How to Control iPhone with Broken Screen Effortlessly? [Ultimate Guide]

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"My iPhone screen broke. I can't see anything anymore. But I know it's still working because plugging into my PC syncs it with iTunes. Is there a tool I can use to see my screen and control it?" -- from Ask Different.


The iPhone's screen is prone to get damaged, even for the newer iPhone 12/11 series. Often, it's not the cracked screen that makes us feel helpless, but being unable to access the iPhone. If you forget to back up your disabled iPhone, how to control iPhone with broken screen may get you into trouble.

Here in this article, we will figure out how to access and use iPhone with a smashed screen in multiple approaches. Just read on to find out the way that suits you best.

how to control iphone with broken screen

Way 1: How to Control iPhone with Broken Screen via Controller for Broken iPhone

iPhone screen broken, water damaged, iPhone stuck in the boot loop, accidental deletion, iOS upgrade failure... These are the common scenarios with your iPhone. Confronted with a broken iPhone, you are probably worried that you cannot access or control the data on your device without a previous backup.

Fret not! Just take a look at Controller for Broken iPhone - MobiKin Doctor for iOS. This smash program makes it easy for you to view, control, or recover your iPhone content with or without backup.

Impressive features of Controller for Broken iPhone:

  • Control iPhone with a broken screen on a PC/Mac by extracting from iTunes backup.
  • Preview and recover data like contacts, SMS, notes, photos, call logs, voice memos, calendar, Safari history, and more.
  • Recover lost files from iPhone directly, or from iTunes backups.
  • Intuitive interface, easy to use, fast running, non-destructive recovery, etc.
  • Work well with a full range of iOS devices, including iPhone 14/14 Pro/14 Plus, iPhone 13/13 Pro (Max), iPhone 12/12 Pro (Max)/12 mini, iPhone 11/11 Pro/11 Pro Max, iPhone X/XR/Xs/Xs Max, iPhone 8/8 Plus, iPhone 7/7 Plus, iPhone 6/6S/6 Plus, iPod, iPad, etc.
  • It never intrudes on your privacy.

download for win download for mac

How to control and restore broken iPhone via Controller for Broken iPhone:

Step 1. Launch Controller for Broken iPhone

Open the program on your computer after you install it. Choose "Recover from iTunes Backup File" from the left sidebar and all iTunes backup files on your computer will be scanned out. Select the backup file you need and click "Start Scan".

recover data from itunes backup

Step 2. Scan for your wanted iPhone data

All recoverable file types are listed here. Just choose the data type(s) you want to control and then click "Start Scan" again.

go to the recover from itunes backup file mode and start scan

Step 3. Control iPhone with a broken screen

You'll now see all scanned out data is shown on the interface. You can preview the iPhone items and choose what you want. Then, tap "Recover to Computer" to save them on this computer.

control iphone with broken screen with controller for broken iphone

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Way 2: How to Access iPhone with Broken Screen Using Siri?

Sending voice commands to Siri might give you a fighting chance to control your iPhone with a broken screen if the specific portion of the screen still responds. This means may not guarantee to work, but you can give it a shot.

How to access iPhone with broken screen using Siri?

  • Press and hold the "Home" button to activate Siri.
  • Say "Turn on VoiceOver" to Siri.
  • Press the Home button twice to get the passcode screen.
  • Here, some iPhone models might open Apple Pay instead. If so, swipe your finger but leave it there until you hear "Lift for Home" from Siri.
  • Use the potion of your screen that is still responsive to swipe left and right to move the VoiceOver cursor to different passcode numbers.
  • When you get the passcode numbers, select the number.
  • Use VoiceOver again to tap "Trust" in the dialogue box when you link the device to your computer.
  • Hit "Back up Now" in iTunes to back up your iPhone data.
  • how to access iphone with broken screen using siri

  • Say "Turn off VoiceOver" to Siri.
  • If the screen is not working, you can do the following: take a Lightning-to-USB adapter to connect the device to a USB keyboard. Use the keyboard to input the device's passcode to unlock it.
  • After you unlock your iPhone with broken screen, you can use VoiceOver to access your device.

Way 3: How to Control iPhone Broken Screen from Computer with iTunes

As a traditional tool from Apple, iTunes enables you to get your iOS device restored and thus unlock it, giving you the freedom to access your iPhone with a broken screen. For safety, ensure you have a backup of your device before the restore if it has trusted your computer.

How to control iPhone with broken screen using iTunes?

  • Launch iTunes on your PC.
  • Mac users with macOS Catalina, please open Finder on your Mac.
  • Connect your iPhone to your computer through a USB cable.
  • You will see your iPhone displayed in iTunes or Finder.
  • Click your iPhone's icon to see the options for it.
  • For Windows PC, go to Summary > Restore iPhone.
  • For Mac, head to General > Restore iPhone.
  • By doing so, you can restore and access your iPhone easily.

how to control iphone broken screen from computer with itunes

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Way 4: How to Use iPhone with Broken Screen via Find My iPhone

If you just want to use your iPhone without touching its broken screen, you can unlock it with Find My iPhone. To do this, you should enter your iCloud account from iCloud web and enable the "Find My iPhone" feature. Then follow the instructions to wipe off your iPhone with a smashed screen.

How to control iPhone with broken screen via Find My iPhone:

  • Open a browser on your computer and visit
  • Sign in to your iCloud account.
  • Find and click the option that says "Find iPhone".
  • This will open your iPhone's "Find My iPhone" feature.
  • On the following page, tap "All Devices" at the top.
  • Choose your iPhone from the coming list.
  • You can now perform certain actions with iCloud web remotely.
  • Click "Erase iPhone" > select "Remove from Account".
  • This will wipe away the data from your broken iPhone.
  • You can then use your iPhone without haste.

how to use iphone with broken screen via find my iphone

Way 5: How to Control iPhone with Broken Screen Using Veency

Incorporating basic controls to access common functions on your iPhone, Veency allows you to control your iPhone from Windows, Mac, Linux, and even your phone itself. Yet, this tool is only available for a jailbroken iPhone.

How to use iPhone with broken screen using Veency?

  • On your jailbroken iPhone, run Cydia and update it accordingly.
  • From the search section, type in Veency and click Install > Continue.
  • After the installation, tap "Restart Springboard" and wait for the app to access your device.
  • Go to "Settings" > "Veency" > enable "Server".
  • You can also use QuickTime to set up your Veency.
  • Open any VNC viewer on your computer (i.e., RealVNC Viewer).
  • Input the IP address of your iPhone to the appropriate box.
  • You will be able to control your device in a while.

how to control iphone with broken screen using veency

Way 6: How to Access iPhone with Broken Screen via QuickTime

QuickTime serves as a screen recorder for iPhone on a Mac apart from playing video and audio files. It lets you mirror your iPhone and thus view your files. Yet, it cannot give you full control over your iPhone with a broken screen.

How to control iPhone with broken screen from Mac computer via QuickTime:

  • Run QuickTime on your Mac and link your iPhone via a lightning cable.
  • Connect your iPhone to a Bluetooth keyboard, open iTunes, and hit "Space/Enter."
  • If your phone asks you to trust the connection, click "Trust".
  • After that, go to "QuickTime" and click "File".
  • Press the pull-down arrow nearby "New Movie Recording".
  • how to access iphone with broken screen with quicktime

  • Choose your iPhone from the options.
  • This will send your iPhone display to your Mac automatically.
  • Soon, you can control this iPhone with a broken screen from the Mac.

QuickTime only works when your iPhone's touch screen is still responsive. You can employ it to have a quick look at your iPhone and further configure it.


Last Words

Going through this post, we can reach a conclusion that:

  • MobiKin Doctor for iOS, the Controller for Broken iPhone can control and recover 20+ file types from your iPhone, whether it is broken or in other situations.
  • You can take Siri as an alternative, but it is not easy to use, and there is no guarantee of success.
  • iTunes and Find My iPhone can be feasible options to pick. Then you may be able to control your iPhone but lose all the current data on it.
  • If you have a jailbreak iPhone, you can take Veency into account.
  • Mac users can also try to control your iPhone with broken screen using QuickTime if your phone's touch screen is still sensitive.

download for win download for mac

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