How to Charge an iPhone without Charger?

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When your iPhone battery drained out, it is usual that you charge your device via a charger to make it be full of energy. But what if your charger is broken or you do not have a charger at that time? An iPhone which is out of battery is just a useless tool and you are not able to do anything on your phone It would be a big trouble, right? However, it won't be retrievable. There are some methods for you to charge your phone without a charger. If you don't believe it, you can take a look.

There are five solutions we are going to introduce here. All of them are available and practical so you can choose one or two of them to power your device according to your circumstance.


1. Use an Alternate Power Source

In our daily lives, many alternate power sources are available for us to charge an iPhone which is already or will be out of batteries. But here only 4 sources will be mainly mentioned: portable battery, camping charger, solar charger and hand crank machine. They are very common in our lives and maybe can solve the emergency provisionally.

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1) Portable Battery

You must know portable battery cause it is the most popular alternate power source. You can find it easily in the market. But remember to choose the right model or you won't be able to plug in the cable. After selecting a portable battery, you only need to link your phone to the battery with an USB cable and then switch on the battery packs. Then the portable battery will charge your phone constantly until it drain up. Finally, don't forget to charge the portable battery after using it so that you are able to make your iPhone full of power by using it next time.

portable battery for iphone

2) Camping Charger

Another way is to make use of a camping charger. You may get an exhausted iPhone when you go to field for a hike, camping or picnics. In this case, the first thing you can do is to use a power bank but what about you do not have a power bank or your power bank also drains up? At this moment, you could turn to camping charger. It provides the source by absorbing heat from camping burners and converting them into energy. Cool, right? Maybe you can make an attempt next time.

camping charger for iphone

3) Solar Charger

Solar energy becomes popular in recent years cause it is clean and convenient. Therefore, a solar charger is suggested here. The source of this kind of charger comes from the direct rays of the sun. That means you only need to place the charger outside during the daytime. Then when your iPhone runs out of batteries, you are able to connect the solar charger to the phone and it will start charging. This means is eco-friendly and efficient and worth a shot!

charge iphone with solar charger

4) Hand Crank Machine

The last type of alternate power source is hand crank machine. This method would be fatiguesome and untoward than the first three methods because you need to crank the machine by your hands to create power. The detailed steps would be: connect the machine to the iPhone via an USB cable then crank the lever to collect energy. The process will last for about 3-4 hours. Therefore, only when you have no any other idea are you advised to adopt this way.

use hand crank charger to charge iphone

2. Employ a Car Charger

If your iPhone dies during a long road trips or travelling, what can you do in this case? In this case, if you cannot find a means to charge your phone, the journey would be boring and dangerous cause you are unable to contact anybody. But you have no need of worrying about it too much! To solve the problem, you can make full use of the car charger on the car. For charging your phone via a car charger, you can plug it into the phone by using USB cable and the charger would begin to charge your phone. The speed may be slow but it does be available. In addition, it would not delay your trip.

charge iphone with car charger

3. Turn to Your Laptop or PC

Charging the phone via laptop or desktop computer is common and effortless. For using this method, what you need to prepare is an USB cable. Then you only need to plug the cable in to connect your iPhone to computer and your device would begin charging. This method is very simple but there must be a computer for you to charge or you won't be able to get the source.

charge iphone via pc

4. Use Other Devices with USB Ports

It is very likely that you cannot find a computer when your phone is exhausted but it's OK! In this situation, it is advised to use other devices with USB ports as the alternate power source, such as televisions, bedside clocks and so on. Actually, the operating principle of this way is similar to the third one and the steps to charge your iPhone with them are also the same- plug in your iPhone into the port via the USB and then it will start to charge. Here, your USB cable is a critical source, so do not forget to take it with you.

5. Make a Lemon Battery Charger

To charge your iPhone with DIY lemon battery charger would be the most innovative and interesting one. You can try it in your leisure time even if you have no need of charging your phone. Now let's begin our little experiment.

1) What You Need

- About a dozen of acidic fruit like lemon, tomato, apple, etc., lemon would be better;

- Copper screws and zinc nails for each lemon;

- Copper wire;

- Insulating gloves (You must wear the gloves all the time for your safety).

2) How to Do

- Insert the zinc and copper nails in the center of the lemons adjacent to each other partially;

- Use the copper wire to connect the lemons to each other and link a wire from a copper screw of a lemon to a zinc nail of another and so on;

- Connect the loose ends of the copper wire to a charging cable and tape them together thoroughly;

- Finally connect the cable to the iPhone and you can see it charge.

charge iphone with lemon charger

All these methods are helpful and secure so you can have a try when you need to charge your iPhone but do not have a charger. Maybe the charging process of these methods is not as quick as the original adapter but they can solve your agent need.

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