How to Connect iPhone to TV with USB? [Solved]

Apart from communicating and socializing, you may also want to be able to enjoy watching music videos, movies, playing games or other things on your iPhone or iPad, right? Then, did you know you can connect your iPhone to TV with USB or other tools? After building a connection between your iPhone and the television, you can enjoy watching videos and movies or playing games from your phone with your friends on a big screen.

Connecting your iPhone to TV can be done in several ways as follows:

1. You can complete the connection by using the DLNA app on your phone if your TV model is internet enabled. This method however has shortcomings because the TV might not be able to recognize your phone.

2. You can also use an Apple AV adapter cable. If you have this original cable, you will be able to enjoy faster and clear connections from your iPhone to TV. Purchasing this cable is a little expensive if you do not own it and this is one disadvantage to use this particular method.

We all know that you can connect directly if you own an Apple TV through media extender. But what if your TV is from a different manufacturer rather than from Apple? In this case, using a Universal Serial Bus (USB) is a good choice for you.

For more ways to connect iPhone to TV, you can go to the page: Full Guide to Connect iPhone to TV>>

How Can I Connect iPhone to TV with USB?

Using a USB port for phone to television connection is very easy and convenient. And here, you may be wondering why we are paying special attention to USB, here is the reasons why:

– USB offers convenience due to the small size. You can move with the cable from one point to another or from one device to another within the house or office.

– It is easy to connect and disconnect to the television. Plugging and unplugging can be done when both devices are on without affecting them in any way. This enables someone to connect and disconnect whenever they need to, even when one is in a hurry.

– Using a USB guarantees fast and stable streaming speeds for your media. A USB is generally faster compared to other parallel ports. Speed ensures there are no connection cuts or loss of data.

– One USB port can accommodate multiple devices when a hub splitter is connected. Believe it or not, one USB port can support up to one hundred devices at the same time.

– Automatic configurations and system installation once the USB is connected to your TV.

– USB ports have their own power so the phone does not lose any power during connection; some even charge your phone when connected to the USB port.

Now, you have known why choose USB cable to connect your iPhone to TV. And you can follow below steps to begin the connecting process.

Step 1. Connect the Digital AV adapter to your phone. You do this by connecting the TV dock connector to your iPhone adapter then connect this adapter to your iPhone.

Step 2. Connect the HDMI cable to the TV and the adapter.

connect usb to tv

Step 3. Check your iPhone to confirm whether the phone to TV connection was successful.

Step 4. Go to your television settings and choose the HDMI setting for the source of TV input mode.

If the settings have been done correctly, the video will be automatically mirrored on your television screen and the audio automatically routed on to your TV.
check the tv connection and mirror your iphone on tv

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