5 Ways to Find IMEI on iPhone

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IMEI, or International Mobile Equipment Identity, consists of a series of numbers which are unique for every mobile phone. This number is just like our identity card and can be used to stop a stolen phone from accessing that network. For example, if your iPhone is stolen, you can call the network provider and instruct them to blacklist the phone by using its IMEI number. What's more, it also can be used to unlock your device. Therefore, it is useful to get the way to find IMEI on iPhone.

Here are 5 solutions for your reference. You can choose one of them to get the number if you need it.

1. Get the Number from the iPhone Back or SIM Card Tray

The simplest method to find the IMEI number on iPhone is to read the information of your device. By using this means, you only need to find the instruction of the device. There are two positions available:

- The back of your iPhone box. You can find out the box of your iPhone and the IMEI number is at the bottom of the box.

- If you have thrown the box away, you can go to see your SIM card holder.

get imei on iphone from card tray

These two means could be the most straightforward solutions and you can try them at first.

2. Dial the Universal Code

The most common way that people used to get the IMEI number is to dial the universal number. This amazing number is- "*#06#". After the dialing, your network provider will send the number to your iPhone directly. This number will appear on the screen of iPhone as below. You can write down or copy-paste it on the paper or device. Really easy, right?

find iphone imei number

3. Check out Your iPhone Menu

You also can check out the iPhone menu to get the number. This operation can be completed in "Settings". You can follow the steps below to have a try:

- Click on the icon of Settings on the Home screen of your iPhone.

- Go to General option and tap on About under this folder.

- The information about your device will be displayed on the screen, including model, serial number, Wi-fi address and so on. Just find out "IMEI" to get the details.

get imei in iphone settings

4. Use iTunes to Find IMEI on iPhone

iTunes is a valid way to get the IMEI as well. When you sync the files on iPhone to iTunes, the specific information of your device will be detected and listed in the iTunes program so that you can find the needed number in it effortlessly.

- Connect your iPhone to computer and launch iTunes.

- Click on your iPhone from the Device menu in the upper right corner and select Summary tab. Here if you cannot see your iPhone device, you can go to View> Hide option to get it.

- The detailed iPhone info will appear in the right panel of iTunes window after entering the Summary section. And now you can see the IMEI number on the screen.

how to get iphone imei number

5. Find the IMEI via Devices Preferences

The final method also needs to make use of iTunes. However, this time you need to get the information from Preferences rather than Summary. Just go with the details to get the number now.

- Start iTunes on your computer.

- Go to Edit and select Preferences in the section.

- Choose the Devices category and move the mouse onto the name your iPhone and then you will see the information of your iPhone.

how to get iphone imei

These are all the methods on how to get iPhone IMEI number. You can see that they are all easy to operate so why don't you have a try?

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