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How to Factory Reset iPhone without Passcode?

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A passcode or password is a security measure that is put in place to prevent the unauthorized access of the private files that are stored on your iPhone, especially when it is lost or stolen. However, there are times when you may end up forgetting your iPhone's passcode, and making it almost impossible for you to use your iDevice.

This should not scare you as you can always perform a system restore (factory reset) to bypass the elusive passcode and eventually regain access to your iDevice. This informative guide is going to provide you with effective strategies on how you can factory reset your iPhone without the need for a passcode.

You are guaranteed to finally access your locked or disabled iDevice once you implement the information provided in this comprehensive guide.

How to Factory Reset Your iPhone via iTunes?

How to Factory Reset iPhone via Carring out A Hard Reset?

How to Factory Resetting via iCloud?

How to Factory Reset Your iPhone via iTunes?

iTunes apart from being used to play various types of digital video and audio files can also be used to store and sync data across multiple iOS devices. The sophisticated program can also be used to factory reset any iOS device. Below are the effective ways you can use iTunes to factory reset your iPhone without passcode.

- Using an existing iTunes backup

You can only use this strategy if you had previously synced your iPhone with the computer you wish to use and "trusted" it. You can either use an existing iTunes backup to restore your iPhone or create a new one as you won't be asked to unlock your iDevice first.

Step 1. Launch iTunes and use a standard USB cable to connect your iPhone, iPad or iPod to your personal computer. Then, wait for the program to automatically sync and backup your iPhone. (Simply right-click on your iPhone's icon and select the "Sync" option if the backup and sync process is not initiated automatically.)

Step 2. Click the "Restore iPhone" option and wait for the restore process to be successfully completed. Your old passcode will be erased in this step.

Step 3. Click the "Restore from iTunes Backup" button, select the appropriate iTunes backup file and then wait for it to load. After that, your iPhone is resetted and also unlocked.

- If there is no iTunes backup

You can also use iTunes to restore your iPhone without passcode even if there is no existing backup file. Unbelievable? Below are the simple steps to do this.

Step 1. Launch iTunes and connect the gadget's USB cable to any port on the computer you wish to use but refrain from connecting your iDevice at the moment.

Step 2. Gently hold your iPhone's "Home" button and connect your iPhone to its standard USB cable. Now, wait for it to be switched on automatically but still don't let go the "Home" button.

Step 3. Release the "Home" button once the "Connect to iTunes" popup message is displayed on your iPhone. You will now be informed that iTunes has detected your iDevice in Recovery Mode.

Step 4. Confirm by selecting "OK" and then proceed to click the "Restore" button.

Please be noted that this will now erase all the data that was on your iPhone and restore it to its default factory settings.

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How Can I Factory Reset iPhone by Carring out A Hard Reset?

You can easily follow the steps below to factory reset your iPhone without passcode by carrying out a hard reset.

- Gently press and hold both your iPhone's "Home" and "Sleep/Wake" buttons at the same time.

- Continue holding the buttons until your iOS device shuts down on its own and starts to restart.

- Release the buttons once you see the "Apple" logo.

Congratulations! You have successfully performed a hard reset. You can now proceed to restore your iPhone using an existing iCloud or iTunes backup.

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How to Factory Reset iPhone via iCloud?

You can use this strategy if you have access to a reliable internet connection and you had set up the "Find My iPhone" feature on your Mac computer or iDevice.


Step 1. Visit iCloud.com on any other devices, and sign in with your own Apple ID and password.

Step 2. Select the "All Devices" option that is located at the top of the browser window you are using.

Step 3. Select the iPhone you wish to reset and then click the "Erase" option.

Now, all data on your iPhone will be erased, and your iPhone is unlocked well. You can try to restore your iPhone data from iTunes, iCloud or other backups as you like.

Write in the end

All the major tips provided in this guide show you exactly how to factory reset iPhone without passcode. It is, however, important for you to note that there are various third party computer programs in the market that can be used to recover iOS device data even on a formatted device. This can be quite helpful for anyone who was forced to reset their iDevice without the chance to restore from an existing iTunes or iCloud backup file.


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