How to Back Up Android Phone before Factory Reset? 8 Credible Ways

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When your phone slows down and basic functions take longer, a factory reset restores it to its original state by deleting all data. However, files like contacts, call logs, texts, apps, settings, and more will be erased permanently. You may wonder how to back up Android phone before factory reset unless you want a clean slate.

how to back up android phone before factory reset

Beyond that, it's essential to take some additional precautions to ensure that you don't lose any important data or encounter any unexpected issues. Here are some of them:

  • Sync Accounts: Sync your accounts, such as Google, Samsung, or any other accounts linked to your device.
  • Remove SD Card: This prevents any accidental deletion or formatting of data stored on the SD card.
  • Check for Encryption: This ensures that your data will be accessible after the reset.
  • Note Down Important Information: Take note of any important information such as WiFi passwords, app passwords, etc.
  • Charge Your Phone: Ensure your cell phone has enough battery charge or connect it to a power source.

Way 1: Back Up Android Phone before Factory Reset in One Tap [Painless]

MobiKin Backup Manager for Android (Windows and Mac) (Android Backup & Restore) stands out as a highly trusted backup tool, widely endorsed and recommended. Highlighted in the product review by "MadDownload", it's dedicated desktop software designed for Android backup and restoration. With this program, you can securely and swiftly back up your phone data to your computer before considering a factory reset, ensuring simplicity, speed, and safety throughout the process.

Key highlights of MobiKin Android Backup & Restore:

> Back up your Android contacts, SMS, phone calls, media files, apps, and more to your PC with just one click.

> Easily restore backups from your PC to any Android device with straightforward steps.

> Connect your phone to a computer via USB or WiFi.

> Compatible with a whole range of Android devices, including Samsung, Xiaomi, OPPO, OnePlus, TECNO, Itel, vivo, Honor, Motorola, Huawei, TCL, Google, T-Mobile, BLU, etc.

> Values your privacy.

download for win download for mac


Now, free download this program and learn how it works:

Step 1: Launch Android Backup & Restore on your computer

Download and install this tool on your computer. Open the program and connect your Android phone to the computer using a USB cable or through WiFi. Ensure USB debugging is enabled when prompted.

launch android backup and restore

Step 2: Choose files for backup

Once your connected device is detected by the software, click on the "Backup" option on the main interface to access the Android data backup window. Select the file types you want to back up by ticking the checkboxes next to them.

select data to back up

Step 3: Initiate Android phone backup before factory reset

After selecting the desired data types, click on "Browse" to specify a location for saving the backup files. Then, click on the "Back Up" button at the bottom right to initiate the backup process for your Android data.

back up phone before factory reset via mobikin

Once the backup is over, the progress bar will reach 100%, indicating that you can safely disconnect your phone from the computer.

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Way 2: Back Up Phone before Factory Reset via Assistant for Android

For ease, you can back up all your Android phone data to a PC/Mac with just one click before a factory reset. Our other recommendation is MobiKin Assistant for Android (Windows/Mac). With this software, you can ensure no files are missed. Select specific file types or back up the entire Android phone without restrictions. Additionally, its one-click restore feature enables you to easily retrieve Android data after a factory reset.

Compatible with most Android phones, this tool facilitates easy transfer of contacts, SMS, call logs, videos, audio, documents, and apps between your Android phone and computer. With just one click, you can back up (or restore) your Android phone to the computer. It also lets you manage your Android files on the computer.

android assistant for win android assistant for mac

How to back up Android phone before factory reset via MobiKin Assistant for Android?

Step 1. Open the program and link your Android device to a computer using a USB cable. If prompted, enable USB debugging on your phone.

enable usb debugging on android

Step 2. Follow the on-screen guide to have the program detect your Android device. Once completed, you'll arrive at the main interface.

main interface of mobikin assistant for android

Step 3. Select "Super Toolkit" from the top menu bar on the main interface. This action will take you to the next screen, where you'll find the "Backup" and "Restore" buttons.

access the backup and restore buttons

Step 4. Click on "Backup". Simply check the types you wish to back up, designate a location for saving the backed-up files, and click "Back Up" to store your Android files on the computer eventually.

back up android phone before factory reset with mobikin

Using this software, you can easily back up chosen files from your device to your computer. Simply navigate to "My Device" to return to the main screen, select the desired file types from the left panel, preview the files, and check the boxes next to them. Then, click "Export" to effortlessly back up the files to your PC/Mac.


selectively back up android phone before factory reset

Way 3: Back Up Media before Factory Reset Android with MTP

MTP (Media Transfer Protocol) is an upgraded version of PTP (Picture Transfer Protocol). While PTP transfers images from digital cameras to computers, MTP is a USB system for moving media files from your phone to a computer.

  • Connect your phone to your computer via USB.
  • Open the Android notification and select "Transfer Files"/MTP mode.
  • Your computer should recognize your phone as a media device.
  • Access your device in "My Computer".
  • Navigate to your desired files in the SD card or internal memory.
  • Open the "DCIM" folder.
  • back up media files before factory reset android

  • Copy the audio and video files to your computer.

Further Reading:

Way 4: Back Up Android Phone before Resetting via Google One

Google One provides 15GB of free storage shared across various Google services. It's a comprehensive backup cloud service for Android, seamlessly integrated with most devices. By utilizing Google's first-party option, you can back up Google contacts, text messages, and installed apps from the Play Store.

  • To begin, navigate to Settings and locate "Backup & reset" or "Backup and Restore".
  • If it's not there, check under "General, Accounts, or System" to find "Backup".
  • Ensure "Backup by Google One" is enabled and tap "Back up now".
  • how do i backup my phone and reset it via google one

  • During the backup process, the" Back up now" button will be disabled.
  • In the "Account Storage" section, monitor your data usage.
  • Scroll down to Backup details to view backed-up data categories.

Note: To customize backup settings, toggle off Photos & videos if you no longer wish to back them up. Use the " Manage storage" option to review and delete specific types of data like large photos & videos, blurry photos, and screenshots.


Way 5: Back Up Android before Factory Reset Using Google Photos

Google Photos is a solid choice for backing up photos and videos, but it has storage limitations and only supports these media types. Additionally, compromised account credentials can lead to unauthorized access to your backup data.

How do I back up my phone and reset it via Google Photos?

  • Open the Google Photos app on your smartphone.
  • Tap the "Menu" button (three lines) and choose "Settings".
  • Select "Backup & sync" and enable it from the following screen.

backup android photos and videos to google photos before factory reset

Note: In the "Backup & sync" settings, you'll encounter the "Upload Size" option, which provides two choices: High Quality or Original Quality. Opting for High-Quality grants unlimited space, whereas selecting Original Quality utilizes the predefined Google quota.


Way 6: Back Up Android Phone before Factory Reset Free by Bluetooth

Bluetooth offers a basic way to back up your Android phone to a Windows PC, but it's slower and requires devices to be nearby. If you're having Wi-Fi issues, try connecting your Android device to your computer via Bluetooth before adhering to the steps:

  • Access "Quick Settings" on your phone and enable "Bluetooth", making sure it's discoverable.
  • On your PC, navigate to "Settings" > "Devices" > "Bluetooth & Others" and enable "Bluetooth".
  • If your phone appears in the device list, select it and click "Pair".
  • backup android phone before factory reset free by bluetooth

  • Once paired, launch the "File Manager" app on your phone.
  • Choose the files you wish to back up, then select "Send" and opt for "Bluetooth" for transfer.
  • Your backup files will be kept in the "Bluetooth" folder on your PC.

Way 7: Back Up Android Phone before Factory Reset via G Cloud Backup

G Cloud Backup is a convenient Android app for backing up various data types before a factory reset. It's compatible with all Android brands and stores data securely in the cloud. Plus, it's free on the Google Play Store. Here's the guide for how to make the backup of your phone before factory reset using this tool:

  • On your Android device, navigate to the Google Play Store and locate G Cloud Backup.
  • Once the app is installed, set up a new account.
  • Launch the app and choose the items you wish to back up, such as "Contacts", "Messages", "Documents", "Music", and "Videos".

backup before factory reset android via g cloud backup

Way 8: Back Up Android Phone before Factory Reset Samsung via Smart Switch

Smart Switch is a trusted tool for backing up data on your Samsung phone before a factory reset. It supports various data types and facilitates easy data migration between devices. Also, compatible with most device models and operating systems, the Smart Switch also enables transferring content to a new Galaxy phone.

How to back up my Android phone before factory reset using the Samsung Smart Switch?

  • Download Smart Switch on your computer. (Ensure you've removed the Android File Transfer app from your Mac, if applicable.)
  • Connect your Android phone to the computer using the correct cable.
  • Allow Samsung Smart Switch a few minutes to scan and retrieve all content from your Android phone.
  • Click the "Backup" icon on your computer screen. Authorize Smart Switch to access your phone by tapping "ALLOW" to commence.

backup android phone before factory reset samsung via smart switch

Final Thoughts

In addition to the approaches mentioned earlier, you can also create a backup before a factory reset using cloud storage services like Dropbox or local storage options such as SD cards or SIM cards. Overall, for a secure reset and restoration, utilize any of the methods mentioned here or combine multiple approaches. Remember, diversification is key to minimizing risk. When safeguarding your phone data, it's crucial to minimize, if not eliminate, the risk entirely.

Additional Tips: What should I back up before factory resetting Android? Before factory resetting your Android device, you are recommended to back up your files, including Contacts, Messages, Call logs, Photos/Videos, Music/Audio, Documents, App data, App installers (APKs), Calendar events, Settings, etc.

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