7 Ways to Transfer Photos/Pictures from Computer to Phone (iOS & Android)

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Putting pictures on computer from phone has become a common thing to do for a variety of reasons. One of the top motives is that people want to take their photos with them everywhere. In the past, waiting until one got home to see a photo on one's PC was common, but things have changed. In general, nobody wants to wait for anything. You can easily transfer photos to laptop from phone and vice versa within a short period of time, but that is only if you utilize the following methods, which have become the most popular options for conducting error-free transfers every time.

transfer photos from computer to phone

Part 1. How to Transfer Photos from Computer to Android Phone with Assistant for Android (5-Min Way)

The popularity of MobiKin Assistant for Android has skyrocketed because it allows an effective transfer of photos from PC to phone via USB or Wi-Fi; thus, there is no need for a USB cable; nonetheless, it can also be utilized. (Now, it is important to note that there are people who think that all they need to conduct a picture transfer is a USB cable, but this is incorrect if one is trying to achieve an errorless transfer. Methods such as Assistant for Android are required for this to come to pass.) Furthermore, Assistant for Android does not only demonstrate how to transfer pictures from computer to phone, but it also can transfer many others types of files.

Why people choose MobiKin Assistant for Android?

  • Transfer all types of photos from computer to Android phones.
  • Transfer thousands of photos from PC/Mac to Android phone within minutes.
  • Not only photos, you can transfer SMS, contacts, apps, call logs, movies, music, books and more other files from computer to your Android device, and vice versa.
  • Keep photos in original quality and no data loss.
  • Work well with all Android phones like Samsung, HTC, LG, Sony, Huawei, Xiaomi, etc.

It is the type of program that can serve different purposes and thus can come in handy throughout the year, hence why it is downloaded by many people around the globe on a daily basis.

win android assistant mac android assistant

Step 1. Connect your Android phone to computer

Download and install the Assistant for Android program. You can expect the downloading time to be quite short. Now, launch the program and then connect phone to program via USB. The primary interface of this program will be noted once it successfully recognizes your Android device. Make sure you have enabled USB debugging on your Android device beforehand.

launch assistant for android

Step 2. Preview and select your photos

All data types on your phone are displayed on the left side menu. Tap "Photos" category from the left and click "Add" option from the top menu. Then, you can browse your computer and locate the photos you want to import to this phone.

Tips: Here, you can also select the photos from your phone and click "Export" option from the top to transfer photos from Android phone to computer, so as to solve the problem of "how to download photos to computer from phone".


transfer photos from computer to phone

Step 3. How to transfer pictures from computer to phone

After you have selected the photos from your PC, you can finally click on "Open" in order to download photos to phone and make "how to transfer photos from computer to phone with Assistant for Android?" a question of the past.

Take a look at the video tutorial about how to get pictures from computer to phone:

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Part 2. How to Transfer Pictures from Computer to iPhone with iPhone Photo Manager

One of the favorite applications for many people who want to discover how to get pictures from computer to phone within a very short period of time, is no other than the iPhone Photo Manager. Ever since it was introduced, it has been reigning supreme among other applications. It has more than a handful of features that in conjunction work perfectly to get different tasks completed as one would expect. This app can be utilized to exchange a variety of files between iOS devices and computers. Besides conducting transfers, this application can also be utilized to edit contacts, delete files, among many other tasks. It is a very helpful method that keeps getting better.

Follow the guide in the below to see how to send pics from your computer to your phone, like iPhone 11, 11 Pro, 11 Pro Max, iPhone Xs Max, iPhone Xs, iPhone XR, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone 8, iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 6S, using the iPhone Photo Manager tool.

Step 1. Launch the program and connect phone

Download and then launch iPhone Photo Manager on your computer. You can expect for the download process to be completed rather quickly. With a USB cable, connect iPhone to computer so that it can be recognized by the program.

launch iphone photo manager

Step 2. Select data to backup

From the left side menu, find the "Photos" category and then select it. Then, select "Add" -> "Add Folder" or "Add File".

transfer photos from computer to phone

Step 3. Start to transfer photos to laptop from phone

To begin putting pictures on computer from phone, choose wanted photos and click "Open". That is all! It is that simple to figure out how to send pics from your computer to your phone with the aid of iPhone Photo Manager.

Part 3. How to Send Pics from Your Computer to Your Phone by Email

This is one of the easiest methods to utilize to solve the how to download photos to computer from phone matter if you are in a rush and thus do not have sufficient time to download any helpful program present on this list. Even so, it should not be taken into account if one wants to transfer dozens upon dozens of photos, as it can be a quite tiring and lengthy process. If you only need to transfer one or two photos, then take it into consideration.

Step 1. Sign-in to email account and then click on new message.

Step 2. Click on "Attachment" to locate photo and then attach it to email.

Step 3. Send the message to your own email.

send pics from your computer to your phone by email

Step 4. On your phone, sign-in to your email account and then click on the message you sent to yourself. You will now be able to download attachment and save photo to your phone. It is that simple to discover how to send pics from laptop to phone by email.

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Part 4: How to Get Pictures from Computer to iPhone with iTunes

You can also use iTunes to get photos from your computer to your phone. But in this way, you will lose all the media files, including photos, music, TV shows, ringtones, iBooks, etc., synced to your iPhone. Therefore, if you don't way to lose any data on your iPhone, you'd better choose other ways.

Step 1: Use a USB cable to connect your iPhone to computer. iTunes will launch automatically. If not, you can run it manually.

Step 2: Go to click Device tab and choose Photos -> Sync Photos. Select the photos you want to sync from computer to the iPhone and then click the button of "Apply". You can also import folder to iPhone directly.

get pictures from computer to iphone with itunes

Sometimes, you may have trouble in getting pictures from computer to iPhone by using iTunes by encountering the prompt says "iTunes can't sync photos because iCloud photos on". Don't worry, you have 3 solutions to fix it:

Solution 1: Turn off iCloud Photo Library on your iPhone by going to Settings app > Apple ID > iCloud > Photos > iCloud Photo Library > Tap to turn it off > Choose Remove from iPhone or Download Photos & Videos.

Solution 2: If you don't want to choose solution 1, you can try solution 2 to add photos to iCloud from your computer directly. After that, all added iCloud photos will be shown on your iPhone automatically.

Solution 3: Try other ways to get photos from your computer to your phone, such as the methods mentioned in Part 1 and 2 - download photos to phone without losing any data.


Part 5. How to Get Photos from Your Computer to Your iPhone with iCloud

Finding out how to get photos from your computer to your phone with the aid of iCloud is very simple. With iCloud, one can access photos from any device. It is a method that has been growing in popularity because different types of devices can utilize it. When you enable iCloud Photo Library, you will be able to sync photos between iCloud and iPhone. So, you can upload pictures from PC to iCloud's official page and then synced to phone device when Wi-Fi is available.

Step 1: On iPhone, enable iCloud Photo Library by opening settings and then clicking the Apple ID present at the top of screen and then choose iCloud > Photos > iCloud Photo Library.

get photos from computer to iphone with icloud

Step 2: On computer, open browser and go to iCloud.com in order to log-in by utilizing your Apple ID.

Step 3: You will now be able to upload the photos you want to acquire from computer to iPhone device to iCloud. To add photos to iCloud, click on the "Upload" and then begin choosing the photos from your computer.

Step 4: Go ahead and open iPhone Photos, and when Wi-Fi is available, photos will begin to sync to iPhone. Indeed, it is quite an easy process that can transfer any photo that you want and not change any aspect of it. This is something that cannot be expressed about other web-based methods that are available to help with this type of transfer.

Part 6. How to Download Photos to Phone from Computer with Google Photos

Google Photos has become very popular because it facilitates the transferring process better than other methods on the market. This is certainly not of a big surprise, because Google has never failed to impress with any innovative method it introduces to the public.

Step 1: Visit photos.google.com to create an album by choosing photos on computer you wish to upload to Google Photos.

download photos to phone from computer with google photos

Step 2: On iPhone device, visit the App Store to install Google Photos. On computer, login with the same account. By doing this, photos will sync to IPhone Google Photos.

Step 3: You will now be able to download to iPhone photos synced from Google Photos.

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Part 7. How to Transfer Photos from Computer to Android Phone via Bluetooth

Bluetooth has become well-known for a variety of reasons. For one, it allows the transfer of photos between different devices. Due to its unquestionable aid to facilitate several tasks for people, nearly every device, including computers, support a Bluetooth transfer. It is very easy to utilize and very effective in ensuring that there are no errors present with any transfer it undertakes.

Step 1: On your phone device, enable Bluetooth. Ensure the device is discoverable.

turn on bluetooth on computer

Step 2: On computer's notification zone, click on the "Bluetooth" icon. After this, click on "Select File".

Step 3: Select your phone on the "Bluetooth File Transfer" window. Now, click on a photo and then choose "Next" for the transfer to begin.

Step 4: Once the transferring has concluded, turn off Bluetooth on phone. Yes, that is all there is to it to utilize Bluetooth adequately when transferring photos.

Transfer Photos from Computer to Phone Every Time by Using Safe & Effective Methods

Photos are of great value because they reflect memories that cannot be duplicated. Nowadays, there is no reason to place your photos in jeopardy when conducting a transfer of them from computer to phone. Every transfer should be done in a safe and effective manner. The only way to achieve this every time is by taking into consideration any of the aforementioned methods. Choosing any other method can cause the quality of your photos to change drastically, among other elements that structure it. The previously mentioned methods can avoid this from occurring, hence why they are worth the time of day every time.

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