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How to Unlock iPhone X without Face ID?

Summary: Front-facing camera with TrueDepth technology is one of the most exciting features of iPhone X. However, most iPhone users don't want to use the Face ID to unlock their iPhone X due to various reasons. So, this post is here to guide all of you to unlock iPhone X without Face ID.


disable face id on iphone x

Referring to iPhone X, most of you will talk about its facial recognization, right? It is no doubt that the Face ID has taken a new way of unlocking iPhone and it has been treated as one of the most important feature in the propaganda. However, lots of iPhone X users may doubt the safety of using Face ID to unlock their device, and sometimes the Face ID may fail to unlock the device with unknown reasons, so they want to find another ways to unlock iPhone X without Face ID, and that is also the purpose we write the page.

Actually, Apple provide users with a simple way to disable Touch ID temporarily, you only need to press the Power button five times, then you can quick access to Emergency SOS features and medical information. Never know that? Don't worry, we'll list the detailed steps in the following contents.

How to Unlock iPhone X without Face ID?

You're allowed to use the touch ID or passcode to unlock iPhone X when you opt not to use the facial recognition feature on your iPhone X. But it only can be used as a sole way or supplementary way to unlock your iPhone X during the setup. Now, let's learn how to unlock your phone without Face ID easily.

Solution 1

Step 1. Holding on both the Volume and Power button for a short while, then you'll see an interface like below:

unlocking iphone x without face id

Step 2. Cancel the option of "slide to power off", then you'll be asked to enter your passcode to unlock the device.

Solution 2

Step 1. Click the Side button five times quickly, then you'll access to Emergencey SOS mode.

Step 2. Here, you can see a countdown mode, just cancel the process, and then you can enter your passcode to unlock your iPhone X.

disable iphone x face id feature

Is It Possible to Disable Face ID on iPhone X In Other Ways?

Yes, there are other ways can temporary disable the Face ID on iPhone X by itself. You're not required to do more settings. Here, we have listed these situations as below:

1) Reboot the iPhone X;

2) Leave your iPhone X locked and unused in over 48 hours;

3) Face ID failed to unlock the device more than 5 times, then the Face ID will be disabled by itself.

4) Face ID hasn't unlocked in 4 hours or haven't unlock the iPhone with a password or at all in 6 hours.

How to Keep Your Privacy Info Safe on iPhone X?

Undoubtedly, touch ID, Face ID and passcode are all good ways to protect your personal info from viewing, or leaking out without your permission. But sometimes, you may lose or leak out some important data accidentally or unconsciously by yourself. So, here we could like to recommend two useful ways to keep all your privacy info safe on iPhone X.

1. Developing A Habit of Backing Up iPhone X Data Regularly

You may mistakenly delete something important or unware of the importance until after the deletion, then it is really important for all of you to have a habit of backing up iPhone X data regularly. No matter which kinds of backup methods you're choosing, keeping a backup file of your iPhone X can help you find back your lost data at the first time. And if you have no idea about how to backup iPhone X, you can take a free trial on the MobiKin Assistant for iOS (Windows/Mac). With it, you can:

- Backup data like contacts, messages, music, photos, voice memos, notes, safari bookmarks, etc. from iPhone X to computer within few clicks;

- Backup & restore data between iTunes and iPhone X directly;

- Edit iPhone X data like contacts on PC as you like;

- Compatible with all models of iPhone, iPad and iPod.

Below is a detailed video tutorial to show you how to perform the iOS Assistant software.

Want to know more info about different iPhone backup software? Top 4 iPhone Backup Software is here >>

2. Erase Unwanted Files from iPhone X Permanently

In most situations, you may not know why your personal info is leaking out, right? And you think that your iPhone is safe because you have deleted or formatted the device before passing to others? Actually, you're totally wrong. Deleting or formatting iPhone data doesn't mean the data is gone forever, these data still can be retrieved by some special program or technical team. That's also one of the reason that your personal info is leaking out. So in order to keep your privacy info safe, you'd better to permanently remove unwanted data from iPhone X.

To reach it, you may need the help of iPhone X Data Eraser software. It can help iPhone X users to erase data selectively and permanently, leave no opportunity to restore. Thus, these deleted privacy info will never be leaking out, right?

Below is the detailed steps of deleting iPhone X data permanently:

Step 1. Connect iPhone X to computer and launch the iPhone X Data Eraser software, then choose "Erase Private Data" mode.

iphone x data eraser main screen

Step 2. Hit "Start Scan" button to scan for files. When the scanning is finished, all files will be categorized.

Step 3. Select the category you wish to delete, and tick the files one by one. Then, hit "Erase" button to remove them from iPhone X completely.

select and preview files for erasing

Bottom Line

In this article, we have discussed how to disable Face ID on iPhone X and how to keep your iPhone X data safe in different ways. Is it useful for you? And if you have any other ways to disable the Face ID or how to keep your personal data safe on iPhone X, please discuss with us in the below area.

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