3 Tested Ways to Wipe Android Phone Permanently before Selling It [with Hot Tips]

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With technological advancements, enthusiasts increasingly opt for new mobile phones to enjoy a fresh experience. Yet, before selling an old Android phone, wiping it is crucial. Merely resetting to factory settings doesn't guarantee permanent erasure of personal data. So, what else should you consider before trading a mobile phone? How to wipe Android phones permanently?

OK, This article presents optimal solutions for permanently wiping an Android phone before selling. First, let's explore the importance of deleting the content of an old, unused phone.

Part 1: Why Delete Data from Android Phone Permanently before Selling?

When selling your Android phone, it's crucial to delete all personal data to avoid it falling into the wrong hands. A factory reset may not be sufficient, as research by the University of Hertfordshire and Comparitech revealed that recovering photos, emails, and text documents from a reset Android phone is still possible.

New owners could potentially restore files and access login details even if you remove important items from within. Therefore, is there anything else you should follow to ensure a secure and reassuring erasure? Without further ado, let's check out a list of reasonable behaviors now.

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Part 2: Steps to Take before Trading Your Android Phone

  • Remove Screen Lock: Disable any screen lock or security features on your device.
  • Remove SIM and SD Card: Take out the SIM card and SD card if applicable.
  • Sign Out of Accounts: Sign out of all accounts on the device, including email, social media, and other apps.
  • Unpair Devices: If your phone is paired with any Bluetooth devices or wearables, unpair them.
  • Deactivate Device Administrators: In "Settings", go to "Security > Device administrators", and deactivate any administrators.
  • Backup Your Data: Back up your Android contacts, photos, videos, messages, and other important files. You can use Google Drive, Samsung Cloud, or other backup solutions like reliable and professional data backup software like MobiKin Assistant for Android.
  • back up android phone to computer

  • Remove Payment Cards: Open the Google Play Store app. Tap "Menu" > "Payment methods" > "More payment settings".
  • Erase Offline Content: Clear any downloaded content or offline files from apps.
  • Check for Updates: Ensure your device is running the latest software updates.
  • Check for Manufacturer-Specific Steps: Some manufacturers may have additional steps or apps for secure data removal. Check your device's manual or support documentation.
  • Check Carrier-Specific Steps: If your device is carrier-branded, check with your carrier for any specific steps they recommend.
  • Remove Google Account: Go to "Settings > Accounts > Google" and remove your Google account from Android. This will disable the Factory Reset Protection (FRP) feature.

Once all the aforementioned preparations have been carried out, how to erase all data from Android phone next? In the following sections, we will elaborate on three practical techniques that have been tried and tested.

Part 3: How to Wipe Android Phone Clean (Permanently) with Eraser for Android

The approach we will present here involves the complete and irreversible deletion of all data on your Android device, rendering it impossible to recover through any means. Hence, it is crucial to ensure that you have created a backup of your phone's content. Following this, let's get started with MobiKin Eraser for Android as a reliable solution, which can effortlessly and comprehensively remove all data from Android phone before selling it, safeguarding your privacy with a simple tap.

Key highlights of MobiKin Eraser for Android:

  • Completely and permanently wipe Android phone, including all your private data.
  • Erase files saved in both internal memory and SD card without being recovered.
  • Three erasing levels are available - Low, Medium, and High (Optional).
  • Easy to handle, trouble-free, and free trial.
  • Play functions on 8000+ Android devices, covering Samsung, Huawei, Motorola, Sony, LG, HTC, Google, HTC, OPPO, DELL, etc.
  • Value your privacy.

download android eraser

How to delete data from Android phone permanently before selling via Eraser for Android?

Step 1. Get your Android phone connected

Begin by launching the software on your computer and connecting your Android phone to the computer using a USB cable. Follow the on-screen instructions to allow the software to identify your mobile phone.

enable usb debugging on android

Step 2. Select a security level

Next, select "Erase" on the main interface and choose a security level on the "Erase All Data" interface. Be aware that the subsequent steps will permanently delete all data on your Android phone, with no possibility of recovery.

select a security level

Step 3. Delete everything on your phone

Lastly, enter "delete" in the provided box and click "Erase" to initiate the process. Now, patiently wait for the completion of the process, which will take a short while. After that, you can factory reset your device by following the on-screen hints.

how to wipe android phone with mobiki eraser for android

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Part 4: How to Wipe an Android Phone Completely by Factory Reset

Before performing a factory reset, ensure to back up essential data, as it will be completely erased. Following the reset, your phone will reboot and prompt you with standard setup questions like language, account, network, etc. Learn how to delete everything on/from your Android phone by doing a factory reset:

  • Open the "Settings" app on your smartphone.
  • Navigate to the "System" menu and access the "Reset options".
  • Choose the "Erase all data (factory reset)" option.
  • how to delete everything from android phone by factory reset

  • Tap on the "Erase all data" prompt.
  • If prompted, enter your PIN or any other security setup.
  • Confirm by selecting "Erase all data" to factory reset your Android phone.

Part 5: How to Erase Android Phone with Find My Device

Lost your Android phone and are concerned about the data on it? Fortunately, Google Find My Device provides a solution by allowing you to remotely wipe your phone, even if recovery seems unlikely. Here's the guide for how to completely wipe an Android phone using Google Find My Device:

  • Visit the Find My Device website using a computer or another phone.
  • Log in to the Google account associated with the Android device. (Unable to sign in on the Android device?)
  • Find My Device will pinpoint your phone's location if the location service is enabled.
  • Choose "ERASE" from the available options.
  • how to completely wipe an android phone with find my device

  • A confirmation window will appear, and you must confirm the action.
  • This will delete all data on your phone and log you out of your Google account. (What if your phone is locked by Find My Device?)

For Samsung users, you can try Find My Mobile, a service designed to locate lost Samsung devices. And it also allows you to remotely erase your Samsung phone for enhanced personal privacy protection.

People Also Ask about Wiping Android Phone

Q1: Does a factory reset delete everything on Android?

Indeed, an Android factory reset wipes all data, restoring the device to its initial state. This encompasses personal information like contacts, messages, photos, videos, downloads, and files.

Q2: What's the difference between wipe and format Android?

Wiping and formatting are two methods to erase data on Android. Wiping, typically done in recovery mode, removes user data but retains the operating system. Formatting, usually performed on a computer, erases all data, including the operating system, creating a new file system.

Q3: Can data be recovered if your phone is wiped by someone else?

Data recovery from a wiped Android device depends on factors like data type and wipe method. Using a factory reset may allow partial recovery with specialized software, but encrypted devices are unlikely to recover data. Due to the complexity, professional data recovery services are recommended for retrieving data from wiped Android devices.

Ending Part

Well, that's all for how to fully erase Android phones. Prior to initiating the deletion of content, the paramount step is to create a backup of your device. Afterward, it's worth noting that while most data is erased, sophisticated software might allow IT specialists or hackers to recover some unencrypted information. So, you're advised to use MobiKin Eraser for Android and delete everything on your phone without a trace behind.

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