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A Wonderful Method to Transfer Books Between Android Phones

You may meet many situations that require you to transfer books between different smart phones. For example:

- You want to share a lot books with your friends and it will cost you a lost mobile traffic to send the books with the help of social network. Then you want to transfer ebooks from your smart phone to your friend's phone directly.
- You may buy a new phone and then the files like books in the old phone need to be transferred to the new phone.
- You may have two smart phones and need share files between the two devices frequently. Then you need a easy and simple method to perform the transfer process.

The examples are countlesss and here we will offer you the ultimate solution to solve the problem no matter what situations you meet. As we know you may send the files with SMS messages, but it is no convenient if you need to perform the transfer frequently or the files you want to transfer is large. Here we will recommend you a practical and useful software that enables you to transfer files within several clicks and minutes. The software is MobiKin Phone Transfer (Windows/Mac). The main features of the software are as follows:

- The software enables the users to transfer varioius types of files like books, contacts, apps, photos, music, etc between different smart phones directly and efficiently with no hassle.
- The program can detect the two devices automatically and scan the files deeply and thoroughly. Then all the files will be displayed as different categories and you can click on different option to head to the managing interface.
- The software can support various types of devices. The Mac version can support almost all brands of Android phones like Samsung, Motorola, HTC, LG, Sony, Nexus and so on. The Windows version can support both Android phones and iOS devices.
- The software can also functions like a transfer software that enables you to transfer files between mobile phone and computer. So you can make backup of youe smart phones or recover the deleted files with the backup.

You can download the free trial version of the software by clicking the icons below.

User Guide to Transfer Books Between Android Phones

We'll take the Windows version and the books as an example and acutally the transfer processes of transferring other files are almost the same to this.

Step 1.Install and start the software on your computer and link the two phones to the computer with their USB cable. Then you will see an interface like this. Just click on the Phone to Phone Transfer icon and click on the Start button.

Step 2. Then the software will detect your two devices and you will see an interface like this. Click on the Books option on the top panel and then you can preview the books that are saved in your two devices on the two boxes below. Mark the books you want to transfer and then click on the transferring icons with an arrow in the middle panel.

Want to to have a try? Just download the free trial version of software!


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