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There is nothing as annoying as having an increasingly slow device yet. It is no secret that your once amazingly fast Android smartphone will eventually start being slow and sluggish time. This is because we end up installing numerous applications, downloading hundreds, if not thousands of music and video files, saving numerous personal documents among other activities that end up affecting our phone's performance.

However, this does not have to be the case as you are about to learn some incredible android phone optimizer tips that you can use to speed up your device making it perform just like if not better than when it was new.

Best Android Optimizer You Can't Miss

The Cleaner for Android tool, which will be mentioned in the following part, is a professional program to help you clean unnecessary files like app caches, cookies, junk files, temp files, etc., close background processes with one simple click. And it can supports almost all Android devices on the market.

Below is the main interface of the tool and you can use this tool within 3 steps.

1st - Connect your Android device to PC with a USB cable and launch the software.

2nd - Select the "Erase All Data" mode or other desired modes as you like to continue.

3rd - Type "delete" on the box to confirm your action and start the process.

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Tips & Tricks of Optimizing Android Phones

1. Install An Alternative Launcher

The preinstalled default launcher that comes with your phone is usually packed with various applications or features that are known to consume a lot of your smart phone's resources thus affecting its performance. There are numerous alternative launcher applications present on the official Google Play Store that you can download, install and use it instead of the buggy default launcher. Most of the alternative launchers like Aviate, Nova Launcher, Next Launcher, and Launcher Action apart from consuming fewer resources usually are very flexible in terms of customization hence can be tweaked to fit the user's preferences.

2. Root Your Smartphone

Rooting although considered risky as it can brick your device, root your warranty among other reasons is known to unlock your smartphone, giving you more features and resources than you ever imagined. A rooted phone is definitely able to perform numerous functions that a non-rooted device cannot. By rooting your smartphone, you will be able to carry out various activities including uninstalling system apps (bloatware), installing new Roms, and Overclocking your processor among other unique benefits that can be essential for optimizing your device.

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3. Update Installed Applications

Developers usually make certain changes to their apps to ensure that they run even more smoothly, consume less power, have no bugs, are more secure among other factors. Updating your applications is another way of optimizing your device, hence, it should be turned into a habit. You can easily update your applications simply by visiting the App Store and updating the appropriate apps manually or setting them to update automatically.

4. Increasing Internal Storage

Your smartphone's performance is likely to be affected when it has a limited amount of internal storage. Apart from the numerous images, music files, videos and even documents that are stored on your device, Android apps are also known to take a greater percentage of the available internal storage space. You can easily free up additional space by uninstalling applications that you never use and deleting personal files after you have backed them up in cloud storage services like Google Drive and Dropbox or moved to desktop computer by using tool like MobiKin Assistant for Android (Windows/Mac).

You can also move the already installed applications and personal files to your MicroSD card to free up even more internal space. Users who wish to uninstall unnecessary system apps (bloatware) that comes preinstalled with their device can root their smartphone and use third party apps like System Uninstaller to achieve this.

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5. Reduce the Number of Widgets

Widgets are useful shortcuts that offer numerous easy ways of accessing information, apps, and services. However, these beneficial shortcuts are also known to not only consume even more power but also to affect your smart phone's performance by slowing it down. It is advisable to reduce the number of widgets especially those that are data-intensive like Facebook simply by long pressing the appropriate widget and dragging it directly to the top of your phone's screen to delete it. By reducing the number of available widgets, you would have optimized your phone's battery life and performance.

6. Restart Your Smartphone

Restarting your smart phone can also be a very effective android phone optimizer technique. Sometimes all that is needed when your phone becomes increasingly slow is to use this simple yet effective, quick fix that is guaranteed to give your device a significant boost. Restarting your device has the ability to close background apps, clear cache and stop unnecessary tasks from running all which are effective ways of optimizing your smart phone.

7. Clear App Caches

In simple terms, a cache memory is a specific place where all the available temporary memory for applications and available tasks is stored. This cached data is responsible for storing all your browsing details, passwords, cookies and much more hence can affect the performance of your device when overwhelming. You can easily prevent this from happening simply by deleting individual cache files directly from the app menu or installing beneficial third party apps such as MobiKin Cleaner for Android and App Cache Cleaner that automate the process for you.

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8. Disable Background Apps

Some applications usually run in the background, hence, causing a heavy load on the phone's processor. This may be the main reason as to why a smartphone may be slow, even after it has enough external and internal storage space. The majority of the new Android smart phones that run on the Marshmallow 6.0 operating system have an easy way of disabling background apps straight from the system settings or by using the "Doze" hibernation feature. However, if you are using a different operating system you can easily install additional third party apps like Android Data Cleaner that can do the same for you.

9. Disable Animations

Animations and special effects usually provide an interesting way to use your smartphone. However, these beneficial features are also known to affect both the performance and battery life of your device, hence; should either be disabled or reduced to optimize your smartphone. In order to disable your phone's animations, you need to activate the Developer's option that is accessed by going to the phone settings, selecting About Phone and tapping on the Build Number seven times. This will provide you with beneficial features including USB debugging and disabling animations that you can use to improve your device.

10. Restore to Factory Settings

It is only advisable to use this final step if and only if your smartphone remains slow and sluggish even after trying all the above tips and techniques. Restoring your phone to its default factory settings is likely to erase most if not all of your personal data, hence; you should consider backing up your information and apps first. Restoring to factory settings will provide you with a new platform from which you can start afresh as well as providing your device with optimized performance that may have been affected previously.

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