[Updated] Recover Deleted Voice Memos on iPhone with/without Backup

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"I just recorded a voice memo. While playing it back, I inadvertently tapped the trash can icon. iPhone accidentally deleted voice memo. How to recover deleted voice memos on iPhone? Thanks!" -- from Apple Support Communities


Accidentally deleted voice memos from iPhone or lost them somehow? How to retrieve the deleted data? That's easy! You can recover them via the in-built feature in the Voice Memo app or adopt official ways to restore the entire backup to your iPhone. And at times, you can take on the task with a great iPhone data recovery program if there's no backup file available.

Well, let's get to the point now, and we hope this article helps.

how to recover deleted voice memos on iphone

Part 1: Can You Recover Deleted Voice Memos on iPhone

"Can I retrieve a deleted voice memo on my iPhone?" Yes, you can! To be specific, SQLite, a database storage system in iOS devices, stores iPhone data as "Allocated". After the deletion, it'll change the location from "Allocated" to "Unallocated". You won't be allowed to view the lost items directly, but they still stay in the storage system.

Your deleted voice memo may be all about a good idea for your work or the recent to-do items. And further, perhaps it is of great sentimental value.

To avoid losing desired voice memos for good or enhance the success rate for recovery, you're advised to stop using your device in case they are overwritten by new data. Then turn to a dedicated iOS data recovery tool to recover deleted voice memos without any further delay.

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Part 2: How to Retrieve Deleted Voice Memos on iPhone from Recently Deleted Folder

Similar to a trash can on a Mac computer, the recently deleted folder in the Voice Memo app is a location that saves your deleted memos for a certain amount of time before they are wiped away permanently.

Now, where to find recently deleted voice memos on iPhone and how to access deleted/old voice memos? Let's talk about these in detail.

How to retrieve recently deleted voice memos from the Recently Deleted folder?

  • Open the Voice Memos application on your iPhone.
  • Scroll down to the Recently Deleted folder and tap it.
  • Find the voice memos you want to recover.
  • Click "Recover XX Recording."

retrieve deleted voice memos on iphone from recently deleted folder

Part 3: How to Get Deleted Voice Memos Back on iPhone from iTunes Backup

Kept a backup of your iPhone on iTunes? Just recover your voice memos from the iTunes backup. For those with a Mac running macOS Catalina 10.15 or above, doing the restoring through Finder. Here, note that this will erase your existing data on your iPhone.

How to recover deleted voice memos on iPhone X/XR/Xs/8/11/12 from iTunes backup?

  • Run iTunes on your computer and connect your iPhone to the computer via a USB cable.
  • Click the device icon, followed by "Summary".
  • Press "Restore Backup" from the right panel of the interface.
  • how to get deleted voice memos back on iphoen from itunes backup

  • Select the backup you wish to restore from the drop-down list.
  • Click "Restore".

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Part 4: How to Recover Voice Memos on iPhone from iCloud Backup

If you completed the iPhone backup to iCloud before the voice memos are deleted, you can now easily restore the deleted stuff, along with some other data on your device, from the Cloud. Also, this will erase all content and settings from your iPhone.

How to retrieve deleted voice recordings on iPhone from iCloud backup?

  • Navigate to iPhone Settings > Reset > Erase All Content and Settings.
  • Restart your device.
  • Go through the welcome screens until you reach the Apps & Data screen.
  • Click Restore from iCloud Backup at the Apps & Data screen.
  • how to recover voice memos on iphone from icloud backup

  • Sign in to your Apple ID and passcode.
  • Head to the Choose backup section.
  • Select a backup that is near the date of when the voice memos are deleted.
  • Your iPhone will restore all the data and settings, and your voice memos should be back.

Part 5: How to Recover Deleted Voice Memos on iPhone without Data Loss

So, how do you retrieve voice memos from your iPhone if you don't want to erase original data on your iPhone? This is something MobiKin Doctor for iOS is extremely good at. This utility is eligible to recover a variety of missing files, in addition to voice memos on your iPhone/iPad.

Once downloaded, all you need to do is follow the foolproof direction on the screen and then accomplish the iPhone memo recovery task without any trouble.

Brief overview of Doctor for iOS:

  • Recover deleted voice memos from iPhone without deleting data on iPhone.
  • Retrieve other iPhone data like voicemail, contacts, call history, text messages, photos, videos, Safari history, notes, and a lot more.
  • It's also a flexible iPhone backup extractor, help restore iPhone from iTunes backups without deleting the current content on it.
  • Easy to use, totally clean, fast recovery, etc.
  • Play functions on various iOS devices, including iPhone 14/14 Pro/14 Pro Max/14 Plus, iPhone 13/13 mini,  iPhone 12/12 Pro (Max)/12 mini, iPhone 11/11 Pro/11 Pro Max, iPhone X/XR/Xs/Xs Max, iPhone 8/8 Plus, iPhone 7/7 Plus, iPhone 6/6S/6 Plus, iPod, iPad, etc.
  • Won't compromise your privacy.

download for win download for mac

How to get voice memos back on iPhone without losing data via Doctor for iOS?

Step 1. Run Doctor for iOS on your computer

Run the tool on your computer after the installation, and then select the "Recover from iTunes Backup File" mode. Next, select the iTunes backup file you need and click "Start Scan".

select the recover from itunes backup file

From here, you can pick "Recover from iOS Device" to flexibly recover data from iPhone directly. So far, the software only supports directly recovering deleted text messages and contacts from iPhone.


Step 2. Load and preview your voice memos

Now, you'll get the main screen of the program. Select "Voice Memos" and click "Start Scan" to load and preview the specific memos on the right pane.

select the voice memos you need to recover

Step 3. Recover deleted voice memos from iPhone

Choose all your required voice memos on the program interface and click "Recover to Computer" to recover deleted voice memos on iPhone without losing data.

recover voice memos from iphone via doctor for ios

FAQs about Voice Memos on iPhone:

1.Why Is the Voice Memos App Icon Missing from My iPhone?

You accidentally removed it, or it is just hidden somewhere. To get the app back for iPhone voice memo recovery, you can restore it from App Store or reset your iPhone home screen by going to Settings > General > Reset > Reset Home Screen Layout.

2. When Will the Deleted Voice Memos Be Wiped out?

By default, the recently deleted folder stores the voice memos for 30 days after the deletion. Yet it lets you customize the validity by going to iPhone Settings > Voice Memos > Clear Deleted > choose Immediately, After 1 Day, After 7 Days, After 30 Days, Never.

3. How to Replace Part of a Voice Memo?

  • Tap the voice memo you want to edit.
  • Touch the icon with three blue dots > tap Edit Recording.
  • Swipe the waveform left or right till the blue playhead is positioned at the beginning of the part you want to replace.
  • Hit Replace to re-record over the current memo.
  • Tap the pause button once you finish recording.
  • Press Done to save.

how to replace part of a voice memo

4. How to Share a Voice Memo on an iPhone?

  • Launch Voice Memo app.
  • Select and open the recording you want to make a copy of.
  • Click the three dots below the recording.
  • Select Share.

Final Words

On the whole, this page is centered on how to recover deleted voice memos on iPhone without or without backup. Generally, you have four options to find the deleted items back.

If your missing voice memos are not in the recently deleted folder and you don't want to erase data on your iPhone, don't hesitate to choose and use MobiKin Doctor for iOS, the easiest and the recommended approach.

download for win download for mac

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