How to Back Up/Save Contacts on Android Phone Easily? [5 Best Ways]

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In today's mobile landscape, manufacturers, including those producing Android devices, prioritize enhancing security. Despite these efforts, devices remain susceptible to malware and unknown threats, potentially leading to inadvertent data loss, including contacts.

To safeguard against such scenarios, you're advised to regularly back up contacts on Android to secure locations. This proactive measure helps prevent contact loss and enables easy restoration of backups in the event of digital mishaps.

back up contacts on android

Way 1: How to Back up Contacts on Android via Android Backup & Restore [1-click Way]

Are you still searching for an advanced and reliable backup program tailored to a specific Android model? Look no further than MobiKin Backup Manager for Android (Win and Mac). It allows you to easily and securely back up contacts and other data on any Android device with just one tap. Moreover, it provides the flexibility to restore selected data whenever needed. Additionally, it serves as a transfer product for both PC and Mac.

Main characteristics of MobiKin Android Backup & Restore:

  • With just one tap, you can back up contacts from Android to PC/Mac swiftly.
  • Restore Android phone from backup without difficulty.
  • Supported data types: Contacts, SMS, call logs, pictures, songs, videos, documents, apps, and more.
  • WiFi and USB connect, easy to use, and no quality loss.
  • Compatible with overall Android phones or tablets, such as Samsung, T-Mobile, Motorola, TCL, Google Pixel, BLU, Alcatel, CAT, OnePlus, Wiko, Boost, SONIM, Kyocera, Sony, ZTE, Nubia, etc.
  • It values your privacy.

download for win download for mac

Free download this dedicated program and unlock the best way to back up contacts Android with great ease:

Step 1 - Connect: Download and install the backup tool on your computer, then run the program. Connect your Android phone to the computer via USB, and once recognized, the main interface will come out.

main interface of android backup and restore

Step 2 - Select: Use the tool to choose the file type - "Contact" to back up from your phone. Choose your preferences and click the "Browse" button to designate a location for the Android contact backup.

specify a location for contact backup

Step 3 - Back Up: After configuring the settings, click the "Back Up" button to commence the backup process immediately. Ensure the connection remains uninterrupted until the backup is complete.

back up contacts on android via android backup and restore

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Way 2: How to Back Up Android Contacts to SIM Card

Recent Android devices complicate SIM card contacts storage. Individual additions and exports are no longer supported in the app, reflecting the availability of more convenient alternatives. However, some manufacturer-specific Contacts apps, like Samsung's, still offer the option to transfer contacts to the SIM card. Next, how do I back up my contacts on an Android phone to a SIM card?

  • Open the Android Contacts app and click on the three-line menu button.
  • Navigate to "Manage contacts". Choose "Import/Export" > "Export to SIM card".
  • how to back up contacts on android to sim card

  • Pick the contacts to transfer, or select all.
  • Click "Done" and proceed to "Export".
  • Confirm by selecting "Export" again to transfer contacts to SIM card.

Way 3: How to Back Up Contacts for Android by Exporting to VCF File

The Contacts app on Android is highly equipped with various features and includes an additional function to create and export Android contacts to VCF files. After that, you have the option to save them to your phone's storage or synchronize them with cloud storage. How can I save all my phone contacts by exporting them to a VCF file?

  • Launch the Contacts app on your Android device.
  • Navigate to the "Fix & manage" tab at the bottom.
  • Click "Export to file" and choose your Google account.
  • Select "Export to .vcf file".
  • how to back up android contacts by exporting them to vcf file

  • Rename the VCF file and click "Save". (Here, you can also use the hamburger menu to select your Cloud account for online contact backup.)

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Way 4: How to Save All Phone Contacts to Google Account

It's easy to back up your Android contacts to your Google Gmail account for universal access and data security across devices. In doing so, you can prevent data loss and ensure accessibility on any connected Android device. Let's now check out how to get contact backup onto Google account/Gmail:

  • Sync your Android phone with your Google account: Go to "Settings > Accounts & Sync > Add Account > Google > Next > Sign in".
  • Enter your Gmail login details and choose "Sync Contacts" to transfer contacts to Gmail. (If you don't have a Gmail account, tap "Create" to add one.)
  • how do i back up my contacts on an android phone to google account

  • After a brief wait, the syncing process will be complete.
  • Access your synced contacts by logging into your Gmail account on any device. After that, you can then delete contacts on your Android phone if you want to discard the smartphone.

How many contacts can I store on my Google account? Google allows storing up to 25,000 contacts in your account, but check official Google support or your account settings for the latest information as policies may change.


Way 5: How to Back Up Contacts Numbers via Google Contacts

Losing your phone is stressful, especially if you lose your contacts. Imagine you are asked for email addresses again; you can also try Google service in this way - using Google Contacts. Here's how to take backup of contacts via Google Contacts:

  • Initiate the Google Contacts application.
  • In case it's not installed, acquire it from the Play Store.
  • Access the settings of Contacts by tapping the circular profile picture icon in the upper right corner.
  • Choose "Google Contacts sync settings" and navigate to the "Also sync device contacts" menu.
  • how can i save all my phone contacts via google contacts

  • Activate the "Automatically back up and sync device contacts" toggle.
  • Proceed to your Android phone's "Settings".
  • Scroll down to locate and select "Google".
  • Then, choose "Backup and access the Google Account data".
  • Enable the "Contacts" toggle before you can manage Google Contacts freely.

How do I back up my contacts from my Android phone to Excel and vCard after syncing them to Google? Quick Look: Visit on your desktop, choose contacts with profile pictures, click the "3-dot" menu, select "Export", choose the format, and download your CSV or VCF file instantly.


Ending Words

That concludes today's discussion on backing up Android contacts. Overall, we've outlined five practical methods for securing your Android phone numbers and relevant items. And let's now provide a brief overview of them:

  • If you have a handful of contacts, using a SIM card for backup is an option, but it poses risks if the SIM is damaged or lost.
  • Exporting contacts to a VCF file and then backing up to a Google Account/Contacts is another method, but not ideal for viewing or printing.
  • Many users prefer computer backups for security and accessibility. With a PC or Mac, your contacts are securely stored independently, ensuring easy access even if your phone is not available. In this regard, it's best to try out MobiKin Backup Manager for Android for a reliable backup solution.

download for win download for mac

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