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How to Transfer Files from iPad Pro, Air, 4, mini to PC with or without iTunes?

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iPad is a fairly portable product. People can easily transfer files such as photos, music, movies, and e-books to the iPad, and then enjoy a pleasant and comfortable reading and watching time with the iPad. Sometimes people need to transfer files from iPad to PC for later use. For super fans of iPad, transferring files from iPad to PC should be very easy, because iTunes, Apple's official management tool, can do that easily. (Here is also a guide on how to transfer files from PC to iPad.)

In this guide, we have shared 5 solutions for transferring files from iPad to PC with or without iTunes. In fact, these methods are easy to use and can help you accomplish this task easily. Go through these methods and pick out the most suitable for you.

transfer files from ipad to pc

Method 1: How to Transfer Files from iPad to PC without iTunes - Assistant for iOS [Hot!]

How do I transfer files from iPad to PC without iTunes? Many people ask this question because they no longer want to use iTunes to transfer files on iOS devices. Not only is iTunes complicated to use, it also has the problem of deleting data. So first of all, we recommend you the best iTunes alternative - MobiKin Assistant for iOS, which will bring you much convenience on transferring everything from iPad to PC, and vice versa. Furthermore, with the help of this software, you are able to save the files into your local hard drive other than iTunes Library.

What you will get from Assistant for iOS:

  • Transfer and manage your Video, Photo, Music, eBook, Contacts, Text Messages, Notes, Safari Bookmarks, Voice Memo, Podcast, Ringtone, Playlist, etc. on your iPad, iPhone and iPod.
  • Back up your iPad data to computer and restore them easily.
  • Backup and restore data between your iDevices directly and import iTunes backups from PC to your device, or delete any unwanted iTunes backups from your PC.
  • Fully compatible with iPad Pro, iPad Air, iPad 4, iPad mini, the new iPad, iPad 2, and so on.
  • It can be downloaded to Windows 7/8/10 and Mac OS (X).

Now let's put MobiKin Assistant for iOS into practice about the methods of transferring files from iPhone to PC without iTunes:

Step 1: Launch Assistant for iOS and connect iPad to PC

On your computer, first you need to launch this amazing program and then use a USB cable to connect your iPad to the PC. Once the detection of the software is done, you will see the following screenshot that your iPad information is displayed in the main interface.

run assistant for ios

Step 2: Select the files to transfer

You need to turn to the right side of the program screen where all iPhone data is categorized. Click on the icon of file type and choose the files on the right part of the interface. For example, if you want to transfer photos from iPad to PC, you should choose "Photos" from the left part of the interface, and select the pictures you need on the right part.

copy files from ipad to computer without itunes

Step 3: Start the iPad to PC transfer

After you have selected all the data you need, you can click "Export" on the top to transfer your files from your iPad to PC. You can specify the output location to save the transferred iPad data. When the transfer is done, you can check the transferred files in the destination folder.

It is the most accurate and simplest way to transfer iPad files to PC. Download and install Mobikin Assistant for iOS now! If you are not fond of using 3-rd party tool, you can continue to read how to transfer files from iPad to PC with other solutions.

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Method 2: How to Download Files from iPad to PC with iTunes

Although I said that iTunes has a lot of inconveniences, many people still think of using iTunes to transfer files from iPad to PC. If you want to know the detailed steps of this method, you can follow my instructions to read the following. First, you need to make sure that you have the latest version of iTunes installed on your PC.

Step 1: Launch iTunes on your PC and use Apple provided USB cable to connect your iPad to the PC. Remember to tap "Trust" option on your iPad when your iPad prompted to you whether "Trust This Computer". Once iTunes detects the connected iPad, it will show up in the left sidebar of the iTunes screen.

Step 2: Click the iPad icon in the upper-left corner of the iTunes window and then choose the "Summary" option, go to the "Backups" section and tick "This Computer" option on the right side panel. Then, click on "Back Up Now" button and then "Apply" to begin to transfer the whole iPad data to the computer using iTunes.

how to transfer files from ipad to computer with itunes

When the backing up process is complete, your iPad files will be saved in the form of iTunes backup, which is generally in the path: C:\Users\Name\AppData\Roaming\Apple Computer\MobileSync\Backup. Please note you cannot directly view and manage the files in iTunes backup, therefore, we kindly recommend you applying method 1, which will save the backup files on computer that are viewable and manageable.


Method 3: How to Transfer Files from iPad to PC via USB - Windows Explorer

You may ask, can we use only one data cable to transfer files from iPad to PC via USB like transfer Android data to computer? It's actually possible, if you just need to transfer videos and photos from iPad to PC, you can use USB transfer method. Here are the detailed steps with illustrations about how to transfer videos and photos from iPad to PC without iTunes via Windows Explorer.

Note: Windows Explorer is called File Explorer in Windows 10.

Step 1: Use a USB cable to connect iPad to PC without iTunes and then click on "Trust" on iPad.

Step 2: Choose one of the following 3 ways to launch Windows Explorer on PC:

1. Select the "Start" button and find it on the Start menu.
2. Press the "Windows logo" key and "E".
3. Select the folder icon on the task bar.

Step 3: Tap the iPad icon on the left side screen and click on "Internal Storage" > "DCIM". Find and select the pictures and videos you want from the DCIM folder and then copy and paste them to your computer.

copy files from ipad to pc by windows explorer

Yes, the USB transfer method is very limited, because it can only transfer videos and photos from iPad to PC. If you need to transfer more file types from iPad to computer, you must go to other methods.


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Method 4: How to Get Files off iPad to PC with iCloud

If you do not want to install third-party software and also are tired of using iTunes, then you can also choose to use iCloud to help you achieve iPad to PC file transfer. All you need to do is upload iPad files to iCloud and then download those files from iCloud to your computer.

Step 1: Sync iPad files to iCloud

  • Connect your iPad to a stable WiFi network.
  • Tap on the "Settings" on your iPhone, and press "Apple ID/name" > "iCloud",
  • Turn on the iCloud libraries that you want to sync to iCloud, such as "Contacts", "SMS" and etc.
  • The corresponding file types on your iPad will be synced to iCloud at once.

backup ipad files to icloud

Step 2: Download iPad files from iCloud to your PC

  • Log in to iCloud.com on your computer by using your Apple ID credentials that you used on iPad.
  • Tap the file types like "Contacts", "Notes", "Photos" and etc. and then you will see the detailed information from iPad on your right-hand panel.
  • Select the files you need and download them to the PC.

download ipad files from icloud to pc

Method 5: How Do I Transfer Files from iPad to PC with Email

Finally, we can also use email to transfer files from iPad to PC. This method is a bit outdated and only suitable for transferring a small number of files. Because you need to attach the iPad file to an email and send it out, the mailbox has a strict limit on the size of the attached file. Therefore, if you have a large number of iPad files to transfer, then the email method is not suitable for you.

Here is the necessary process of how to email iPad files to PC:

Step 1: Open an email app on your iPad.

transfer ipad files to pc with email

Step 2: Log into your email account.

Step 3: Create a new email with the iPad file as an attachment. The recipient can be yourself.

Step 4: Log in the your email account on your PC. Open the email you sent from iPad and download the attached iPad file to your PC.

Summary: Comparison of the Above 5 Methods - Which One is the Best?

Above, we have introduced five different methods for transferring files from iPad Pro/Air/4/mini/2 to computer. These methods have their own advantages and disadvantages. Below, we summarize these five methods to facilitate you to choose the one that suits you best.

1.Transfer files from ipad to pc via iTunes
iTunes can only back up all iPad files at once, and does not allow users to preview and select files. And iTunes is huge, takes up a lot of computer memory, and is more complicated to use.

2.Transfer videos/photos from iPad to PC via Windows Explorer
Windows Explorer only allows users to transfer photos and videos from iPad to computer. Other files on the iPad cannot be shared this way.

3.Transfer iPad files to PC via Assistant for iOS
This tool is capable of transferring 12+ types of files from iPad to computer, and from computer to iPad. The method of use is also very simple and easy to grasp, and the transmission speed is very fast. Most importantly, it allows you to preview all iPad files, enabling you to selectively transfer the files you want. Finally, it has no limit on the size of files to be transferred.

4.Copy iPad files to PC via iCloud
This requires connecting the iPad to a stable Wi-Fi network, and the transmission speed also depends on the network status. You need to upload the iPad file to iCloud first, then you have to use your computer to download the file. It's a bit more complicated than Assistant for iOS.

5.Email iPad files to PC
This is an outdated method that not only has a limit on file size, but it is very slow to transfer files to the computer as attachments.

Obviously, the best method to transfer files from iPad to PC is using MobiKin Assistant for iOS. It avoids almost all the problems that may be encountered during the transfer process and makes the transfer between iOS device and computer a piece of cake. Try the amazing iOS transfer and managing tool right now!

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