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Restore Deleted Music from iPod touch/shuffle

"My sister bought me an iPod touch for my 16th birthday. And actually I'm not good at using it. I just downloaded a lot of my favorite songs and forgot to sync the iPod with iTunes, so I don't have the backup. The other day, I deleted some songs that I love by accident and I really need to get them back as they are so precious to me. But I don't know how. So I'm wondering if somebody could show me the way to retrieve them. I'm grateful for that."

Owing to mistakenly deletion or factory setting, songs in iPod can be missing. And other reasons like iTunes upgrading or the iPod synced with iTunes on a new computer can also make the music disappear. That was a disaster to users listening to music with iPod Touch/Shuffle/Nano especially when these songs have unique meanings to them. So they want those songs back badly. But can the deleted music be recovered, if can, then how to do it? This article will show all the users the way to restore the music from iPod Touch successfully.

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As long as the music is not overwritten by the new data, they didn't vanish completely. They still exist somewhere in your iPod. A solution will be illustrated in the following parts. Apart from that, we will show you how to recover deleted music videos and other files with MobiKin iPod Data Recovery (Windows/Mac). It can recover the deleted or lost data from not only the iPod Touch/Shuffle/Nano, but also all the iOS devices like iPhone, iPad and iPad Mini. This fantastic recovery software is able to restore the deleted photos, movies, music videos and books, etc. Sounds good, right? If you have interests, you can download and install the recovery program on your computer and follow the steps I'm about to talk about later. Now let's begin.

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Recover Deleted Music from iPod touch

iPod touch is the most welcome device that people prefer to using to listen to music. But accidental deletion of the songs is a familiar situation. Here is a method to recover deleted music from iPod touch easily - recover music from iTunes. As we know, the songs you purchased can exist in the history of iTunes no matter you delete them or not. Now you can take steps as follows.

1. Launch the iTunes app on your iPhone

2. Log in with your Apple ID and then press the "More" option in the bottom right side.

3. Select the "Purchased" tab and then select "Music".

4. A list of all songs purchased with that Apple ID will appear. To re-download any song, click the download button next to the song.

Now, you can skip to the next part to recover the deleted music videos if you need.

Retrieve Deleted Music Videos from iPod Touch in 3 Steps

Step 1. Enter Recover from iOS Device Mode

First connect your iPod Touch to your computer via a USB cable. Launch the data recovery software after the installation. Choose the Recover from iOS Device between the two modes. And hit the "StartScan" button to scan the files on your iPod. It may take a few seconds, so please be patient.

After scanning, you will see all the folders on the left column. The properties of the iPod and the storage of each file will be shown on the right side. The specifics of the main interface are as follows.

Step 2. Scan the Data

As we can see, the categories are listed on the left sidebar after the scanning. Now click the "Videos" category in the organized column. And if you also want to recover other things like photos or notes, choose those when you finish restoring the videos.

Step 3. Start to Recover the Deleted Videos from iPod Touch

When you decide the videos you want to recover, hit the "Recover" button and you will get the songs all back.

Note: Mac version of the iPod data recovery software is also available. If you are a Mac user, you can turn to this version and follow the same steps. It's convenient for you to recover the deleted music videos with such a helpful program. So come and get it!

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