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Forgot iPod Password? How to Unlock iPod touch Easily?

Forgetting password for iPod, iPhone or iPad is not a unique phenomenon for iDevice users in the digital life, it is even a common situation which is frequently happened for all kinds of portable devices users all over the world. So when you realize that you have forgotten the iPod touch's password, don't worry, you can find an ideal solution from the Apple support center or other Apple forums. Of course, it is waste of time to go through all kinds of forums and compare the recommended solutions. So today, we write this article, to show you the detailed steps of unlocking an iPod or iPod touch easily.

Generally speaking, you can try to unlock the device by typing all possible numbers into the passcode box. For example, you can combine codes that are numbers of dates of events, birth or shoe size, or numbers like the 1111, 1234 or even the emergency number that you can think. Every time you enter the wrong code, the red flash on screen will indicate by a blink. When you enter the correct code, it will open and resume to its last open screen. Maybe you just guessed the password, who can say that it is absolutely impossible, right? So just guess the password of iPod touch before finding other solutions to unlock your iPod touch. If it is useless, you can try to use the Sleep/Wake button of the iPod and the Home button. Press them at the same time and hold for about 10 seconds. Release them after the apple logo appears on the phone display. This reset will require you to sign in your Apple account using Apple ID and then you can set up iCloud usage. If you don't wish to take a trial on the above solutions, you can follow the below method to achieve your goal.

How to Unlock iPod touch without Password?

In most situations, this method is not advisable unless you are sure you have backed up all contents of your iPod touch before. The restore to original factory method works through using settings provided by Apple as below:

- First of all, you need have an Internet connection to update or download iTunes version to the latest version on your computer.

- Open the iTunes and connect the iPod with it by using an USB cable.Wait for several minutes, your iPod touch will be detected by iTunes and shown in the source panel of iTunes window.

- Select the iPod under the "DEVICE" option in the left panel, and then you can see all the phone's information in the summary tab.

- Trace the Restore button and click on it. The window may prompt for several restore options including those that require your iTunes to automatically download the latest iPod platform or software. Some of the possible restore options you will get are:

1) Restore - Restore with the same iPod software version already on iPod.
2) Use same version - This will require you to restore using the same version installed although there is a new version available online.
3) Use newest version available - This option will see you restore the iPhone with the latest iPod software available
4) Restore and Update option - You will restore your iPod and the software version will be updated. Using any of the four options with a Mac, you will be prompted with a password and administrator user name.
5) A progress bar will show and indicate the stage of restoration process. Once complete, iTunes will display two messages with instructions that match the iPod model to be restored.

- For the older models of iPod, disconnect it and connect to iPod power Adapter;
- For the new versions of iPod, leave iPod connected to the computer to complete the restoration process.

6) Once the restoration process is completed and the phone connected to the iTunes window running on the computer, a set up window will display prompting for iPod name. Then you will have access to the synchronization preferences similar to those that were present when the phone was initially connected.

Note: Unlocking iPod touch is an easy process if you find a proper method, but you have to be warned that the process is permanent and you will lose all applications, settings and data on your iPod touch. So please backup your iPod touch data by using the best iPod to Computer Transfer or iPod to Mac Transfer. After that, you can easily sync the backed up files to your iPod touch with iTunes easily. Of course, you can backup the iPod touch contents with iTunes or iCloud if you like. By the way, in order to avoid forgetting the password again, please use an password which is easy to remember for you but hard for other people.

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