Easy Way to Delete Games on Android Phone/Tablet

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Android device is undergoing more and more refined updates, so is the Android market. In response to the needs of Android users, more and more useful apps like Games app are popping up, so as to help users to fritter away the boring days Android users have to go through. No doubt, those interesting game apps do add some spice to your homogenous life.

While indulging yourself in these fabulous apps, there are some cases when you may need to delete games on Android phone/tablet. For example, when you feel bored with the downloaded games apps and want to download some new games, you might need to delete games on Android device to free up more space; when you want to substitute your old Android phone with a new one, you might want to permanently delete all files on your Android, including these Android games. So how can you easily delete games on Android phone/tablet and perish them once and for all? Just find the desired answer in the below passage.

User Guide: How to Delete Games on Android

To delete games on Android phone, you can actually make it within your device. But you should know simple deletion within the device cannot permanently delete games on Android phone.

Step 1. Open your Android phone and go to Settings > Application Manager.

Step 2. Now, you will see different apps are arranged on the main interface.

Step 3. Enter the right game app that you want to delete. Now, you will see more detailed information of this app.

Step 4. Hit the Uninstall button to delete game app on your Android phone. On the promo dialogue, click on the OK option to confirm your action and continue the process.


(Note: You are suggested to tap on "Clear Data" and "Clear Cache" to free up more space on your Android phone before starting the process. If the game app is not connected to a hosted online server, this will create more space on your phone.)

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And if the app you want to delete is downloaded from Google Play store, you can also remove it from your device in the Google Play store app. Detailed steps are listed as follows:

Step 1. Open Google Play Store app on your Android phone. Navigate to the My Apps tab to continue the process.

Step 2. All apps are now arranged on the main interface. Just select the app that you want to uninstall.

Step 3. Tap on the Uninstall option to delete games on Android as needed and wanted.


On the pop-up window, remember to hit the OK option to confirm your action. Then, just wait for the process to get completed within a little while.

But as you know, neither way as mentioned in the above allows you to permanently remove Android games. So if you want to get them disappeared once and for all, just let this MobiKin Eraser for Android (Windows/Mac) software help you.

With this software, you can actually delete everything from your Android device without any hassle. And files deleted with this software will have no chance of getting recovered, so before starting the process, you need to make sure that you do want to permanently delete certain files from your device, with zero possibility of being recovered. Moreover, with this software, you can permanently erase more than games apps, other files like contacts, messages, photos, videos, documents and many more can also be supported. And all devices of Android operating systems can be perfectly suited by this all-in-one software.

Most importantly, this software boasts of a simple user interface, which allows you to delete games on Android phone within 1-2-3 steps:

1. Open the installed software on the computer and link your Android phone the computer via the USB cord.

2. Choose the erasing mode and erasing level to continue the process.

3. Then choose the files that you want to permanently delete on your Android phone and hit the Erase option to continue the process. On the promo dialogue, hit the OK option to confirm your action.

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