How to Deal with Android Phone Camera Not Working Issue?

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Due to the high resolution and portability of the Android phone, more and more users choose mobile phones as their camera. For the people who like to travel and take photos, recording the beautiful scenery and wonderful moment with Android camera could be a good choice. But the device cannot run well all the time and sometimes the camera on Android might be unworkable. At that moment, you need to get a reliable tutorial to tell you how to deal with Android phone camera not working issue and this article would be the recommended one.

What to Do When Android Phone Camera Shows Black Screen?

Some users might gain a black screen when they open the Camera App and try to take photos or videos. This issue would be caused by hardware or software issue. If it is a hardware issue, you need to send it to maintenance center. But if it is caused by software error, you have several methods to fix it. So, when you meet such a issue, you can make an attempt to solve the problem by yourself at first.

Method 1. Reboot the device

Just long press the Power button of your device to turn it off and then reboot it to see if the camera works well. This could be the easiest way to settle the problem.

Method 2. Remove the battery

Another option is to open the back cover of the phone and take out the battery if it is removable. It is another way to restart the device. Compared with the first method, this means would be more effective but it is damaging as well.

Method 3. Uninstall incompatible applications

If you have installed applications on your phone before the black screen appears, you can try to remove them to fix the issue since these applications might be incompatible with the device or Camera App. After uninstalling the applications, you can launch the Camera once again to check whether the black screen is disappeared.

Method 4. Clear camera caches

The caches of Camera application would affect the smooth running of the device as well. Thus, deleting the camera caches is also a method to solve problem here. To complete the deletion, you need to go to Settings> Apps> All and then find out and click on the Camera option. Then you will enter the App Info, just tap on Clear cache to clean the useless data.

clear caches on camera

Method 5. Factory reset device

When all the methods above fail to fix the issue, you need to perform a factory reset. This means will reset all the settings on your phone but the whole data saved on the device would be erased meanwhile. So remember to backup the wanted files on Android before performing the reset.

To factory reset your phone, you can navigate to Settings> Backup & Reset> Factory Data Reset to begin the resetting process.

hard reset android

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How to Deal with Flash on Camera Not Working?

Android phone camera allows user to turn on flash when they take photos in dim light environment. But sometimes they find the flash does not work. That might be caused by low battery, software glitches, incompatible application, malware or hardware damage. Thus, you can attempt to fix the error by the following means.

Method 1. Check the flashlight on your phone

At first, you can switch on the flashlight on your phone to see if it runs well. If not, your mobile phone may be experiencing a hardware damage and you need to turn to specialist.

check the flashlight on android

Method 2. Turn off Low Power Mode

The second detail you can check is the battery. If the battery on your device is very low, you need to charge your device first. Next, you can inspect whether you have turned on the Low Power Mode on the phone. If you have, you need to disable it or the flashlight feature cannot be used.

turn off low power mode

Method 3. Restart your Android phone

Also, restarting the device to fix the issue is an option here. You can choose to long press the Power button to reboot your device or remove the battery to complete the reboot as you like. After restarting your phone, you can try to use the camera flash on your phone to see whether it can be used.

Method 4. Clear cache data

Clearing the cache data on the device can solve the problem as well. You can go with the steps that you have mentioned in previous part to delete the camera caches. After the clean, you can reboot the phone and use the Camera App once again.

How to Do When the Camera of Android Phone is Blurry?

There are also some users reflect that they are unable to focus while taking photos or the shot is unsharp. Then, your camera might be blurry in this case. But don't worry. This problem can be solve with the methods below:

Method 1. Clean camera lens

The most direct and easiest way to fix the blurry Android camera is to clean the lens. Just scrub the camera lens with clean microfiber cloth carefully to remove the dust or dirt on it.

scrub camera lens

Method 2. Shake the phone

Some users said that shaking the phone when open the camera application can make the camera become clear. Therefore, you can try it as well.

Except for the two means above, clearing cache data and factory reset the device are also the good ideas to fix the Android phone camera not working issue. Just try all the methods we provided here to solve the problem. But if they all fail, the only thing you can do is to send the phone to repair canter and ask professional to help you.

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