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iPad Won't Unlock: How to Fix iPad Slide to Unlock Not Working?

2017-10-20 13:20:52/Posted by Alleny Gavinto iOS Recovery Topic/Follow @ MobiKin

The "locked iPad or iPhone" issue happens a lot among so many Apple users in the world for different reasons. If iPad is slow to respond to unlock iPad screen or the slide bar is totally unresponsive to your gesture, you might be not able to access or operate your iPad at all.

how to fix ipad slide to unlock not working issue

So if your iPad won't unlock, or the "slide to unlock" feature on iPad screen does not work, how do you fix it and get your iPad back to normal? Read this post to find the solutions to fix your iPad won't unlock problem.

Part 1. Useful Tips to Fix iPad Slide to Unlock Not Working Problem

Tip 1. Force Reboot iPad to Solve iPad Won't Unlock

If your iPad can't be unlocked, you will not access your iPad. So you can force restart your iPad to try to get rid of this iPad issue. To do so, you can:

- Press and hold both the Home and Sleep/Wake buttons at the same time till iPad is turned off, then release them.

- When iPad is completely black, press the Sleep/Wake button again to turn on your iPad again.

- Now you can try yo unlock the lock screen on your iPad again to see if the problem is fixed or not.

force restart ipad to fix ipad won't unlock

Tip 2. Software Update iPad to Repair iPad is Slow to Respond to Unlock iPad Screen Problem

Sometimes if your iOS device strangely gets some little problem like iPad is slow to respond to unlock iPad screen, there is a chance that it is a reminder for you to update your device. So you can try to upgrade your iPad's software to the latest version. To do so, you can:

- If your iPad is slow to respond to your unlock gesture, try a few more times to unlock your iPad to access your iPad.

- When you are able to operate your iPad, please go to Settings > General > Software Update on your iPad.

- If there is an available update for your iPad, you will see a notification there. If so, just tap Download and Install option to get the latest software update on your iPad right now.

Tip 3. Clean Up iPad Screen to Get Rid of Possible Factors

If iPad screen gets wet or some dirt on it, sometimes it will not work properly when you try to unlock your iPad. If so, please make sure your finger or iPad screen is dry and clean. If not, just get a towel to clean up your iPad screen and hands.

Tip 4. Restore Your iPad to Resolve iPad Lock Screen Not Working

If your iPad is not able to be unlocked, you can also try to connect your iPad to iTunes and restore iPad from an iTunes backup. But please be sure to create a backup before restoring your iPad in case of data lost.

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Part 2. Advance Way to Fix iPad Won't Unlock Issue without Data Lost (Recommended)

Still can't fix your iPad's problem? You can check the advance solution in this part to fix your iPad's issue. Or if you are worried about data lost or data damaged when repairing your iPad on your own, you can directly read this method to fix your iPad screen will not unlock problem.

If your iPad can't unlock, there may be some system problem on your device and you will need a professional iPad Screen Unlock Assistant - iOS System Recovery to completely fix iPad won't unlock problem. This program specializes in fixing all types of system problems on iPhone/iPad/iPod. You can easily operate the program and quickly fix different problems like stuck on Apple logo, iPhone error 9006/53/56, iPhone stuck on recovery mode, iPhone blue/black/white/red screen of death and so on.

Now, please download the software in Mac or Windows version on your computer, then follow the instructions to remove iPad won't unlock problem step by step.

Here is how to fix iPad won't unlock:

Step 1. Connect iPad to Computer

After installing the program on your computer, please launch it and make your iPad linked to PC with a USB cable. Then switch to "More tool" > "iOS System Recovery" on the main interface of the software.

connect ipad to pc

Step 2. Detect iPad's System Problem

Then the program will automatically detect your iPad for possible system problems, and display them on the interface, for example, Black screen of death, Stuck on Apple logo, Recovery mode, iPhone Error 9006 and etc. Simply click the "Start" button to go to the next step.

detect ipad system problem

Step 3. Start to Fix iPad won't unlock issue

Here, please confirm your iPad information to check if it is right. If yes, just hit "Repair" option to begin repairing iPad won't unlock issue. If no, just select the right one and continue to hit "Repair"option to start the fixing process.

To fix your iPad, the program will automatically detect your iPad's current iOS version, then download and install the latest one on your device.

begin to repair ipad won't unlock issue

When the whole process is complete, your iPad won't unlock issue will be fixed immediately.

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