8 Solutions to Fix Contacts Disappeared from iPhone [Great]

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"I've suddenly lost a bunch of contacts after I did the iOS 16 update and there's no way to retrieve them. These are critical one time, in-person cell phone contacts. Someone please help!"


Recently, this thread posted on Apple Support Communities has attracted a lot of attention, as many users had undergone iPhone contacts missing. Apart from iOS update that might result in contacts disappeared from iPhone, there are other factors that can cause some or all of them to be lost.

To let you have a deep understanding of this topic. This article discusses the main causes of this situation, and give you some tips on how to restore contacts on iPhone.

iphone contacts missing

Part 1: Why Are Some of My Contacts Missing from My iPhone?

My contacts disappeared from my iPhone 14/13/12/11/11 Pro/Xs Max/XR/8/7 suddenly, what are the causes of the case? Okay, here are the most possible inducements:

iOS Downgrade/Upgrade

When you are performing an iOS downgrade, there are possible risks like contacts disappeared, iPhone keeping freezing, etc. And an updated iOS might lead to lost contacts as well. Thus, while downgrading or upgrading the OS, please check the compatibility of iPhone, and be prepared to deal with potential threats.

Accidental Deletion

This is one of the most common causes for iPhone contacts disappeared. It usually happens when we're not concentrating enough on something. For example, we are about to delete a strange contact, but we do the wrong action on another one.

Virus Attack

While iOS is famous for its closure, it cannot guarantee the absolute security of the mobile when its users browse the web or the download task is performed. If you find your iPhone keeping restarting or some iPhone contacts disappeared, a virus could be the culprit.

An Apple ID Is Used on Different iDevices

This situation is likely to occur in the family. Folks share one Apple ID. If one of them deletes some contacts, the stuff on other devices will disappear while iCloud is activated.

iPhone Jailbreak

Some 3rd-party tool can make the jailbreak for iPhone, but it may result in the loss of contacts. Further, it's a smart move to back up your iPhone to computer before that. But you cannot upgrade your iPhone at will after the jailbreak, otherwise it may lead to white Apple.

Other Reasons

Other causes for iPhone contacts gone can be: making some firmware update, transferring files with the iPhone battery being underpowered, automatic shutdown of your iPhone, SIM card failure, etc.

We've learned the key contributing factors of iPhone contacts missing. Well, by the way, you might have searched for "how did my contacts disappeared from my iPhone?" Actually, this is rather profound, and we aren't aiming to talk about it in today's topic. Because for most of us, it is relatively more practical to learn the solutions.

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Part 2: 7 Quick Solutions to Fix iPhone Contacts Missing

After getting the reasons for contacts missing from iPhone, let's go over how to restore contacts on iPhone in 7 quick fixes without preamble.

Solution 1. Reset Network Settings

Resetting network helps solve iPhone contacts missing caused by network issues. Now, follow the easy guide to fulfil this.

Wake up your iPhone, and head to Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings. Then type in your passcode as required. Now, confirm the action when you're asked whether you want to delete all network settings.

reset iphone network settings to fix iphone contacts missing

Solution 2. Log out of iCloud and Sign in Back

If you find there are no contacts on iPhone, you can relog in your account. That is, on your iPhone, navigate to Settings > iCloud, and scroll to the bottom to touch Sign Out. Next, log back in to iCloud account, and be sure to switch on the toggle of Contacts.

Solution 3. Turn off iCloud Contacts and Turn It on

All of my contacts disappeared from my iPhone? Fear not, just try to reopen iCloud Contacts option. To do so:

Unlock iPhone, and head to Settings > iCloud > switch off Contacts. If a message asks you to remove the previously synced contacts, select Delete from My iPhone. This will delete the items from iPhone but keep them in iCloud. Next, restart iPhone and turn on Contacts.

turn off icloud contacts and turn it on again

Solution 4. Change Default Account in Settings Back to iCloud

If you have an iPhone with iOS 10 and earlier, you can try this method. Firstly, open Settings app on iPhone > go to Mail, Contacts, Calendars > choose Default Account. Afterwards, select iCloud as the default account instead of On my iPhone.

You can restore your iPhone via iCloud to retrieve the missing contacts, if you have a previous backup on the cloud storage.


Solution 5. Change Groups Settings

Run Contacts app on iPhone > choose Groups from the upper left. Now, ensure no contacts are hidden. Then choose All on My iPhone, but deselect All iCloud. Finally, tap Done and refresh your contacts to see if this action works.

Solution 6. Recover Contacts Using iTunes Backup

iTunes doesn't allow users to view backup files. That means you backed up contacts with this tool, but don't have the right to see if these items contain lost contacts. One way to check this is to restore previous iTunes backup files to iPhone. But this will overwrite the existing data on your device.

Open iTunes and link iPhone to computer. After the device is recognized by the tool, right-click the name of iPhone and tap on Summary > Restore Backup. Then choose the backup available and hit Restore.

recover contacts from itunes to fix contacts disappeared from iphone

Solution 7. Force Restart Your iPhone

Restart iPhone can clean up the phone's memory, make the phone run more smoothly, and possibly turn off some programs that interfere with the display of iPhone.

To accomplish this, simply hold down the power button until you see Slide to Turn Off, then just do this. Next, press and hold the power button to reboot your iPhone.

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Part 3: How to Fix All Contacts Disappeared from iPhone without Backup (Effective)

All my contacts disappeared from iPhone for unpredictable reasons, and there's no previous backup of them. What's worse, none of the methods described above is available. Confronted with these circumstances, you can laugh it off, and choose MobiKin Doctor for iOS without hesitation.

This software offers 2 modes for you to recover various data on iDevices. It runs smoothly on various Windows and Mac computers.

Key Features of Doctor for iOS:

  • Retrieve lost/delete contacts from iPhone without backup.
  • Support processing data like contacts, photos, videos, messages, call logs, notes, calendar, voice memos, etc.
  • Restore content from iTunes backup files with on data loss.
  • Allow you to preview and choose desired files before data recovery.
  • Work well on overall iOS devices, containing iPhone 14/13/12/11/11 Pro (Max), iPhone X/XS/XR/XS Max, iPhone 8/8 Plus, iPhone 7/7 Plus, iPhone 6/6s/6 Plus, iPad Pro, iPad Air, iPad mini, and iPod touch.
  • It never interferes with privacy of its users.

download for win download for mac

How do I get my iPhone contacts back without backup using this iPhone Data Recovery:

Step 1. Install the downloaded program on computer, then launch it. Connect iPhone to this computer via a USB cable. The software will make an automatic detection on the device. Then select Recover from iOS Device from the screen.

choose recover from ios device mode and start scan for contacts

Step 2. Once the tool detects the connected iPhone, all recoverable file types will be displayed here. Tick off "Contacts" and hit "Start Scan" to let the program scan your iPhone database.

scan ios device

Step 3. After the scan, you'll see all the deleted and existing contacts on the right column soon. Tick off the missing contacts you want to restore, and press "Recover to Computer" at the bottom of the panel. All the lost contacts will be back finally.

how do i get my iphone contacts back with iphone data recovery

This utility also enables you to recover iPhone data from iTunes backup files. Just click here for more details as needed.


The Bottom Line

Why are my contacts missing from iPhone? How to resolve iPhone contacts missing? Well, we have set the record straight on these issues.

As for the reasons, we only list the main factors, but do not make too much in-depth discussion, for this page is mainly about how to get back lost contacts. So, we explored 7 quick solutions and the subsequent method - using Doctor for iOS, the most efficient countermeasure. OK, if you don't want to spend your valuable spare time on quick fixes that might not work, simply pick this program to restore the missing contacts easily and quickly.

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