How to Transfer Music from iPhone to iPhone? [6 Proven Tips in 2023]

iPhone enables users to listen to music anywhere and anytime. When switching to a new iPhone, you may wonder how to transfer music from an old iPhone to a new one. Today, you can find all of the hottest solutions here.

Part 1. Transfer Music from iPhone to iPhone with iTunes

Part 2. Transfer Music from iPhone to iPhone with One Click on PC

Part 3. Transfer Music from iPhone to iPhone without iTunes or Computer

Tip 1. Share Music from iPhone to iPhone via iTunes on A Computer (with Video Tutorial)

The most well-received free way to transfer music from iPhone to iPhone is to use iTunes on a PC/Mac. This method only allows you to transfer purchased music, not all. However, it meets most users' needs.

Before the work, make sure that you have installed the latest iTunes on your computer. If that is OK, let's go on.

To do that, you need to:

  • Connect your old iPhone to a PC/Mac via a USB cable.
  • Launch "iTunes" on the computer desktop.
  • Go to the "File" > "Device" > "Transfer Purchases from [your iPhone name]".
  • Disconnect the source iPhone and connect your new iPhone to the computer.
  • Tap on "Songs" and choose your wanted music.
  • Right-click the chosen songs and select to "Add to Device".
  • Choose your device name to save the music to your new iPhone.

transfer music from iphone to iphone with itunes 

Here is a YouTube video tutorial for another way to sync music from iPhone to iPhone using iTunes.

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Tip 2. Share Music from An iPhone to Another One by iTunes Store App

If the songs you wish to transfer from an old iPhone are bought from iTunes Store, you can utilize the iTunes Store app on your new iPhone to download the music on your new iPhone and don't need to pay for them again.

Here's how:

  • On your new iPhone, sign into the phone with your Apple ID that you used to buy the music.
  • Open the "iTunes Store" app.
  • Tap on "More".
  • Select "Purchased".
  • Choose "Music".
  • Select the "Not on this iPhone" option.
  • Tap on "All Songs".
  • Click "Download All" to download the bought music from the iTunes Store to your new iPhone.

Note: A Wi-Fi network is required to download the songs. And this method only works to transfer music that bought from the iTunes Store.

transfer music from iphone to iphone via itunes store app 

Tip 3. Switch All of Music & Other Media Files from iPhone to iPhone with 1 Click Effectively

The most effective way to transfer tons of media files, including music, from iPhone to iPhone is to seek help to third-party software. Phone Transfer is one of the best iPhone transfers that allows copying data from iPhone to iPhone directly.

Supported files: Contacts, photos, music, movies, TV shows, voice memos, ringtones, audiobooks, etc.

Supported iDevices: iPhone 14/13/12/11/XS Max/XS/XR/X/8/7/6/5/4, iPad Pro/iPad Air/iPad mini/iPad 4/3/2, iPod touch5/4, and more.

You can free download the software here:


To move music from iPhone to iPhone with 1 click, you need to:

  • Launch the program.
  • Connect two iPhones to your PC via USB cables.
  • Tick on the file types you wanted.
  • Click "Export to Device" to transfer music and other files to your new iPhone.

Here are the details:

Step 1. Connect your iPhones to a PC at the same time.

After launching the program, please connect your iPhones to the PC via their USB cables. Then, follow the on-screen prompts to make the program detect your iPhones.

connect your iphone devices to pc

Step 2. Adjust the phones' positions.

Once your devices are detected, you will see the main interface as below. Make sure that your old iPhone is the source device. If not, click the dropdown to select the source phone.

Step 3. Select the Music option.

You can now choose the file types that contain your wanted files. You can check the "Music" folder to transfer music.

how to send music from iphone to iphone using professional ios transfer

Step 4. Start to transfer music and other files.

After making a selection, tap on the "Export to Device" button on the top to start the process and wait for it to complete.

music and other media files are transferred to a new iphone.

Other Phone-to-Phone Transfers:

Tip 4. How to Send Music from iPhone to iPhone via Bluetooth

Airdrop is famous for its desktop application to sync files from iOS devices to Mac via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. It developed the iOS mobile app to move files from iOS device to another device. So you can use Airdrop to send music from iPhone to iPhone via Bluetooth.

Here's how:

Turn on Wi-Fi and Bluetooth on both of the iPhones.

#1. On your old iPhone

  • Launch the app and log in your Airdrop account.
  • Choose a song you want to transfer.
  • Tap on the three-dot button/"More".
  • Click the Share icon.
  • Choose Airdrop and your new iPhone's name.

#2. On the new iOS device

You will receive a message to let you accept the songs, tap "Accept" on the pop-up window.

Note: If you have several songs to transfer, you have to repeat the steps because the Airdrop app is only able to send a song every time.

bluetooth music from iphone how to transfer music from iphone to iphone with bluetooth

Tip 5. How to Share Music Between Two iPhones with Home Sharing

Home Sharing is a built-in feature of iPhone, aiming to stream iTunes media files (music, movies, and TV shows) to computer, iPhones and Apple TV. You can use it to enjoy music on your new iPhone.

Here are the steps:

To begin with, please connect two iPhones to the same Wi-Fi network.

#1. On your old iPhone

  • Go to "Settings".
  • Select "Music".
  • Sign in your Apple ID under the "Home Sharing".

#2. On the new iPhone

  • As you have done on the old iPhone, sign in the same Apple ID under the "Home Sharing".
  • Open the "Music" app.
  • Select "Library" at the bottom of the screen.
  • Tap on "Home Sharing". If you can not see the option, go to "Edit" to tap on it and select "Done".
  • Select a shared library to enjoy the music.

Note: You need to connect two iPhones to the same network. It is a wonderful trick to share media files with your family. The music you bought from the Music app or iTunes store can be transferred in this way freely.

How to Enable Home Sharing - 1 Enable Home Sharing Turn on Home Sharing - 3

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Tip 6. Sync Music from An Old iPhone to A New One Using Dropbox

Cloud service is a fantastic medium for data transfer from one phone to another one. Dropbox offers 2 GB of free storage space, which makes it be a good idea to sync music from iPhone to iPhone.

Here are the steps:

Install Dropbox on both of your iPhones.

#1. Upload music from the source iPhone

  • On your old iPhone, open the apps.
  • Tap on the "Add Files" button.
  • Select the songs that you want to transfer.
  • Click the "Upload" button.

#2. Download music to your target iPhone

  • On your new iPhone, open the app.
  • Select the music you have received.
  • Click the "Make Available" button to save the songs to your new device.

how to transfer songs from iphone to iphone with dropbox 

Something About Dropbox:

The Bottom Line:

More and more applications make it easier and easier to transfer music and other files from iPhone to iPhone. You can pick one as you need to move the music files. Even though some of these applications have limits currently, we should believe that the tricks for data transferring from phone to phone will develop fast in the next few years.

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