WeChat Fails to Send Files, How to Fix It?

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Because of convenience and simplicity, a lot of users like to share files on WeChat, including pictures, videos, Words, excels, posts and other documents. But this feature does not always work and most users have encountered the situation that WeChat fails to send the files. And at this moment, most of you must wonder: why the device sends such a message to me? How can I solve this problem? But in fact, this is a common problem that many people have ever met so you do not need to worry too much about it. Now just read on to learn the reasons for the sending failure and get the effective methods to solve this problem. Let's take a look together.

Why WeChat Fails to Send Files?

In general, sending files on WeChat is very easy- you only need to select the contact in WeChat and tap on the "+" icon at the bottom right to bring a window with many options. Then you can tap on Photo, Camera or Favorite to select the files you want to share. And finally, you need to confirm your option. The operation to send files is very simple but users are still possible to fail sometimes. That's mainly because:

- The size of the file is too large. You need to know that the file size that you can send is limited. So when the files you select to send are oversize, they will be unable to be sent successfully.

- The network connection you are using is too bad. Sending files always requires a stable network connection. That means the files cannot be sent when you connect your phone to a weak Wi-fi or phone data.

- The storage space of the WeChat is too small to send the data. While sending files on WeChat, both your WeChat space and the receiver's usable storage space must be sufficient or the sending process cannot proceed smoothly.

wechat cannot send files

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How to Fix WeChat Cannot Send Files Problem?

From the main reasons of the sending failure, you may be able to guess the solutions of this error now. They are some simple tricks actually.

1. Use Weiyun to send files over 25MB or 5 minutes

When the files you elect to send is over 25MB or 5 minutes, you can select to reduce the file size. But if you do not want to cut down the file, you can ask Weiyun to help you. This is a cloud service developed by Tencent. It can help you to send the files over 25MB or 5 minutes on WeChat.

1) On Windows or Mac computer, you can:

- Launch Weiyun on your computer and then log in the service with your WeChat account by scanning the QR code.

log in weiyun with wechat account

- Next, click on the blue add button and select to upload the files from your computer.

upload files from computer

- Then you can choose the files that you want to upload on computer and click on the blue button in the pop-up window to begin the uploading process.

- When the uploading finishes, you can select the item you want to send and tap on the share button on the top pane.

- Now you need to copy the link by clicking the blue button.

share files on wechat

- After that, you can go to WeChat and tap on the contact that you want to share the file with. Then paste the link and click the send button to send it.

2) On Android or iPhone, you need to:

- Download and install the Weiyun App on your mobile phone.

- Tap on the Add button at the bottom menu and select the document icon. Then you can choose the file you want to upload on your phone.

add files to weiyun

- Next, elect the file and tap on the blue button to upload the file to cloud.

- At last, you can go to the file and tap on "..." icon to choose the option send to the WeChat conversation.

2. Free up WeChat space

If the file you want to send is less than 25MB or 5 minutes but still fails to be sent, the usable space of WeChat might be insufficient in this case. So here, you are suggested to manage the chat history on your WeChat.

- Click on Me> Settings> General> Manage Storage on your WeChat.

- Then you can see the used and available storage on the interface.

- Now click on Manage Storage and then select Manage Current WeChat Chat History in this section.

- The final step is to find and choose the chat history that is useless or less important and then delete it.

manage wechat conversations

3. Connect your phone to a stable network

If the WeChat cannot send files problem is caused by the poor network connection, it would be easier to fix the problem. You can simply swipe down the screen of your phone and then tap on the Wi-fi or phone data icon to disable the network first. After a few seconds, you can click on the icon again to turn it back on. Or you can choose to connect a new network to your device to ensure the smooth sending process.

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