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What to Do When SIM Card Cannot Be Detected?

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Why the SIM card must be detected by the mobile phone? That's because only a phone with SIM card can be used to phone and text. So, SIM card is the essential thing for all the phone users and it would be inconvenient if the card does not work well. Thus, you need to know what to do when SIM card cannot be detected so you can fix the issue and use the phone normally when you are eager to contact others with your phone.

How to Fix SIM Card Cannot Be Detected on Android Phone?

Before fixing the SIM card cannot be detected on Android phone, you are strongly recommended to make a backup for the wanted data on your phone in case of data loss. After that, you can follow the detailed solutions below and try to solve the problem on your own.

1. Insert the SIM card properly

It is very possible that the SIM card is placed improperly so you need to reinsert it. To perform this process, you can:

- Hold down the Power button of your device firstly and then select Power off option to turn off the device.

- Next, use the tool to take out the SIM card from the card tray.

- After that, place the card correctly on the slot until it locks itself into place.

- At last, reboot your phone to see the No SIM message is displayed on the screen or not.

2. Use another SIM card

This problem is probably caused by the broken card or card slot as well. To check that, you are able to:

- Check the SIM card. In this case, you can insert other SIM card instead of the card you have inserted into the device before. Then restart your phone to see whether you can use the new card normally.

- If the SIM card you used is no problem, you can go to inspect the SIM tray. Just place the card you used in the card tray of other device to check if it can be detected. If it can, then you need to repair your card slot since it is broken.

examine sim card and card tary on android

What to Do When SIM Card Cannot Be Detected By iOS Device?

Also, don't forget to make a backup for your iPhone data in advance. Then, you can follow the solutions below to have a try now.

1. Examine the SIM card and SIM tray

- Turn off your iPhone as normal.

- Insert the paperclip into the pin hole on the SIM tray. Next, take out the SIM card from the tray and examine the card and slot carefully.

examine sim card and slot on iphone

- Use a clean and soft cloth to wipe the card and tray and then place them back onto the tray and push it back inside.

- Finally, just long press the Power button to reboot your iPhone.

During the examination, if you find that the card or the tray is broken or damaged, you need to use a new one or send them to be repaired.

2. Reset network settings

- Click on the icon of Settings on the Home screen to enter the section.

- Tap on General option and select Reset.

- Choose Reset Network Settings to remove all the saved networks on your phone.

reset iphone network settings

3. Update wireless carrier settings with iTunes

- Launch iTunes on your computer and then connect your iPhone to PC and elect Trust the computer.

- If there is a wireless carrier update available for your iPhone, it will update automatically after taking your permission.

4. Update iOS version

- Tap on Settings on your iPhone screen and then go to General in this section.

- Select Software Update option and tap on Install now if there is any new version available.

update iphone version

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