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The Ultimate Solution to Transfer Data from iPad to External Hard Drive

2016-01-23 17:31:44/Posted by Alleny Gavinto iOS Transfer Topic/Follow @ MobiKin

As we know the external hard drive can enable you to save a large quantity of files. You can back up your files in the device or transfer the files to other devices with the external hard drive as the relay station. Many people choose to back up the files in the external hard drive not only because of the large space it has but also due to the smaller size that enables you to bring the device with you wherever you want. Besides the files in the electronic like mobile phones and tablets are easy to lose. For example, you may tap on the wrong button to delete the important files by mistakes or formatted your iPad because the device is infected by viruses; The mobile phone may be lost or stolen by thieves; Or you may fail to update your device and all the files in the device are lost. Anyway you'd better make a backup of the files in case of the accidents.

Here we will tell you how to transfer data from iPad to external hard drive within 3 steps. As we know it is impossible to transfer iPad data to an external hard drive directly and also time-consuming and troublesome to manage the iPad data on computer. So here we will recommend you a powerful software - MobiKin iPhone File Transfer (Windows/Mac), which can help you manage all the files that are stored in the iPad. There is a brief introduction below.

1. The software will detect the connected device automatically and scan the files in it thoroughly. Then all the files will be displayed as different categories so that you can find the target files on computer directly.
2. The software can help iOS users transfer files like contacts, SMS messages, videos, voice memo, books, music, notes, podcast, safari bookmarks and so on from the devices to the computer quickly and easily with one click and with no hassle.
3. The software can be compatible with various types of iOS device including iPhone, iPod as well as iPad. Besides, the program can support the iOS devices with various generations of the operating system.
4. The software is totally clean without any spyware, adware, or viruses. So you will be not interrupt by any advertisements during the transferring process.
5. The operation of the software is simple and requires no professional skills. The whole process will cost you just several minutes.
6. The files like contacts, SMS, notes and safari bookmarks will be exported and saved as the HTML format.

There are two versions available here. Just selects one to download the free trial version of the software.

Steps to Transfer Files from iPad to External Hard Drive

Step One. Connect the Device to Computer and Run the Program.

Install and run the software you downloaded on the computer and the use the USB cable to link your iPad to the PC. Then the software will detect the connected device and you may see the interface like this.

Step 2. Export Files from iPad to Computer.

Select the option on the left panel according to your needs to preview the detailed items on the right panel. Mark the files on the right panel and finally hit the Export button to send marked files to computer.

Step 3. Export the Files to External Hard Drive

Just plug the external hard drive to the computer and then it will be detected automatically by the computer. Open the folder of the external hard drive on the computer and copy the files from the computer and paste on the folder.


This is the whole process. You can download the software to experience it by yourself.

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