Send Long/Large Videos on iPhone: The Definitive Guide (7 Ways Included)

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This is the ultimate guide to send large/long videos from iPhone - top 7 secure and easy ways are suggested, including the solutions to the trouble of video is too large to send. Click to learn how to send long videos on iPhone right now.

Tips: The methods provided in this tutorial applies to iPad and iPod touch as well.


how to send large videos on iphone

Nowadays, no one would think sharing a video from iPhone is a difficult task, right? However, the videos here are just those videos of small size and for most users, sending large videos from iPhone is still a daunting task to complete. That is to say, the problem that how to send long videos on iPhone 12/11/11 Pro/11 Pro Max, etc still troubles many users.

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But it doesn't matter! There are 7 quick and safe ways available for you to easily solve the problem:

Why You Fail to Share a Video from iPhone?

The failure in sending large videos from iPhone is not a rare issue. On the contrary, many users have encountered this problem while using their devices. This is mainly caused by two reasons:

  • The size limit: In order to prevent the server overload and ensure the smooth running of iPhone, Apple does not allow users to send large files from their mobile phones.
  • iSight Camera: The iSight camera only records HD videos. That means a two-minute video will probably set by few hundred MB.

Then you may ask, "How Can I send a 10-minute video on iPhone?" Just read on to get the answers.

How Can I Send Long Videos Through Text?

Q: Long videos

How to send long videos to others over text? - from Apple Community


To send a video, the most common way is to make use of the iMessage or SMS. For most users, this could be the simplest method - they just need to select the wanted videos from "Photos" App and then share the selected files with "Message". Hence, you can first select this way to transfer your iPhone videos.

Tutorial to share video from iPhone via messages:

Step 1. Unlock your iPhone 12 and then access to your "Photos" App.

Step 2. Enter the album that contains the videos you wish to transfer and check the wanted files.

Step 3. Click on the "Share" icon and then a window with different options will pop up.

Step 4. Choose "Message" from the listed options and then select a contact as your recipient.

Step 5. Tap on "Send" to share the videos from your iPhone.

send iphone videos via sms

There is a size limit to sending videos on "Message" App, so please pay attention to the size of your videos. In addition, please remember that you can only send iMessage to other iDevice users over Internet. As for SMS, you can send the message to any phone users without limitation.


How Do I Send a Video from My iPhone to Email?

Q: I want to send a large video file from my iPhone to people via email

Do anyone know how to do this? - from Apple Community


Sending iPhone videos via email is also a feasible method and you can complete the emailing process in different ways. Let's learn how to send videos from iPhone to email together!

Different ways to email long videos on iPhone:

Way 1. Email iPhone Videos via "Photos" App

Step 1. Open "Photos" App and find out the videos that you want to transfer.

Step 2. Tap on "Share" and choose "Mail" from the listed options.

Step 3. Add the recipient and click on "Send".

send long videos on iphone via email

Way 2. Send a Video that is too Long Using Google Drive (Gmail)

Step 1. Download, install and open the Google Drive on your iPhone.

Step 2. Click the "+" icon after entering the App and continue to choose "Upload".

Step 3. Select the option "Photos and Videos" and choose a long video file that you want to send.

Step 4. Once the uploading process ends, you can click on the uploaded file and click "Get Link" to copy the URL.

Step 5. Login to your Gmail and paste the copied link of the large video on the email and then send it.

upload videos to gmail

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Way 3. Share Long iPhone Videos with Dropbox

Step 1. Press the "+" icon on the primary interface of "Dropbox" App.

Step 2. Choose "Upload Photos" and then select the video that you want to share.

Step 3. Click on "Next" when you check the wanted video and tap on "Upload".

Step 4. Tap the video you want to transfer in Dropbox and click the "Share" option.

Step 5. After that, a window will open and you can enter the recipient's email address in it.

Step 6. At last, you can hit the "Send" button to transfer your video to others.

send iphone videos via dropbox

Way 4. Send a Large Video File Through OneDrive

Step 1. Open the "OneDrive" application on your iPhone 12 and then sign in to your account.

Step 2. Click the "+" icon located at the top menu and continuing selecting "Upload". (Or you can choose "Take a Photo or Video" to create a new video.)

Step 3. Select the file you want to transfer and tap on "Share" > "Copy link". Then a URL for your video will be created.

Step 4. Open the email App on your mobile phone and paste the link.

Step 5. Finally, you can simply send the email and share the video with others.

send large videos via onedrive

Way 5. Use Mail Drop (iCloud Mail) to Send the Video

Step 1. Turn on the "Mail" App on iPhone 12 and click to compose an email.

Step 2. Enter the recipient and subject and click the body of the email.

Step 3. Then 5 icons will appear. Just click on the "Camera" icon to choose the video that you wish to send.

Step 4. Hit "Send" at the upper right corner and you will see two options - "Use Mail Drop" & "Try Sending Attachment". Just choose the first option to send your video.

send long videos on iphone via icloud mail

All the emails have the size limit as well so you need to choose the suitable one to send your video. And if the device prompts the video is too long to text or email when you use the methods above, that means you need to try other ways.


The Best Way to Transfer Large Videos from iPhone without Size Limit

Q: How to send a video that is too long for iPhone?

I tried to send a video from my iPhone 12 but it prompts that the video is too long to text or email. What can I do in this case? How can I send a long video on iPhone? Please help! - from an iPhone user


As we all know, sharing videos via text or email has the size limit. So if you wish to send your iPhone video without limitation, you should turn to another way - move the video from iPhone to computer. And for effectively and effortlessly transferring a large video file from iPhone to computer, you can use a powerful software called MobiKin Assistant for iOS. This is a free but helpful iDevice data manager tool. It enables you to transfer videos from iPhone to PC/Mac with simple clicks. And except for that, you are also able to manage other files on your device with it, including contacts, messages, notes, calendars, bookmarks, music, photos, books, etc. (For Android users, you can click to learn how to transfer videos between Android phone and computer>>)

If you are interested in it, you can download and install the needed version by clicking the download links below:

win ios assistant mac ios assistant

Step by step to send long videos from iPhone to computer:

Step 1. Connect your iPhone to computer

Launch the recommended software on your computer and then follow the prompts to connect your device via USB. After that, the program will detect the connected phone automatically. Here, please trust the computer on your phone if required.

trust computer

Step 2. Preview the videos

When the detection ends successfully, you will get the following interface:

- For the users who wish to export movies, TV shows or music videos to computer, you can tap on "Videos" in the left panel.

- For the users who want to transfer the recorded videos, you can click "Photos" > "Albums".

After that, the contents of the selected folder will be located to the right pane. Just view and choose the videos that you want to send to computer.

send large video from iphone

Step 3. Export videos from iPhone to computer

At last, what you need to do is just to hit the "Export" button at the top menu to move the selected videos. Once the exporting process is completed, you can open the folder that you used to save the exported files to check and manage the data.

How Can You AirDrop Large Videos from iPhone?

Q: Can I AirDrop videos from iPhone 6 to iMac?

Is it possible to AirDrop videos from an iPhone 6 to an iMac?


Supposed that your iPhone is running on iOS 7 or above, you can send the large videos via AirDrop as well. AirDrop is an ad-hoc service that enables you to transfer files between Mac computers and iOS devices over Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. So for the users who just want to send their videos from iPhone to another iPhone, iPad or Mac computer, AirDrop could be a good choice.

Steps to send videos through AirDrop:

Step 1. Unlock your iPhone 12 and enter the "Control Center" by swiping up from the bottom of the screen.

Step 2. Click on "AirDrop" and select the option "Contacts Only" or "Everyone". (Provided that you can see the "AirDrop" option in the "Control Center", please long press the network settings card and you will get it.)

turn on airdrop

Step 3. Also, activate the AirDrop on the iOS device that you wish to send the videos to.

Step 4. Open the video that you wish to transfer and tap on "Share". Finally, you can choose the contact shown on the AirDrop card and the receiver should tap on "Accept" on his/her device.

airdrop videos on iphone

If you wish to transfer your files from iPhone to Mac computer, you can refer to the page: How to AirDrop from iPhone to Mac>>


How to Send Long Videos on iPhone Using iTunes?

Q: How can I send a large video file on iPhone by using iTunes?

Is there anyone know how to do that? Thanks in advance! - from an iPhone user


Speaking of transferring iPhone files, iTunes is an essential tool - it enables you to sync different kinds of files from iPhone to computer and video is included. Just follow the steps below to have a try.

Learn How to transfer large videos on iPhone using iTunes:

Step 1. Download and install the latest iTunes on your computer.

Step 2. Launch the iTunes on your computer. Then connect your iPhone to computer by using a USB cable and make the connected device be recognized.

Step 3. Tap on the iPhone icon at the top menu.

share iphone video via itunes

Step 4. Continue choosing the option "File Sharing".

send large videos on iphone via itunes

Step 5. After that, all the files that can be transferred will be listed in the right column. Just tap on the App that contains the videos you want to transfer and choose the one you need.

Step 6. Click on "Save to.." and the selected files will be exported to computer.

Please note that only the videos saved in applications can be sent in this way. But here iTunes does not support to export videos downloaded or stored in the iOS TV App.


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Share Your iPhone Video By Compressing/Reducing It

Q: Compressing video to send in an email

Is it possible to compress a video clip so I can send it in an email? If so, how do I go about doing this please? - from Apple Community


Yes, compressing videos is also a way to send your long videos. But to complete that, it is doubtless that you need to turn to some compress applications. If you don't which one is better, here we have two applications for you:

1. Video Compress - Shrink Vids

This is a high-rated compress application in App Store. It enables you to compress a single video, multiple videos or even entire albums. In addition, its concise interface makes it easy to use.

compress iphone video

2. Smart Video Compressor

With this App, you are able to reduce the size of your video without any hassle. To complete the reducing process, you just need to open the wanted video and then resize it.

reduce video size

Please notice that the pixel and definition of the video will be affected after the compression.


Other Apps to Transfer Big Files on iPhone

Q: What is the best App for big files transfer?

I wish to transfer a 10-minute video from my iPhone. What is the best App to complete the transfer? - from an iPhone user


Certainly there are many other applications you can use to transfer the big files from iPhone. Here are 3 suggestions for you:

1. SHAREit

SHAREit is the best sharing App that empowers users to transfer different file types between different platforms. With it, you can send files like videos, photos, applications, etc. from one device (phones/tablets/computers) to another without any hassle. (Click to learn the comparison between AirDrop and SHAREit>>)

iphone video transfer app

2. TransferBigFiles

From its name, you can clearly know that TransferBigFiles is a tool good at sending and receiving big files. It allows you to send up to a whopping 20 Gigabytes while most email systems max out at 10 to 25MB.

send a large video from iphone

3. Send Anywhere - File Transfer

Send Anywhere - File Transfer is a high-rated App in App Store (4.8 out of 5). This well-received application provides you an easy, quick and unlimited file sharing way. You can use it to share your long videos via Wi-Fi without restriction.

send long videos on iphone

There are so many applications on the market and in order to avoid damaging your device, please choose a safe as well as reliable tool to transfer your large files.


Final Thought

See, you have so many ways to send long videos on iPhone. Every way has its own pros and cons so you need to choose the suitable one according to your circumstance. But in my opinion, sending the videos with Assistant for iOS would be the best choice and you are strongly recommended to try it for free. And if you have any problem or idea about this tutorial, please leave your contacts below.

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