Best 2 Ways to Permanently Delete Photos from iPhone or iPad

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If your shooting instinct has you exhausted for those endless repeating photos on your favorite Apple device, it's probably time to remove the extras and make space for better things. That means you need to permanently delete photos from your iPhone or iPad to free up space. Then how to get rid of your unwanted collections?

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To achieve your goal, you have 2 options - permanently delete photos from iPhone/iPad via Photos App or MobiKin Eraser for iOS. Now let's see how they work together!

1. Remember to Backup Your Wanted Files before Deleting Photos

Ready to say goodbye to your pictures? Breathe deep and take a moment to finalize what you won't want to keep and what you would "REALLY" want. Then, before you bump on the "Delete" button finally and remove them forever, you could consider sorting your favorite files for a safe backup since an accident of losing data may occur during the deletion.

Don't know how to do that? Fret not, stalwart tools like MobiKin Assistant for iOS can take the game to the next level. This software allows you to keep the wanted data by simple clicks and you can restore them without hassles when you need these backup files. If you are interested in it, you can click the icon below to get this iOS file transfer tool.

Download iOS File Transfer Tool for Win Download iOS File Transfer Tool for Mac

Steps to backup data on iPhone/iPad using MobiKin Assistant for iOS:

Step 1. Open the program on your computer and then connect your iPhone or iPad to the PC/Mac.

Step 2. Go with the on-screen prompts to make the connected iDevice recognized.

Primary Interface of iOS File Transfer Tool

Step 3. Select "Super Toolkit" > "iTunes Backup & Restore" > "Backup" > select a device to backup > "OK".

Backup iPhone

This will help to backup your iPhone/iPad data to default iTunes backup location. But differ from iTunes backup, this means allows you to backup the files repeatedly and the previous backup files won't be covered. And if you don't like this backup method, you can click to learn other ways to backup your iDevice.

2. How to Permanently Delete Photos from iPhone/iPad in Photos App?

The easiest way to erase photos from iPhone is to make use of the built-in Photos App. As we all know, this App allows you to delete pictures and videos from iPhone/iPad. However, this simple deletion only sends your unwanted images to the "Recently Deleted" album of your device. If you wish to permanently delete pictures from your iPhone/iPad, you should go on to empty the "Recently Deleted" album.

Luckily, this is easy to follow and you can complete the deleting process within a short time.

Now let's see how to permanently delete photos on iPhone/iPad in Photos App:

Step 1. Unlock your iPhone or iPad and continue entering the Photos App on the device.

Step 2. Choose the pictures that you don't want to keep and delete them. Here you have 2 options:

- Delete photos selectively: click on the option "Camera Roll" > "Select" > tick off the images you don't like > tap on the trash bin icon > "Delete XX (the number of your selected photos) Items".

How to Delete Photos from iPhone - 1 How to Delete Photos from iPhone - 2

- Delete the whole album: go to "Albums" > "See All" > "Edit" > find out the album you want to delete > tap on the red circle button located at the top left corner of the album.

How to Delete Photos off iPhone - 1 How to Delete Photos off iPhone - 2

Step 3. After that, the selected pictures will be moved to the "Recently Deleted" album. So you need to go to "Albums" > "Recently Deleted" > "Select" > choose the pictures you want to permanently remove > "Delete".

How to Permanently Delete Photos from iPhone - 1 Permanently Delete Photos from iPhone - 2

Once done, the photos you selected will be deleted from your iPhone/iPad. However, these deleted photos still can be recovered by some powerful iOS recovery tools. Supposed that you want these pictures to be unrecoverable, you can jump to Solution 2.

3. How to Erase All Photos from iPhone/iPad Permanently Using MobiKin Eraser for iOS?

Want to erase all photos from iPhone/iPad with one click? Then you need the help of MobiKin Eraser for iOS. This is a professional iOS eraser program that empowers you to erase all the files on your iOS device with one simple click, leaving no chance of recovery. It only supports to erase all files on iDevice currently so you need to make a backup of the wanted data before performing the erasure.

Below is the download link for this tool. You can click on icon to simply download and install it to your computer if you are interested in it.

win ios eraser mac ios eraser

Here's how to erase photos from iPhone/iPad using MobiKin Eraser for iOS:

Step 1. Launch the iOS eraser software on your computer and use a USB cable to connect your iPhone/iPad to the PC.

Launch iOS Eraser

Step 2. Follow the prompts on the screen to make your device recognized.

Step 3. When the program detects your iDevice successfully, you will see the following interface:

Main Interface of iOS Eraser

Step 4. Click on the "Erase" button on the primary interface.

Step 5. Go on to tap on "Medium" to set security level and then confirm your option by clicking "OK".

Set Security Level

Step 6. Type in "delete" on the "Erase All Data" interface and click on "Erase" to start erasing pictures and other files from your iPhone/iPad.

How to Erase Photos from iPhone Permanently

The erasing and overwriting process will take a few minutes so please wait patiently and do not disconnect your device during the process. And if you want to learn more ways about erasing all photos from iPhone/iPad, you can go to the page: How to Delete All Photos from iPhone/iPad? (4 Easiest Ways)>>

If needed, you can also click to learn:

The Bottom Line

See, permanently deleting photos from iPhone or iPad is not a difficult task at all. The methods mentioned above can help you complete the task with ease. So if you are the one who really wishes to erase useless pictures from iPhone or iPad to free up the device, you can choose the applicable way from above and go with the tutorial to delete the pictures without hassles. Just take action now!

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