How to Transfer Data from Old iPhone to New iPhone 15 [Easy Ways]

In the fear of losing data from their old iPhone, various iOS users ask, "how do I transfer from iPhone to iPhone?" We are here to help you. In this article, we provide you with all the practical steps on how to set up new iPhone from old iPhone. We will start with suggesting Apple's native solutions like Quick Start, iCloud Backup, iTunes Backup and AirDrop. We will also suggest a renowned third-party app.

how to transfer data from old iphone to new iphone 15

Part 1. How To Transfer Data from Old iPhone to New iPhone 15 with Quick Start

If you have been wondering how to transfer files from iPhone to iPhone, then you should consider Quick Start. It is one of the most efficient and easy ways. This is Apple's on system to facilitate data transfer from iPhone to iPhone for free. It enables you to export all the data from your old iPhone to your new iPhone without the need for backup. If you are one of the iOS users that doesn't want to use iCloud Backup to transfer files, then this is the perfect solution for you. Quick Start can also be used to transfer files from your iPad to your iPhone.

Requirements to export data using Quick Start:

  • You will need both your old iPhone and your new iPhone 15 side by side and connected to a power source.
  • Your old iPhone should have a steady Wi-Fi connection and Bluetooth switched on.
  • Quick Start only works with iOS 11 and higher versions. You should, therefore, check that both your iPhones are upgraded to the newest iOS version.
  • If you are migrating from an older iPhone to another old iPhone, then you will have to factory reset the iPhone to which you will be transferring the data.

Once ready, follow these steps for iPhone transfer to new iPhone 15:

  • Power on your new iPhone 15 and put it besides your old iPhone.
  • Immediately, you will see a prompt on your old iPhone written "Set up New iPhone". Tap "Continue". In the case that you don't see this option, just follow the on-screen guide in your new iPhone 15.
  • Once you receive the prompt, connect your iPhone 15 to a cellular network or Wi-Fi network of your choice. Follow the instructions on the screen until you see the option "Quick Start".
  • An animation will appear on your iPhone 15. Use the camera on your old iPhone to scan this animation. One scanned, the two phones will be connected.
  • transfer old iphone to new iphone 15 via quick start

  • Enter the passcode of your old iPhone to your iPhone 15 once you see a new message appearing written "Finish on New iPhone". Continue following the on-screen guide.
  • Select "Transfer from iPhone" on the next screen and then "Continue", since you don't want to use backup to transfer data.
  • transfer data between iphones with quick start

  • On the page written "Make This your New iPhone", choose the items that you want to transfer from your old iPhone to your new iPhone. Make sure to keep both iPhones connected to a power source and laying close to each other.

Please be patient as the data transfer will depend on the internet speeds and also the size of the data being transferred.

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Part 2. How to Transfer Data from One iPhone to Another Using iCloud Backup

iCloud Backup is another excellent way on how to transfer data from old iPhone to new iPhone 15. It is a great Apple product that enables iPhone to iPhone data transfer through cloud. iOS's users immediately qualify for 5GB of data to back up a wide range of files. You can sync your old iPhone's files through this tool and regain the backed up data in your new iPhone 15.

iCloud Backup can transfer the following files:

  • Ringtones.
  • iMessage and SMS.
  • Application data.
  • Apple Watch backup files.
  • App organization on Home screen.
  • Videos and photos.
  • Password to Visual Voice mail.
  • Purchase history of all Apple services.

If you want to know how to transfer data from iPhone to iPhone, follow these steps:

Step 1. Back up iPhone to iCloud

  • On your old phone, go to "Settings".
  • Select the "Your Name" tab and choose "iCloud Backup".
  • Make sure the "iCloud Backup" button is toggled on and then tap "Back Up Now".

back up iphone to icloud

Step 2. Restore data to iPhone 15

  • Put on the iPhone 15 and follow their on-screen instructions to choose your network, language, region and more.
  • Tap "Restore from iCloud backup" when given the alternatives to restore data.
  • Choose the most recent backup, then follow the on-screen guide to finish how to transfer iPhone to iPhone.

restore data from icloud to new iphone 15

Part 3. How to Transfer Data from iPhone to iPhone 15 Using iTunes Backup

Another seamless way on how to transfer everything from iPhone to iPhone is iTunes. This works almost the same way as iCloud backup. You are able to upload your old iPhone files to cloud and download it to your new iPhone 15 through iTunes. This is an original Apple utility tool that is no longer found in iOS or iPadOS. Even so, old Macs and Windows PCs still utilize iTunes.

Find below step-by-step tips on how to transfer old iPhone to new iPhone 15:

  • Connect your old iPhone to your computer device using a lightning cable.
  • Ensure that iTunes is installed on your computer device. Hold on for a little while as iTunes launches automatically. You can only launch iTunes manually if you don't see any automatic launch. Do this by tapping the iTunes icon.
  • On the iTunes interface, tap on the "Device" tab and then tap "Summary".
  • Go to "Back Up Now" to back up all your old iPhone data. When the backup is complete, disconnect your iPhone from your computer.
  • backup old iphone to itunes

  • Power on your new iPhone 15 and select The network service of your choice and follow the on-screen steps till you see a screen written on "Apps and Data".
  • Click on "Restore from iTunes Backup", then tap "Next".
  • Use a data cable to connect your iPhone 15 to your computer and open iTunes on your computer.
  • Select "Device", then "Restore Backup" and choose the desired backup file to transfer.
  • Go to "Restore" and complete transfer.

restore from itunes to new iphone 15

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Part 4. How to Transfer iPhone to iPhone 15 with AirDrop

If you are wondering how to transfer data from old iPhone to new iPhone 15, then AirDrop is a good solution. It might not be the best solution in that it is time-consuming and also requires a lot of manual input. Even so, it might be the solution that might work for you to transfer data files. AirDrop allows you to transfer anything that is shareable like audio files, documents, apps, contacts, files, photos and many more.

Below are some tips on how to transfer all data from iPhone to iPhone using AirDrop:

  • Place your old iPhone and your iPhone 15 close to each other.
  • Confirm that both phones are connected to Bluetooth and a Wi-Fi network. Go to "Control Center", and you will find anywhere in the network tab the Wi-Fi icon, which you should long press then tap on "Everyone for 10 Minutes". This will ensure that you have a smooth transfer without issues.
  • set airdrop up on iphone

  • You can then go ahead to select the desired files that you wish to transfer from your old iPhone. After that, select the "Share" icon and tap "AirDrop". From the options given, select your new iPhone 15.
  • transfer iphone to iphone 15 via airdrop

  • Once you see a notification from AirDrop in your iPhone 15 go to "Accept" and you would have finished the transfer process.
  • If you want to transfer even more data, then repeat steps 3 and 4.

Part 5. How to Transfer Old iPhone to New iPhone 15 Selectively

Are you searching on how to transfer data to new iPhone 15 using only one click? If so, then MobiKin Transfer for Mobile will be sufficient for you. Through this easy to use software, you can transfer files from your old iPhone to your iPhone 15 effortlessly. It is also compatible with Android devices. MobiKin Transfer for Mobile guarantees to keep your data secure during the transfer process. Using it, you will quickly learn how to transfer data between iPhones.

This is what MobiKin Transfer for Mobile offers:

  • Guaranteed protection of your data during the transfer from iPhone to iPhone, eliminating the risks of damaging or losing any file.
  • You can transfer a wide variety of files including, text messages, apps, call logs, contacts, music, documents, and more.
  • You have the option of using alternative operating systems. Hence, you can transfer data from Android to Android, Android to iPhone, iPhone to Android and also iPhone to iPhone.
  • It is compatible with various iPhone models such as iPhone 15/14/13 mini/13 Pro (Max)/13, iPhone 12 mini/12 Pro (Max)/12, iPhone X/XR/XS Max/11 Pro Max/11 Pro/11, iPhone 7 Plus/7, iPhone 6s Plus/6S/6, iPhone SE, and more.
  • No prerequisite experience is needed to use it.

win mobile transfer mac mobile transfer

How to transfer data from one iPhone to another using MobiKin Transfer for Mobile:

Step 1. Open Transfer for Mobile

Download and install the software on your PC. Use separate USB cables to connect both your iPhones to the computer.

launch transfer for mobile

Step 2. Verify the source iPhone and destination iPhone

You will see both phones connected via USB on your computer screen. On the left of the interface that has popped up, you will see "Source iPhone". And on the right, you will see "Destination iPhone". If there is any mix up, you can select "Flip" to directly assign the roles of the iPhones.

connect two iphones to computer

Step 3. Commence data transfer to iPhone 15 using Transfer for Mobile

In the center of your computer screen, select the data that you would want to transfer from your old iPhone to iPhone 15. Tap on "Start Copy" and wait for the transfer process to happen automatically. That is all that you will need to do.

transfer iphone to iphone 15 with transfer for mobile

Final Words

With all these answers, you are fully equipped on how to transfer all data from iPhone to iPhone. You will be successful if you follow the steps given. Each method is unique and has its own pros and cons. Even so, you should think in terms of the big picture and select an option that will work for you in the long run. Remember, to make your transfers easily with one-click transmission technique, you should use MobiKin Transfer for Mobile.

win mobile transfer mac mobile transfer

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