7 Best iCloud Unlock Services You Should Never Miss [Tested]

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You got a used iPhone or iPad, and the one you bought online wasn't closed to what the seller advertised. For example, the vendor claimed that the device has no iCloud lock, but what you received is the one with the lock from its previous owner. Well, is there any iPhone/iPad/iPod iCloud removal/unlock service to remove iCloud lock easily? Or do iCloud unlock services work?

Definitely! We shall tell you the top 7 best iCloud removal services in this passage. And you can then make a comparison among their merits, demerits, and user reviews.

icloud unlock service

Part 1: The Best iCloud Unlock Service - iOS Unlock

If you cannot wait to get the iCloud lock bypassed from your iPhone or iPad, iOS Unlock is exactly your best bet. This program lets you unlock various Apple locks even without IMEI, the serial number of your iPhone, or other private info. And you can set up a new Apple ID after unlocking. So, what makes it the best iCloud unlocking tool?

Key features of iOS Unlock:

  • Best iCloud lock removal service to unlock locks without your phone number or other info.
  • Remove 4-digit passcode, 6-digit passcode, Face ID, Touch ID, and Screen Time Passcode on iPhone/iPad.
  • Bypass or remove MDM on iPhone/iPad without data loss.
  • No limited access of accessing iCloud and device features after unlocking.
  • Run smoothly on overall iDevices, including iPhone 14/13/13 Pro (Max)/13 mini/12/12 Pro (Max)/12 mini, iPhone 11/11 Pro/11 Pro Max, iPhone X/XR/Xs/Xs Max, iPhone 8/8 Plus, iPhone 7/7 Plus, iPhone 6/6S/6 Plus, iPod touch, iPad Air/Pro/mini/4/3/2, etc.
  • It won't track your privacy.

ios unlock for windows ios unlock for mac

How to use the best paid iCloud unlock service to bypass an iCloud account?

Step 1. Launch the iOS Unlock on your computer. Go for "Screen Unlock" from the modules on the screen.

choose ios unlock from the toolbox

Step 2. Tap the "Unlock Apple ID" option on the popup page and link your iPhone or iPad to the computer via a USB cable.

unlock apple id

Step 3. Enter the passcode of the connected iDevice and tap "Trust" on the device screen.

trust the computer

Step 4. Follow the directions in the program screen to reset your phone's settings. This will erase all your iOS data and content. Thus please make sure you have backed up your iPhone data beforehand.

Step 5. The unlocking will begin. Do not use the device until the job is complete.

reset your iphone or ipad

Step 6. When you see "Apple ID has been completely unlocked", you have successfully unlocked the Apple ID. That is how seamless this tool is for iCloud account removal.

unlock icloud account with the best icloud unlock service


  • Unlock various Apple devices' locks in minutes.
  • Remove Apple ID permanently.
  • Run by professionals and deliver the best chance for success.
  • The unlocking is easy to follow.


  • It'll update your device to the newest iOS 15 after the unlocking.

User Reviews:

  • Good prompt service with clarification where required in straightforward terms. All in all, a painless and easy task for screen and iCloud unlock. -- from Mr. Hallett.

Check If You Need:

Part 2: Other 6 Trusted iCloud Removal Services

1. Apple iPhone Unlock

Apple iPhone Unlock, an online iPhone/iPad activation unlock service, can be used to bypass the iCloud activation locked device or perform remote IMEI unlocking. It's a well-received service that carries out many unlocking services to its users, but it does not always work for recent iDevices, including Apple Watch.



  • Take over 24 hours to unlock the Apple device.
  • The website may sometimes stall when entering the details.

User Reviews:

  • The service response was quick, and the unlock was explained clearly. However, using a new SIM from another country took some time to get calls and SMS working configuring mobile data calls. -- from Roger Fitzgerald.

icloud unlock service like apple iphone unlock

2. IMEI Unlock SIM

Previously known for unlocking carrier locks for iPhone, IMEI Unlock SIM is a legit iCloud activation lock removal online service. This service lets you unlock your iCloud-related locks later. Yet, it takes about 10 days to get a phone unlocked. Moreover, in case you have any questions before you proceed with the unlocking, you can reach out to its Support Team, and they will answer what you may have.


  • Unlock both the iCloud activation lock and carrier lock.
  • Widely compatible.


  • Long waiting time.
  • Have a fluctuating price.

User Reviews:

  • I activated my iPhone and waited 7 days to be unlocked my device. Wait for a small more of the typical delivery time frame. But this has a reason. Finally, my iCloud lock has been removed. -- from Jonathon Ronald.

icloud removal service like imei unlock sim

3. iPhone Approved Unlock

As a great iCloud bypass unlock service, iPhone Approved Unlock works for various carriers from many countries, aiming at unlocking your iOS-based devices. You can use this service to remove the activation lock as well. To bypass the iCloud lock, all you need to do is get the IMEI number from your device and post it to the website.


  • Unlock the iCloud activation lock on an iPhone within 24 hours.
  • Erase an iPhone/iPad before disabling "Find My Phone".


  • Support iPhone SE to iPhone 11 Pro Max only.
  • No money-back guarantee.

User Reviews:

  • Thanks for your services, and I wish it unlocked fast and worked well. -- from Sammy Stump.

trusted icloud removal service like iphone approved unlock

Further Reading:

4. Direct Unlocks

Direct Unlocks enables you to remove the activation lock from iOS devices quickly. That is all it takes to bypass the iCloud lock permanently. Like some other unlocking sites, this iCloud unlock premium service also asks you to enter your device model and the IMEI number. After that, you have to make a payment and let it start unlocking your device. Then you'll get a message from the site after unlocking.


  • Unlock the iCloud lock at short notice.
  • Easy-to-follow user guide.


  • The iCloud removal services only work for iPhone 6 running iOS 11.
  • Testimonials on the website seem to be fake.

User Reviews:

  • I changed my iCloud account but forgot it soon. The unlocking was over in 2 days. If I need anything similar in the future, I will use Direct Unlocks again. -- from Stuart.

icloud lock removal service like direct unlocks

5. iCloud Removal

If you forget your Apple ID, you can also contact the team of iCloud Removal for lock removal service or schedule your repair online directly. It is equipped to serve you at a moment's notice. When you submit your IMEI, the service will delete the current iCloud account. And after that, you can freely set up your iCloud account.


  • No software or jailbreak is required.
  • 100% money-back guarantee.


  • No concise user guide.
  • Less favorable than other products.
  • It may fail to work with older device models.

User Reviews:

  • It took only 3 hours to complete and now no longer iCloud lock screen. You get what you pay for; say no more. -- from Devina Hoe.

iphone icloud removal service like icloud removal

6. UnlockGo

Being an instant iCloud unlock service, UnlockGo can unlock iPhone 5S to iPhone X running iOS 12.3 to 14.8 (iOS 12.4.5 and 12.4.6 excluded). When you install the tool on your computer, you can fully control the unlocking, and you don't need to wait days for the device to be unlocked. Besides, you don't even have to provide any personal info before going further.


  • Your iDevice won't be erased or tracked by its previous iCloud account.
  • Simple to use, even for beginner users.


  • You can enjoy all features except iCloud, calls, and cellular.
  • You will have to jailbreak your device.
  • Its free trial proved to be a bust.

User Reviews:

  • After reporting a bug in their program, I was amazed at how quickly they released an update. -- from N. Gray.

iphone icloud unlock service like unlockgo

Final Part

Judging from the iCloud removal reviews, pros, and cons, we find that iOS Unlock is ahead of the remaining services or tools in almost every respect. With this smart program, you don't have to provide any personal info to unlock the iCloud account. What's more important, you can use it to unlock all kinds of Apple locks easily, quickly, and securely.

Finally, here's a commonly asked question - is official iCloud unlock legit? To simply put - YES. But the invoice and the proof of purchases are required. After verifying your identity, Apple should officially help you unlock the Apple ID.

ios unlock for windows ios unlock for mac

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