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[Tutorial] 4 Ways to Backup & Restore Xiaomi MIUI/Redmi 7/6

Overview: Want to perform Xiaomi backup to PC to prevent data loss? Or would you like to see how to back up and restore Xiaomi phone data to the cloud? You have come to the right place. In this article, you'll learn how to do Xiaomi/Mi/Redmi backup to your computer, local backup, and Mi Cloud, and how to restore Mi backup. Four simple and practical methods to choose from.


According to the last statistics, it is said that Android phone use has become much more prevalent in the world. Android's openness makes it more attractive than iPhone and BlackBerry for young people. Now you may have taken too many photos and saved them on your Android phone, such as Xiaomi or Redmi, and then you have to find a Mi backup pro to transfer Xiaomi data to your computer for backup. Maybe it's because of preventing data loss, or because you're about to switch to a new phone. Anyway, if you want to know how to back up and restore your Xiaomi 6/5/4/3, Redmi 7/6/Note, MIUI 8/7/6 phone data, there are 4 ways for you to find the best solution.

Part 1. Best Way for Xiaomi Backup to PC and Restore from PC(Most Recommended!)

Mobikin Assistant for Android is regarded as the best Xiaomi/Redmi Backup & Restore tool to backup data from Xiaomi/Redmi/Mi to computer and restore data from Xiaomi backup file location.

Why people choose MobiKin Assistant for Android?

  • One click to back up almost all types of data on your Xiaomi phone, and restore the data back to the phone later.
  • Support overall file types, including contacts, messages, photos, videos, music, call logs, apps, etc.
  • The backed up files retains their quality and original format.
  • It supports two modes of connection: Wi-Fi connection and USB connection.
  • 100% read-only, safe and easy to use.

Download the Xiaomi Backup and Restore software for a FREE trial.

Android Manager for Win Android Manager for Mac

Step 1: Connect your Xiaomi/Redmi to computer

Install and launch MobiKin Assistant for Android on your computer. Connect your Xiaomi/Redmi device to the computer via a USB cable and wait until your phone be detected by the software. If the detection is failed, that may be because the USB debugging mode hasn't been enabled. Just click here to learn how to enable USB debugging on Android.

 mi backup pro

Step 2. Backing up Xiaomi/Redmi device

  • You can choose the "Super Toolkit" on the top of the home page, then tap the "Backup" button to bring out the data backup window.
  • All supported data types are displayed. Select the files you need to back up. For example, for contacts backup, you can tick off the "Contacts" tab and make other file types unchecked.
  • Click "Browse" to choose an output folder on your computer.
  • Tap on the "Back Up" button to initiate the Xiaomi backup to PC process.

 redmi backup

Step 3. How to restore Mi backup

  • Click the "Super Toolkit" again.
  • Tap on the "Restore" button to bring out the data restore window, and then check tick off the backup file you want to restore.
  • Tap the "Restore" button to initiate the Xiaomi restoration process.

 mi restore app

Video Guide - How to Backup Xiaomi to PC:

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Part 2. How to Backup Xiaomi to PC with Mi PC Suite

Mi PC Suite is the official Mi device desktop client which can be used as a backup and restore tool to backup Xiaomi phone data to PC and restore as you will. If you are using it for the first time, it may feel a bit difficult. It doesn't matter, you can refer to the steps we provide below to do Xiaomi, Mi, Redmi backup and restore.

> How to Backup Xiaomi to PC with Mi PC Suite

First, download and install Mi PC Suite on your PC.

Second, launch Mi PC Suite and connect your Xiaomi/Redmi phone to your PC with a data cable. Once connected, you can clearly view the various data about your phone on the interface.

Again, tap on "Backups" to enter the "backup this device" window. You can manage all your previous backups and make new ones by tapping on the "Back up now" button.

Finally, After the backup process is completed, you can click the "View backup file" button to check the backup files.

backup restore xiaomi with mi pc suite

> How to Restore from Xiaomi Backup with Mi PC Suite

First, connect your Xiaomi phone to the PC.

Second, launch Mi PC suite and tap 'Recovery.'

Finally, choose the backup file to restore and tap on the 'Restore now' button.

Part 3. Backup and Restore XiaoMi 6/5/4/3, Redmi by Mi Cloud

You can also backup your pictures, messages, contacts, call logs and more from Xiaomi/Redmi to Mi Cloud for PC. All backup data on Mi Cloud are encrypted from transmission to storage.

> Steps to backup Xiaomi phone data to Mi Cloud:

Step 1. On your Xiaomi phone, go to Settings> Mi Account and login to your Mi Account. Make sure your Mi Cloud account is active.

Step 2. After that, you can tap on Backup device and turn on Mi Cloud Backup.

mi cloud for pc

> How to Restore from Xiaomi Backup:

Follow this simple steps to restore contacts (other data) from Mi cloud to either the same Xiaomi phone or another phone.

Step 1. On the phone that you want to restore data to, login to your Mi Account using the same credential as you used for the backup process.

Step 2. Go to Settings > Mi Account > Mi Cloud > Restore from backup, choose the backup record you want to restore to the phone and click on the "Restore using this backup" button.

restore contacts from mi cloud

You May Want to Know:

Part 4. How To Backup Xiaomi/Redmi Phone Data to Local Backup

All Xiaomi phones have in-built Backup feature to help you backup and restore phone data safely. But you must note the backup record will be erased once you have factory reset your Xiaomi phone.

Here are the steps to backup Xiaomi to Local Storage:

Open your Xiaomi phone, go to Settings> Additional settings> Backup & reset > Local backups > Backup. Select the type of data that you want to backup, tap Backup. When the backup process done, tap Done.

Note:You can find the created backup files/folders through the path: Phone storage > MIUI > Backup > All Backup folder.


xiaomi backup file location

Steps to restore backed-up data from Local Backup:

On your Xiaomi phone, go back to Settings> Additional settings> Backup & reset > Local backups. Highlight the backed-up files and select the file types that you want to restore. Tap Restore. Once the restore process complete, tap Done.

how to restore mi backup

Note: The steps and pictures shown above may differ from different model of Xiaomi or Redmi phones.


Wrap Up

After reading this article, you probably already have a variety of methods and solutions for how to back up and restore your Xiaomi phone data. However, I recommend using the MobiKin Assistant for Android software because it provides an easy way to do Xiaomi backup to PC and restore from a Xiaomi backup freely at anytime. In addition to the Xiaomi phones, you can also easily back up and access backup data from any Android phone from anywhere. Choose this software, you can manage your Xiaomi smartphone very well, so enjoy your beautiful and convenient life.

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