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Permanently Erase SIM Card from Android Phone

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In general, a SIM card usually saves important contacts and messages of your Android phone, but when you want to change into a new SIM card. You probably need to fully erase SIM card from Android phone so as to make sure that all those private files are permanently removed from your device. Wiping out Android SIM card includes wiping SIM contacts, the SMS archive, the list of last dialed numbers and own numbers stored on the SIM card.

To clear SIM card memory on Android phone, you can refer to the following methods. But before you start off, you'd better back up your Android SIM card on other places, in case that you mistakenly deleted something that is important.

Part 1: How to Reset A Phone SIM Card

Resetting SIM card through the phone's settings

Step 1. Insert the SIM card into your cell phone's SIM card slot and place the back cover securely. Then, turn on the phone.

Step 2. Go to the "Settings" menu and choose "Reset" from the list of options that are displayed.

Step 3. After you click on the "Reset" option, there will be a list of options displayed, prompting you to select the area you wish to reset.

Step 4. Check the areas if applicable, or you can directly click on "Reset All" button.

Resetting all data on SIM card manually

Step 1. Insert the SIM card into your cell phone's SIM card slot and place the back cover securely. Then, turn on the phone.

Step 2. Click the "Phonebook" menu and choose the option of "Management" or "Settings". Select the "Delete All" option and then the phonebook will be reset to default status.

Step 3. Click the "Messages" menu and choose the option of "Settings". Then, choose "Delete All" button from the available options. If you haven't seen this option, you can turn to the "Inbox" and view one of the existing messages. Click on "Options" and select "Delete All".

Step 4. Click the "Call Log" menu and choose "Call Manager" or "Settings". Then, click on "Call Duration" > "Options" > "Reset All".

If you need, you can repeat the same operations for "Missed calls", "Received calls", "Dialed calls" and "Recent contacts".

Resetting SIM card via a USB card reader

Step 1. Insert your SIM card into an SIM card reader's slot.

Step 2. Connect the SIM card reader into an available USB port in your computer. Launch the SIM card reader program if it does not launch automatically.

Step 3. Once the SIM card reader program is launched successfully, you can view the contents of the SIM card reader program, with different menu options are displayed for you to manage the contents.

Step 4. Enter the application's menu and choose the "Reset" button. If you haven't seen this option, you can turn to the "Help" menu and search for the "Reset" option.

Step 5. Now, you are able to view all the contents in the SIM card, including Phonebook, Messages, Call logs or other. Just select them all and right-click to choose the "Delete" button.

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Part 2: How to Wipe out Android SIM Card Completely

Recommended Tool to Erase Android SIM Card:

But how? There is a risk - simple deleting or resetting can not really erase the data, SIM card data recovery software can make deleted data recovery possible. After all, simple deletion within the device itself cannot truly perish those files once and for all. Therefore, you need to rely on a professional data eraser tool like this Android SIM Card Eraser (Windows/Mac). With it, you are free to fully wipe out Android SIM card. All saved files will be automatically detected and displayed on the main interface. Aside from SIM card, this software also supports files saved in the internal memory and SD card like photos, music, videos, apps and many more. So you can put it like this - it is an all-in-one data eraser for all Android devices, including Samsung, Motorola, HTC, LG and many more.

And using this software is quite easy, you can now download the right version of this software and give it a try by yourself!

Simple Steps to Fully Wipe out Android SIM Card:

Step 1. To start with, open the installed software on the computer and then get your Android phone connected to the computer via the USB cord. Then follow the screen to let the software recognize your mobile phone. Make sure the SIM card has been inserted into your device.

connect android device to pc

Step 2. Now, click "Erase" on the main interface and go on to select a security level by clicking "Medium" on the "Erase All Data" interface.

erase sim card on android

(Note: The current version only allows you to erase all data, so you are suggested to make a phone backup ahead of time. And it will be improved in the coming versions.)

Step 3. Finally, type "delete" in the blank box and hit "Erase" to continue the process. Now, all you need to do is wait for the process to get completed within a little while.

Erase SIM Card from Android

So if you are exactly looking for a way to fully wipe out Android SIM card, you surely can't miss this professional Android SIM Card Eraser (Windows/Mac)software!

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