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How to Erase iOS Notifications from iPhone/iPad/iPod?

Q: My iPhone just keep buzzing for a whole day because of the notifications from various applications. I am annoyed by the light that indicates the coming of notifications and the buzz. So could you please help me solve the problem? By the way, I do not want to miss the messages or other important notifications, so please do not advise me to shut down all the notifications.

As we know the device will buzz or emit an alert sound or the screen will light up when the notifications come, which is to remind users not to miss the notifications. But sometimes too many notifications will result in the keeping buzzing or lighting iPhone, iPad or iPod, which not only bother the users but also waste the battery and shorten the battery life of the device. So you 'd better clean some notifications and just keep few necessary reminders like SMS messages, emergencies and other apps notifications that you want to keep.

Here we will recommend you a powerful software that enables users to the unnecessary notifications and customize your notifications as you like. The software is iOS Eraser (Window/Mac), which can not only clean the notifications but also clean the private information permanently. The main features of the software are as follows:

- The program can help you clean various types files, which can also free the space of the device and improve the performance of the device.
- With high compatibility, it can support almost all types of iPhone, iPad and iPod.
- It is totally clean without any adware, spyware or viruses.

You can download the software by clicking the icons below. (The software is upcoming!)

Tutorial to Erase iOS Notifications

Step 1. Link Your iPhone to PC and Run the Software

Connect the device to the computer with its USB cable. Then install and run the software on your computer. And then you will see an interface like this with several options. Click one according to your preference.


Step 2. Find Your Target Files

After clicking Start Scan button, the program will begin to scan your device. Just wait for a moment and you will see the scanning result. The files will be displayed as different categories.


Step 3. Begin to Erase

Click the Notification button and you will preview the notifications on your device with detailed information. Mark the files you want to erase and then click the Erase button on the tip panel.


Want to have a try? Just download the software now!

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