How to Cancel iCloud Storage Plans by Yourself?

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iCloud is a leading virtual (cloud) storage service from Apple that can be used to store and even sync all types of private data across multiple devices. By default, you are provided with a total of 5GB free cloud storage space to use. Just as you may probably know all you purchased TV shows, movies, apps, books, shared albums and music does not count against this free storage space.

You are allowed to upgrade (through purchasing) your virtual storage space by up to a maximum of 2TB whenever you need additional space for your personal files. It is still possible to cancel your active iCloud storage plan whenever the need arises. Apple will always provide you with a full refund if you cancel your active iCloud storage plan within 45 days after making your annual payment or within the first 15 days of purchasing your current monthly subscription.

iCloud provides you with a relatively easy way to cancel your active subscription. However, there is currently no official way for you to erase your iCloud account. This informative guide is going to show you exactly how to cancel your iCloud storage space and even erase your iCloud account both on iOS devices and Mac. This is definitely a must read for you if you wish to delete your iCloud account and sell your Apple gadget or you are just concerned about your privacy.

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A Step-by-step Guide on How to Cancel iCloud Storage Plans for iPhone or iPad

This tutorial section will only show you how to downgrade your current subscription plan and even help you revert to the basic (free) iCloud storage plan. Kindly proceed to the last tutorial if you wish to permanently erase your iCloud account and all your backed up private information.

Step 1. Click "Settings > iCloud > Storage & Backup > Manage Storage" on your iPhone or iPad devices.


Step 2. Choose "Change Storage Plan", then you can select the "Free" storage plan option and then tap on the "Buy" feature that is located at the top right of your iOS device's screen.


Step 3. Enter your default Apple ID and secret password when prompted to successfully cancel your active storage plan.

Kindly note that the storage plan will automatically be terminated once the current subscription expires.

Guide on How to Cancel Storage Plan on Mac

Step 1. Click on Apple menu and go to System preferences, then choose "iCloud".

icloud on mac

Step 2. Click on the "Manage" option that is located on your monitor's lower right corner.

manage icloud

Step 3. Select "Change Storage Plan". Proceed to click on "Downgrade Options" and then enter your default Apple ID and secret password to continue.

change storage plan

Step 4. Click the "Manage" option provided and then select the "Free" iCloud storage plan and confirm.

upgrade icloud storage

How to Permanently Close or Even Erase iCloud Account?

iCloud is an essential part of all Apple gadgets. This makes it almost impossible to use any Apple device, especially iOS gadgets (Mac users can still backup their data using iTunes) without it. Some people even go a step further to argue that you are better off having no iOS device than having one that lacks the iCloud backup feature.

This essential Apple service provides you with an easier way to restore your contacts, emails, notes, music, videos, calendars, photos and reminders when disaster strikes. Apart from that, storing your personal data on iCloud saves the unnecessary storage space that would have been consumed by such information. Thus, it is inevitable that your iCloud account have saved lots of personal info in it, and sometimes you may wish to permanently erase iCloud account for specific reasons.

Now, just follow the below guide carefully if you wish to erase or delete iCloud account on iPhone, iPad or Mac.

- Erasing iCloud on iOS Devices (without Password)

Step 1. Enter Settings and find iCloud option in the menu, then tap on your iCloud account, delete your existing secret password and then proceed to enter any random number as your new password. Please confirm by tapping on "Done" when prompted.

icloud account information

Step 2. Tap "OK" and then click "Cancel" once the iCloud verification feature informs you that your username or password does not match the one that is stored on their database. Doing this will automatically redirect you to the iCloud main page.

Step 3. Tap on the iCloud "Account" option again but ensure you remove the "Description" section this time and then confirm.

Step 4. Wait as you are redirected to the iCloud main page. Kindly note that you will not be asked to enter your password and your iPhone or iPad's "Find My iPhone" feature will be deactivated for safety purposes.

find my iphone

Step 5. Scroll to the bottom of the page and then select the "Delete Account" option. A pop-up will be automatically displayed warning you that all your backed up private information will be deleted from iCloud. Please confirm by tapping the "Delete" option again.

Step 6. A new pop-up will be displayed asking you whether you wish to delete or keep the data that is on your iOS device. Kindly select the one that best suits your needs.


- Erasing iCloud on Mac

Step 1. Select the "System Preferences" option that is located on your Mac PC's Apple menu.

icloud on mac

Step 2. Click on the "iCloud" option provided. Unselect all the application check boxes provided to prevent your Mac from syncing your private information with iCloud.

Step 3. Click on the "Sign Out" button and go to the official iCloud website ( using your default web browser.

manage icloud

Step 4. Log in using your default username and secret password. Select the iCloud "Account" option.

Now, you can scroll to the bottom, click on the "Delete Account" option and confirm.

Write in the end

The information provided in this informative guide is aimed at helping you cancel your current iCloud storage plan and even help you erase your official iCloud account. Always ensure that you create a local backup of your essential private information (preferably on iTunes) before deciding to erase your iCloud account. You can use this local backup to restore any deleted information that you consider to be very important.

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