2 Ways to Recover Deleted Whatsapp Messages on Android/iPhone without Backup

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By 2020, WhatsApp has over 2 billion users worldwide. Many of us send and receive messages and attachments with this tool each day. Chat content usually contains some crucial info, and accidental deletion is something many users may have undergone. Some people do that with a backup, but not the up-to-date one. So they may find the desired stuff isn't included in recovered files. And other folks delete messages even with no backup. In either case, the question of how to restore deleted WhatsApp messages without backup needs to be addressed.

If you're faced with this matter right now, just read on. You'll find a great solution here, whether you're using an Android phone or iPhone.

restore deleted whatsapp messages without backup

Part 1: How to Restore Deleted WhatsApp Messages without Backup on Android

Want to get deleted WhatsApp messages back without backup? Honestly, conventional approach does not work, as this is the job of professional recovery software. If you're an Android user, and need to extract the items without backup and without damaging other phone data, just pick Android WhatsApp Recovery directly.

This feature-rich app can quickly restore WhatsApp from normal, or even bricked Android phones. Plus, it is also effective for frozen or broken Samsung phones. Before we come to know how to restore/recover WhatsApp messages without backup using this tool, let's take a quick look at its main features.

Some outstanding features of Android WhatsApp Recovery:

  • Restore deleted, lost or formatted WhatsApp messages from Android phones and tablets without any trouble.
  • Recover attachments (media files) from Android easily.
  • Extract other data like contacts, call logs, messages, photos, videos, audio, etc. from Android devices.
  • This software values your privacy.
  • Fully compatible with various Android devices, such as Samsung, Motorola, LG, Sony, HTC, DELL, Huawei, Vivo, Xiaomi, Meizu, ZTE, etc.

Let's explore how to recover/restore deleted WhatsApp messages without backup on Android using Android WhatsApp Recovery:

Step 1. Download and install WhatsApp Message Recovery program on computer. Have your Android phone connected to this computer via a USB cable. Then open the software, and it'll detect your device automatically. Now, enter the "Android Data Recovery" mode directly.

run android whatsapp recovery software

Step 2. Enable USB Debugging on Android phone as prompted. After that, you'll be allowed to choose the data types you'd like to restore. Just mark "WhatsApp" and "Next" to get the scanning started.

tick on whatsapp for scanning

Step 3. All the deleted WhatsApp messages will soon be scanned out and listed on the interface. You can preview and select the specific messages as you per your needs. At last, tap "Recover" button to restore them to computer.

how to restore deleted whatsapp messages without backup on android

It's necessary to back up WhatsApp Messages from Android to PC in case of data loss.


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Part 2: How to Recover Deleted Whatsapp Messages on iPhone without Backup

For iPhone users, it is not difficult to solve how to recover WhatsApp data without backup securely, as long as you choose the right recovery tool like iPhone WhatsApp Recovery, even if there is no backup beforehand. Certainly, if you have created a backup with iCloud or iTunes, it also assists you to restore them easily.

With good compatibility (working well with the latest iOS 14), it enables you to recover deleted data from various iDevices, covering WhatsApp, text messages, contacts, call logs, Kik/Viber/Facebook Messenger data, pictures, notes, and so on.

Here's how to recover/restore WhatsApp chat without backup on iPhone using iPhone WhatsApp Recovery:

Step 1. Attach your iPhone to computer via a lightning cable. Then launch the software after the download and installation. Now, select "Recover from iOS Device" module. And press "Start Scan" to detect the deleted WhatsApp messages.

launch iphone whatsapp recovery software

Step 2. The progress bar will then show the scanning procedure as below. It might take some time, if you have lots of contents.

run a scan on iphone

Step 3. After the scan, mark "Whatsapp" checkbox from the left panel to preview the detailed items on the right. Tick on the WhatsApp messages you need to restore. And click "Recover" to save them on computer.

how to recover deleted whatsapp messages on iphone without backup

Don't want to be bothered by the deleted/lost WhatsApp messages on iPhone anymore? Just back up iPhone's WhatsApp chat regularly.


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Part 3: Restore WhatsApp Messages from WhatsApp Services (iOS and Android)

- How to recover deleted WhatsApp messages with backup (for iOS)

WhatsApp comes with an automatic backup feature. It helps sync WhatsApp content from iPhone to iCloud or iTunes. If you are not sure whether you have made a WhatsApp messages backup before, just check the backup first. And if things go well, then just restore the deleted WhatsApp messages as you wish.

Tutorials on how to restore WhatsApp chat with backup on iPhone:

1. On your iPhone, head over to WhatsApp > Settings > Chat Settings > Chat Backup to check your backup file.

back up whatsapp on iphone

2. Verify whether the previous automatic backup file was created and when. If that's the case, just uninstall the WhatsApp application from your iDevice, and then reinstall the app.

3. Launch the app and type in your phone number bounded with your account, and then go with the onscreen directions to restore the deleted WhatsApp messages.

- How to recover WhatsApp messages with backup (for Android)

Assume you're an Android user, WhatsApp can run auto backup through the linked Google account. This feature performs an automatic backup at regular time every day by default. Of course, this is only valid for users who have already associated WhatsApp with Google account.

Guide on how to recover WhatsApp data with backup on Android device:

1. Uninstall the WhatsApp tool from Android phone. Once the process is over, reinstall this application from the Play Store.

2. Start the WhatsApp application you've just installed, and enter your phone number that is linked to your account.

3. You'll now be allowed to recover deleted WhatsApp messages from Google account as prompted. Simply restore the messages, going with the hints on the screen.

how to recover deleted whatsapp messages on android from google drive

Bonus: Secure WhatsApp Messages via Local Backup

You can also set WhatsApp automatic backup to secure the content locally. Here, take Android phone as an example:

Run WhatsApp on Android device, and go to Menu > Settings > Chat Settings to see backup section. Then select the backup plan as daily, weekly or monthly. While restoring the messages, just find the path: Internal Storage/WhatsApp/Databases, rename the needed file to msgstore.db.crypt12, uninstall WhatsApp tool and reinstall it. Finally, log in to find the path and restore your deleted WhatsApp messages with ease.


As you can see, a 3rd-party program is, generally, the ultimate option for Android and iPhone users to fix how to get deleted WhatsApp messages back without backup. After the recovery completes, it is recommended that you save them on computer, and rename the folder for later locating.

In terms of iPhone WhatsApp backup, here's a warm prompt for those unaware. WhatsApp officially claims that chat messages and the attachments you sync to iCloud are not protected by WhatsApp end-to-end encryption. Thus, please think twice while choosing iCloud as the tool to back up your iPhone data.

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