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Tips and Tricks to Transfer Data from HTC to LG

Aside from Samsung, I guess HTC and LG have become the proper choices which occurred to people. Meanwhile, as is often the case, users update new cell phones every now and then (from HTC to LG or from LG to HTC), it's better if they have the awareness of transferring data from the old device to the new one for the sake of data security. Therefore, we are obliged to tell you a good way to transfer data from HTC to LG or from LG to HTC with a professional phone to phone transfer program as an example.

What makes the transferring process easier is the software called MobiKin Phone Transfer or MobiKin Phone Transfer for Mac. Needless to say, it can be accounted for the best phone transfer program as it allows you to transfer data from HTC to LG in a very short time. And it's quite easy to learn how to operate it. If you want, all the contacts,  apps, videos, music and photos can be switched between HTC and LG with no restrictions. With high compatibility, the software can support more than Android OS. To be more specific, it is compatible with iOS, Windows Phone, Symbian and BlackBerry operating systems which is astonishing. Now if you are ready to take this program as your data transfer assistant, you can download a free trial version first and follow the instructions on how to perform it step by step.

Additional Info: Basic Comparison between HTC One M8 and LG G3

LG G3 over HTC One M8:
Larger, sharper screen - 5.5-inch QHD over 5-inch 1080p
Practically the same size, lighter
13MP camera with OIS over 4MP camera; Laser autofocus
2160p video capture over 1080p video
More powerful chipset, 3GB of RAM over 2GB (32GB model only)
Bigger battery - 3,000mAh vs. 2,600mAh; user-accessible to boot
The back cover has wireless charging support

HTC One M8 over LG G3:
Aluminum unibody
Front-facing stereo speakers vs. a single 1.5W speaker on the back
Dual camera with Zoe
5MP front-facing camera over 2.1MP
Google Play Edition version

How to Extract Data from HTC to LG?

First of all, ensure the installation of the phone transfer program on your computer. Then you can skip to the following steps.

Step 1.Connect the HTC and LG Devices to PC

Link the HTC and LG smart phones to the computer at the same time. Then click the icon of the software to launch it on your personal computer.

Step 2. Choose the Phone to Phone Transfer Mode

On the main interface, you can see four modes in this program. Select the Phone to Phone Transfer feature and refresh the software to let it detect the smart phones automatically.

Step 3. Transfer Data from HTC to LG

When the detection is finished,the HTC and LG will be displayed two areas randomly. After the that, you can start to transfer data from HTC to LG. The data that can be transferred are apps, call logs, contacts, text messages, videos, music and photos, so you can tick whatever files you want to copy and click the transferring icons with a arrow in the middle panel to transfer data from HTC to LG.

See also: By using the MobiKin LG Desktop Manager, you can manage your LG data on Windows computer or Mac smoothly.

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