Top 4 Ways to Transfer Files from Android to Mac in 2023

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Whether it is for security or immediate necessity, you might have the need to transfer files from Android to Mac. Providing a solution for this is the purpose of this article. It is a simple question, easily answered by any of the following methods:

Part 1. Move Files from Android to Mac With The Best Android File Transfer Alternative - MobiKin Assistant for Android

MobiKin Assistant for Android (Mac Version) is a comprehensive Android file transfer tool for Mac users. Do not need any other third-party software, this program can help connect your Android phone to a Mac easily and transfer files from Android to Mac directly. Users without the technical background can use it intuitively.

Totally Control Your Android Phone on Mac with It

1) Add, delete, and modify the contacts on Mac.

2) Send, delete, and read the SMS on the computer.

3) Add/delete media files (photos, music, and videos).

4) Install/uninstall apps on your Mac.

5) Backup/restore Android device with 1 click.

6) Transfer call logs, contacts, SMS, photos, music, videos, apps, and documents from Android to Mac with few minutes.

Developed with high-level technology, the program is 100% clean and safe. What's more, its strong compatibility makes it work perfectly on Samsung, LG, Sony, Motorola, Huawei, HTC, Xiaomi, and so on.


You can free download it and try as the following steps.

Android Contacts Manager for Win Android Contacts Manager for Mac

How to Move Files from Android to Mac with MobiKin Assistant for Android?

Step 1. Connect your Android phone to the Mac via a USB cable. Then enable USB debugging on your Android phone if it prompts.

enable usb debugging

Step 2. Go with the on-screen prompts to make the program recognize your Android phone. You should see the main interface as below. Now all the files of your Android device are listed on the left panel.

how to transfer files from android to mac with mobikin assistant for android

Step 3. On the left file list, please hit the folders that contain your wanted data, preview the detailed info, and select the items by ticking them on. We take Videos for example in the following picture.

select files to move from android to mac

Step 4. After selection, click Export from the menu bar and select a local folder to save the files. Within few minutes, your wanted files are transferred from Android to Mac.

Additional, you can backup all the Android files or types of folders from Android phone to Mac with 1 click.

On the main interface of the program, please choose Super Toolkit, then tap on Backup. You need to select a location and hit Back Up to start the process. And if you need to restore your Android files, you can use this software to recover from these backups.

how to transfer all the files from android to mac with 1 click

How to Transfer Files from Mac to Android?

MobiKin Assistant for Android can also transfer files from Mac to Android, which makes it the simplest way to transfer files between Android and Mac directly. Here are the simply steps:

Step 1. On the main interface of the program, please go to the folders on the left panel that contain the type of files you want to transfer. Such as Music, Videos, Photos, Contacts, and so on.

Step 2. Click Add/New on the menu bar. We take Music for example in the following picture.

transfer files from mac to android device

Step 3. Choose the files from a local folder on the Mac and confirm your choice. Then the selected files will be transferred from Mac to your Android device.

select files from a local folder to transfer from mac to android phone


Part 2. Transfer Files from Android to Mac with Android File Transfer

Given their commercial rivalry, it seems unlikely that Android and Apple devices could simply, and legitimately, be synced. Fortunately, that rivalry does not seep in to cripple the simple and easy usage of the Android File Transfer app.

Let us take a look at the steps to transfer files from your Android to Mac using the Android File Transfer.

Step 1. Connect your Android device to a Mac with a USB cable. It might appear as a disc on screen. Please go to the Android notification and change into MTP/File Transfer mode.

tick on mtp mode on your android phone

Step 2. Now you need the app itself. Usually, your Android device would prompt it automatically but if not, you need to download and install Android File Transfer manually. It is a very simple process.

copy files from android to mac with android file transfer

Step 3. Once prompted in the welcome screen, click on the Get Started button to open a folder/window that shows all the files and folders you have on your Android device.

tap on get started

Step 4. Find your files. If it is not directly visible, find and open the folder that contains it. Please notice that it does not support to transfer contacts, call logs, or SMS in this way.

find android files with android file transfer

Step 5. Finally, click and drag the file that you wish to transfer from Android to the desktop or the folder on your Mac. Once transferred, open to make sure it is still intact.

When you are using Android File Transfer, keep in mind two things. First, you can only open/view files once they are transferred to your Mac. And second, you can only transfer files with one by one in this way.


Part 3. Copy Files from Android to Mac with Bluetooth

Using Bluetooth to transfer files is a traditional way. Although it may not be the first choice for its poor speed to transfer large size of files from Android to Mac, this is a way to transfer files wirelessly.

The following steps help you in copying files from Android to Mac using the Bluetooth File Transfer.

Step 1. First, you need both of your Bluetooth on. You will find it under System Preferences on your Mac. If it does not already show On, click on the Turn Bluetooth On/Off button. Once on, the Now discoverable as line shall appear.

open the bluetooth on the mac

Step 2. Now, find your Android device's Bluetooth from Settings. Turn it on to find a list of previously used and newly discovered devices, which should include the name of your Mac.

Step 3. From your Mac, click the Pair button next to your Android's Bluetooth name. This will prompt a waiting dialogue box with a code.

pair the codes on the mac and android phone

Step 4. Now, check your Android. There should be another box open there with the name of the external device wishing to pair and a code that needs to be matched. Click OK if they match.

Step 5. To transfer files from Android to Mac, find Sharing from your Mac's System Preferences. This opens a window with a list of sharing options on the left. Check the Bluetooth Sharing box to make the various options on the right available.

tick on bluetooth sharing

Step 6. From the options, you can set preferences concerning what should be done when files are being transferred and external devices are trying to browse. You can also set the predetermined folder where transferred files/folders should be downloaded.

Step 7. Once set, go to your Android device and use the share option to automatically transfer the files to the default download folder on your Mac.

The best advantage of using Bluetooth is that there is no need for a third-party device or application. However, it is always smart to prepare for the unexpected, since it is not impossible that for one inexplicable reason or another, your two devices simply can not be synced through Bluetooth.


Part 4. Transfer Files from Android to Mac with Google Drive

As you might have already guessed, the process of syncing files from your Android to Mac using Google Drive is rather indirect. You can do this by:

Step 1. First, the files need to be uploaded to Drive. Download Google Drive on your Android phone and launch it. Tap on the + button. This will drop a menu. Select Upload from it. Documents, pictures, audio, and videos can be uploaded.

transfer files from android to mac via google drive

Step 2. Now, select the files that you want to transfer and they will be uploaded. You can view them from My Drive. Uploaded files remain permanently. Or, at least, as long as you keep them there.

Step 3. Next, to download these files, open Google Drive from your Mac.

Step 4. Select the files that you uploaded. You can press Ctrl/Shift to choose multiple files. Once done, right click and select Download. The files will be transferred to your Mac's default download folder.

download files from google drive to your mac

Keep in mind that you can not change any setting of Google Drive from your Android device. You can do that only by using a computer. Which means there is no option to convert document files while uploading from a not-computer device.


The Bottom Line

We hope readers can finally transfer files between Android phone and Mac by themselves after reading this article. MobiKin Assistant for Android involves fewer steps and is more comprehensive, which is worth to try. Pick one method as you need to copy files from Android to your Mac and leave your comments. If you have other good ideas, please share with us below.

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