install WhatsApp on your new device, verify the new number, and restore the backup when prompted to recover your account.
  • After changing your number, ensure your contacts save your new number to exchange messages and view each other's status.

get old whatsapp account back from new device with new number

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Part 4: How to Recover My WhatsApp Account Using Email

Accidentally deleted WhatsApp app; do you want to activate WhatsApp without receiving the verification code via SMS? Try to make it via Email. Here's the detailed guide:

  • Download the latest WhatsApp version and turn on Airplane mode while keeping WiFi on.
  • Launch WhatsApp, enter your phone number, and select the option to verify via Email.
  • Cancel the verification and wait for an email from WhatsApp.
  • Copy the code from the email and paste it into WhatsApp to complete the activation.

Extra Tip: How to Recover WhatsApp Chats from Android without Trouble

Restoring WhatsApp account is feasible and has a high success rate in various situations mentioned above. But if you are a little careless, you may lose the WA chat records related to the account, especially when you have yet to make a backup of your content beforehand.

Suppose you are an Android user, we suggest that you use MobiKin Recovery for WhatsApp to back up and extract your WA chat content. As a reliable WhatsApp management tool suitable for almost all devices, it has won a large number of followers worldwide.

Main characteristics of MobiKin Recovery for WhatsApp:

  • Back up WhatsApp chats from Android to computer for easy recovery or extraction.
  • Secure WhatsApp data saved in device internal storage, SIM card, and even SD card.
  • Apply to all WhatsApp texts and all their attachments.
  • Let you view and handpick your wanted files before proceeding.
  • Compatible with overall Android devices.
  • It doesn't interfere with your privacy.

whatsapp recovery for win whatsapp recovery for mac

How to recover WhatsApp conversations on your computer via MobiKin Recovery for WhatsApp?

  • Install and launch Recovery for WhatsApp on your computer.
  • Connect your Android mobile phone via USB and choose "Recover from Android Device" mode.
  • Enable USB Debugging on your device when prompted.
  • Activate end-to-end encryption as instructed for your WhatsApp backup.
  • Select the data types you want to restore, such as "WhatsApp" and "WhatsApp Attachments", for scanning.
  • Once done, preview and select the WhatsApp files you want to recover.
  • Click "Recover to Computer" to save them on your computer.

recover whatsapp chats from android with recovery for whatsapp

Q&A about WhatsApp Account Recovery

Q1: How can you restore a banned WhatsApp account?

  • Visit the WhatsApp Support official website, find the support section, and reach out to them.
  • Follow the appeal process outlined on WhatsApp's site.
  • Explain your situation, provide evidence, and commit to their terms of service.

Q2: How to sign in to several WhatsApp accounts on the same device?

  • Download and install Parallel Space from the Play Store. Clone WhatsApp and log in with a different number.
  • For business accounts, use WhatsApp Business alongside the regular app.

Q3: How do I secure my WhatsApp account?

  • Set up a PIN for extra security in WhatsApp settings.
  • Enable fingerprint or face recognition to unlock the app.
  • Avoid clicking suspicious links or sharing personal info with unknown contacts.
  • Ensure you have the latest security patches by regularly updating the app.
  • Only use the official WhatsApp Web/Desktop and log out of unused devices.

Ending Words

Whether it's due to a lost device, accidental deletion, or even switching to a new phone with a new number, regaining access to the specific WA account is crucial to preserve your chat history and maintain communication with your contacts. Hopefully, this article will do you a big favor in account recovery. Addtionally, losing access to your WhatsApp data can also be frustrating; for a reliable and efficient solution, we recommend using MobiKin Recovery for WhatsApp for WA chat recovery.

whatsapp recovery for win whatsapp recovery for mac

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