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How to Retrieve Deleted Reminders on X/8 Plus/8/7/6S/6/5S

2015-10-15 14:47:16/Posted by Alleny Gavinto iOS Recovery Topic/Follow @ MobiKin

Among all the apps built in iPhone, the reminders app is one of the most useful and practical apps. People can write down their plans and get well prepared for the things they are about to do such as what to store for the coming Christmas Eve. For those iPhone users who have lots of stuff to do, the reminders app is a very helpful assistant to help them keep the essential and crucial plans in mind and complete the plans on time.

To make the most important reminders more transparent, many iPhone users like to delete the useless ones to highlight the significant ones. But sometimes they mistakenly removed the ones they were supposed to save. It can really get the users annoyed when this sort of thing happened. And many other reasons can lead to the deletion of the reminders on iPhone such as a failed jailbreak, an iOS upgradation, a virus attack, etc. Besides, when using the iTunes to sync the iPhone, the reminders can be erased during the process, and if the users restore their iPhones from an old backup, the new reminders can also be removed. So the users need to be very careful when using iTunes. Even though what's done cannot be undone, and the reminders were deleted somehow, they can still be retrieved again. All the users require is a data recovery program. Then what program?

Here let me present the useful reminders recovery tool: MobiKin Doctor for iOS (Windows) or MobiKin Doctor for iOS (Mac OS X). If you unfortunately deleted or lost the important contents in the reminders app and you want to get them back desperately, don't panic. With the help of the fantastic software, recovering the deleted reminders will be a piece of cake. You can free download the Mobikin Doctor for iOS to try first if you are interested. In the following parts, I will show you the instructions on how to recover the deleted reminders from iPhone. Please check it out.

How to Recover the Deleted iPhone Reminders on PC/Mac?

First of all, install the MobiKin Doctor for iOS (Windows8/7) on the computer and then you can retrieve deleted reminders on iPhone. Mac users may download and install the Mac version before the recovery.

Step 1: Launch the Program and Choose Mode "Recover from iOS Device"

At first, connect the iPhone to your computer via the USB cable and launch the recovery software after installation. The software will recognize your iPhone. Then you will see two modes on top of the menu: Recover from iOS Device and Recover from iTunes Backup File. In the meantime there is a "Star Scan" button on the right lower corner on the main interface. Click the button and the software will begin to recognize and scan your iPhone deleted reminders which will take some time.

Note: The iPhone deleted reminders recovery software can also enable you to recover lost reminders from iTunes backup. If you choose to recover from iTunes backup file mode, please turn to the right side and the steps will be similar to the left mode.

The screenshot of Annie's iPhone as an instance.

Step 2: Preview and Retrieve Deleted Reminders on iPhone

When finishing analyzing the contents of your iPhone, all your media files will be displayed in 11 categories in the left sidebar. The picture below is the interface of the data on your iPhone in the software. Choose the category "Reminders" and all the contents of the reminders will appear on the right part of the window. Mark the deleted reminders you want to retrieve and click the "Recover" button at the right bottom of the window and you will recover the reminders you need.

Note: If you want to recover the deleted reminders on iPhone via iTunes backup, you can choose the latter mode: Recover from iTunes Backup File in the first step. The guidance will be similar to the former mode as well.

In short, Mobikin Doctor for iOS recovery software is exceedingly helpful for all the users of Windows and Mac. And it enables them to retrieve not only the deleted or lost reminders but also all the data with a few seconds and simple steps. So what are you waiting for? Go download the software and get all the lost data back in just several clicks.

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