[Tips and Tricks] How to Undo/Revert an iOS Update on iPhone?

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Almost every time a new Apple system is released, it will always bring us some functional optimization. Many Apple owners would like to update the system to the latest version to enjoy a novelty experience. But at the same time, since the new OS or OS Beta is unstable or not as good as expected, some users may regret and want to revert to the previous iOS.

Well, can you figure out how to undo an update on iPhone/iPad? Please keep reading, for we will go about completing it right now.

how to undo an update on iphone

Part 1: All You Need to Know before Undoing an iOS Update

It is universally acknowledged that downgrading iOS may put your iPhone in some awkward situations. So, before you start, it's vital to let you know some preparations and tricks:

  • Make a backup of your iPhone: The process would make some changes on your phone automatically and might overwrite existing settings.
  • Ensure your iPhone has enough free space (How to free up space on your iPhone?): This helps you install the update smoothly.
  • Turn off the Find My iPhone: You can do this by going to your device's Settings > iCloud > Find My iPhone > turn the feature off and confirm your iCloud credentials.
  • Choose a professional and widely recognized utility to make the update.

Well, can you undo an iPhone update, or is there a way to un update your iPhone/iPad? OK, please read on to get the trustworthy solutions in the following.

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Part 2: How to Undo an Update on iPhone without Data Loss

How to go back to the previous iOS version on iPhone without technical hassle? Just take a look at iOS System Recovery here. This program is advanced yet user-friendly, which assists you in downgrading iOS systems like an expert. You can run it on almost all Windows or Mac computers to undo an update or fix other issues without data loss.

Key highlights of iOS System Recovery:

  • Undo an update on iPhone/iPad with no data loss.
  • Fix a whole range of issues, including Touch ID not working, iPhone black screen of death, battery draining fast, loop boot, and many more.
  • Deliver two repairing modes to fix various system issues.
  • Degrading iPhone software to upgrade or downgrade iOS without iTunes.
  • Get on well with overall iDevices, covering iPhone 13/13 Pro (Max)/13 mini/12/12 Pro (Max)/12 mini, iPhone 11/11 Pro/11 Pro Max, iPhone X/XR/Xs/Xs Max, iPhone 8/8 Plus, iPhone 7/7 Plus, iPhone 6/6S/6 Plus, iPod touch, iPad, etc.
  • It won't disclose your privacy.

ios system recovery for win ios system recovery for mac

Here's how to revert/restore to previous (iOS) update with iOS System Recovery:

Step 1. Link your iPhone to the computer

Attach your iPhone to the computer via a USB cord. Tap on "Trust" on your iPhone if needed. This will grant this computer to manage your iOS data.

run ios system recovery on computer

Step 2. Tap on "Start"

Click on the "Start" button to continue.

tap start before selecting repair mode

Step 3. Choose "Standard Mode"

You can now select the "Standard Mode", check the basic information of your device, and click "Optimize".

go for standard mode to optimize iphone

Step 4. Undo an update on your iPhone

This software will match your device info. Just modify it if it isn't correct. Next, you'll see the iOS versions your iPhone is compatible with. Finally, please pick the correct one and click "Next" to download the firmware for downgrading the iOS version.

how to undo an update on iphone with ios system recovery

Part 3: How to Undo iPhone Update via iTunes

Often thought to manage iDevice on a computer, iTunes can also be a decent tool to revert iPhone to older iOS. To start with, please ensure you have the latest version of iTunes installed on your computer.

How do I undo update iPhone with iTunes?

  • Launch iTunes on your computer.
  • Now, use a working cable to connect your iPhone to the system.
  • Turn your iOS device off if it isn't already.
  • Use the key combinations to boot your phone in recovery mode.
  • For iPhone 8/8 Plus and later: Quick press and release the "Volume Up" button and then the "Volume Down" button; press the "Side" button and keep holding it for a while until your phone restarts in the recovery mode.
  • put iphone into recovery mode

  • For iPhone 7/7 Plus: Connect your phone and press the "Power" and the "Volume Down" buttons at the same time. Keep holding both for the next few seconds until the "connect-to-iTunes" logo appears.
  • For iPhone 6S and older: Hold the "Power" and the "Home" buttons at the same time and keep holding them for a while. Let go of them once the "connect-to-iTunes" symbol comes on the screen.
  • Once your phone enters the Recovery Mode, iTunes will detect it and display a relevant prompt.
  • Click "Restore" on the "Restore" or "Update" option to confirm your choice.
  • how to undo iphone update via itunes

  • Agree to the warning message and wait for a while, for iTunes will undo iOS update on your iPhone by installing a previous update on it.
  • Finally, you will be asked to enter your Apple ID and passcode to authenticate the action and boot the device in normal mode.

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Part 4: How to Delete an iOS 15 Beta Profile on iPhone?

We just discussed how to undo/reverse Apple update. Well, some users may wonder how to delete the redundant OS(es) in their devices. OK, it's quite easy to delete an over-the-air update previously downloaded to your iPhone 13/12/11/X/XR/Xs/8. And after that, you will no longer get the iOS update reminder even when your iOS device connects to WiFi next time.

For versions before iOS 11, you can:

  • Open the "Settings" app on your iPhone and go to "General";
  • Go for "Storage & iCloud Usage";
  • Select "Manage Storage";
  • Locate the iOS software update and tap it;
  • Touch "Delete Update";
  • Confirm the action to delete the update.

how to delete an ios bate profile on iphone

For iOS 11 and newer, you can:

  • Go to iPhone's "Settings > General";
  • Choose "iPhone Storage";
  • All the apps will then be listed, including the iOS software update;
  • Click the iOS Update and tap on "Delete Update" to confirm.

Additional Tips: What Are the Risks of Downgrading iOS

Downgrading your Android phone is not generally encouraged. It might cause your iPhone to lose its data directly, including contacts, photos, apps, messages, etc. Well, what other risks does it pose to your device?

  • Downloading iOS may void your iPhone's warranty or potentially brick the device.
  • You won't be able to restore the backup made on iOS 15 to the device with the downloaded iOS 14 version.
  • Your iDevice might be stuck in the white/black/red/blue screen of death.
  • Various errors are reported when you downgrade iOS.
  • At times, your iDevice may often be unresponsive after the downgrading.

The End

By digesting the easy points of this page, anyone can get the hang of how to undo the new iPhone update with the approaches above. And obviously, iOS System Recovery is the ideal tool to reverse or downgrade to the previous iOS. Unlike iTunes or some other tools, this program is much more user-friendly and can securely tackle the problem with easy steps in minutes.

ios system recovery for win ios system recovery for mac

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