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Android Phone Keeps Turning off? 3 Ways to Fix It!

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Recently, some users complain that their Android phones always turn off by itself when they are using the device. It is certain that you will be morose when this issue occurs, especially when you are dealing with something important with the mobile phone. Thus, in this case, you need to know why this issue happens and get the solutions to fix it. That's why we write this article- this guide will help you to fix the Android phone keeps turning off issue simply.

Part 1. Why Does Your Phone Keep Turning off?

There are various reasons cause the Android phone keeps turning off problem. And among them, the most common and primary causes are:

- Loose connection of battery. When the battery has a bad connection with your Android mobile phone, the device is not able to run smoothly. And also, a low battery would cause the problem as well.

- Applications' problem. Android smart phone allows user to download lots of applications on the device. But some of these software might be incompatible with the operating system or the amount of applications is too heavy to be born, which would result in the shutdown loop as well.

- Unsuitable protective cover. In order to prevent the device from breaking up, many people select to use a cover to protect their devices. But if the cover is unsuitable or too tight, it will affect the operation of the device.

how to fix android phone keeps turning off issue

Part 2. Check the Battery Status of Your Android to Solve the Problem

If your phone keeps turning off and is unable to be unlocked even when you press and hold the Power button, there might be some problems with your phone battery. Thus, you need to check the status of battery at first. This examination can be completed according to a call. The followings are the details for your reference:

- Launch the Dialer on the screen of your Android phone.

- Type in "*#*#4636#*#*" and dial the number. After a few seconds, a Battery Info screen will pop up on the screen. If it does not work, you can dial "*#*#INFO#*#*" to have a try.

- If the data about the battery shows you that the battery is in a bad status, you need to use a new healthy battery to replace it. But if it is healthy, you can move to the next step to fix your phone.

inspect the battery status of your phone

Part 3. Settle the Error with Uninstalling the Incompatible Software

An incompatible application on your Android phone would also lead to the shutdown loop issue. Therefore, it is an idea to uninstall the apps that are causing the problem. If you cannot figure out which one is the convict, you can go to the Safe Mode to get it and remove it from your device.

- Long press the Power button to receive a window with several Device options.

- Tap on Power off option for about 10 seconds and a popup will appear to ask you whether you want to reboot the device into safe mode. Just click on OK to enter the Safe Mode.

enter android safe mode

- In the Safe Mode, the applications which are incompatible with your phone will be unavailable to be used. Just uninstall them to settle the Android phone keeps turning off error.

Part 4. Fix the Issue by Resetting the Data on the Device

The last solution would be the most powerful means to fix the shutdown loop problem. This means is to factory reset your Android phone which would be the mighty method to solve different kinds of Android phone problems. But it will erase all the data on your device so you'd better backup the files on Android in advance.

- Click on the icon of Settings on your phone and select Backup and Reset option in this section.

how to factory reset your phone

- Next, choose Factory data reset and then tap on reset device.

- After that, you can click ERASE EVERYTHING to factory reset your phone.

erase all the data on your android phone

Once the resetting process finishes, the device will automatically restart and you need to set it up once again.

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win mobilkin doctor for android mac mobikin doctor for android

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