5 Options on How to Transfer Photos from SD Card to Computer [Updated]

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After a memorable holiday or feast filled with beautiful photos taken on your Android memory card or a digital camera, you may want to share them with your friends after importing them to your computer. If you're uncertain about how to transfer photos from SD card to computer, this tutorial could do you a big favor. It provides five easy methods with detailed step-by-step instructions. Before we delve into the main topic, let's consider why this is imperative.

how to transfer photos from sd card to computer

Part 1: Why Transfer Photos From SD Card to Computer

Transferring files from SD cards to computers is essential for various reasons, ensuring data security. Some common causes include:

  • Ensure a backup copy by transferring images, safeguarding against SD card issues.
  • Enjoy the convenience of organizing pics on a computer rather than on the device.
  • Copy photos to a computer before initiating the printing process.
  • Facilitate sharing by transferring pictures to a computer; easily upload to social media.
  • Transfer photos from SD cards to free up limited storage space for new content.

Next, how do I get pictures off my memory card? Let's now start with the most practical method.

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Part 2: How to Transfer Photos from SD Card to Computer Professionally [Easy]

Beyond transferring photos, MobiKin Doctor for Android (compatible with both Win and Mac) enables the copy of various data, including videos, music, and more, from an SD card to a computer. The best part of this product is that it also lets you recover deleted data from your SD card, which could be an added bonus. Besides, it supports SD cards from Android devices, digital cameras, camcorders, MP4 players, and even TVs.

Why select MobiKin Doctor for Android?

- Transfer photos from SD card to computer after a quick scan.

- Restore deleted files from an SD card without trouble.

- Recover deleted data from Android internal memory without backup.

- Apply to such files as contacts, SMS, call logs, photos, videos, music, audio, and documents.

- Allow you to view and pick what you want for recovery.

- Compatible with various SD card and Android devices, such as standard SD card, microSDHC card, microSD card, microSDXC card, microSDUC card, TECNO, Infinix, Motorola, Huawei, TCL, Google, T-Mobile, etc.

- Totally secure and easy to use.

android data recovery for win android data recovery for mac


Before using this software, verify whether your computer has a microSD card slot. If not, locate a microSD card reader. Power off your phone and remove the card to get ready for the task.

How to get pictures/photos off SD card to a computer using MobiKin Doctor for Android?

Step 1: Insert your microSD card into the computer

Link your SD card to a computer through a card reader. Launch the installed SD card recovery tool and select the "SD Card Recovery" menu from the top to access the initial interface.

connect microsd card to computer

Step 2: Scan your SD card using the program

Your SD card will be visible on the window. Tick the disk drive of your card and click "Next" to initiate the scanning process.

scan sd card for all content

Step 3: Initiate photo transfer from SD card to computer

Upon completion of the scan, all file types on your SD card will appear on the left panel. Click the "Photos" tab, preview, and select the photos you wish to transfer. Finally, click "Recover" to save them on your computer.

how to transfer photos from sd card to computer with mobikin

Video Guide:

Note: Some may wonder how to transfer photos from a PC to an SD card. Here's the tutorial: Insert the SD card into your computer; open File Explorer and locate your photos; select the photos, right-click, and choose "Copy" or "Cut"; navigate to the SD card, right-click, and go for "Paste".


Part 3: How to Transfer Photos from microSD Card to Computer via File Explorer

File Explorer allows a one-time transfer of SD card photos. After the transfer, you can organize the transferred photos into subfolders for a tidy file system. Please note that for multiple files, the task may be time-consuming.

How to upload pictures from camera to computer using memory card with File Explorer?

  • Place the SD card into your computer's card reader.
  • Use "Win + E" to launch File Explorer.
  • Double-click on the drive icon corresponding to your SD card.
  • Locate the folder containing the pictures you wish to transfer.
  • Simply drag and drop the selected pictures onto the desktop or into another folder on your computer.

how to transfer photos from micro sd card to computer via file explorer

Part 4: How Do You Import Pictures from SD Card to Computer via AutoPlay

AutoPlay on Windows prompts tasks such as opening folders, playing media, or launching applications based on the content detected on the device. Also, it can automatically detect the device before you can back up your SD card on Android. To proceed, insert your SD card, and AutoPlay will prompt you to access the files on the card.

How to upload photos to computer from SD card using AutoPlay?

  • Enable AutoPlay on your Windows computer by going to "Start" > "Settings" > "Devices" > "AutoPlay" and switching it on.
  • Insert your SD card into the computer's card slot or use a card reader; the AutoPlay window will appear.
  • Select "Open folder to view files" from the AutoPlay window to access the SD card's content.
  • how do you import pictures from sd card to computer via autoplay

  • Browse and choose the photos you need, then drag and drop them to your computer.

Part 5: How Do I Download Pictures from an SD Card to My Computer with OneDrive

As people embrace cloud storage like OneDrive, transferring data from SD cards to computers becomes seamless when everything is synced. Yet, how can you do that?

  • Utilize an SD card reader to insert the card into your computer.
  • Launch the OneDrive desktop app and enter your email address.
  • how do i get pictures off my memory card with onedrive

  • The OneDrive folder location should show up on this page.
  • You can also tap the "Change location" link to opt for another place for this folder.
  • Drag and drop your pics from the SD card to the folder directly.

If you have Windows 7, Windows Vista, or a Mac computer, you can get the free OneDrive desktop app to import files and folders to the cloud storage automatically.


Part 6: How to Transfer Pictures from Memory Card Using Photos App

Lastly, we'll guide you on using the Photos app on Windows 10/11 for the SD transfer on PC Windows. Similarly, you can import photos from your SD card to your Mac, covering macOS High Sierra, using this tool.

* How to import pictures from SD card to Windows 11/10 via the Photos pp?

  • Upon connecting the SD card to your computer, click the "Start" button and launch the Photos app.
  • Within the Photos app, click "Import" and select "From a USB device".
  • The app will scan the drive and display a list of detected photos. (By default, all pictures are chosen, but you can click "Unselect all" for manual selection)
  • how to transfer pictures from memory card to windows with photos app

  • Click "Import selected" to commence the photo import process.

* How to transfer photos from SD card to Mac with the Photos app?

  • Insert your SD card into a Mac's card slot or use a card reader if needed.
  • Launch the Photos app on your machine and click the name of your SD card. (If not visible, go to "File >
  • Import" and locate the SD card from the Finder pop-up window)
  • Select the desired photos, and the chosen photos will be displayed in the Photos app window.
  • Click "Import All New Photos" or "Import Selected" to transfer SD card photos to your Mac.

how to import pictures from sd card to mac with photos app

Note: Alternatively, drag files or folders from Finder to the Photos window or Dock icon. After that, photos are imported to the Pictures folder on your Mac by default. To change the destination folder, click "Import settings > Change the import destination".


FAQs on SD Card Photos

Q1: How to set SD card as the default storage on Android?

Access the "Settings" menu, click on "Storage/Memory", find "Storage Settings", and switch the default location from internal storage to the SD card.

Q2: How to transfer photos from internal memory to SD card?

Open the File Manager/My Files app, select the photos in internal storage, choose "Move" or "Copy", navigate to the SD card, select the destination folder, and tap "Paste" to transfer the images.

Q3: What is the difference between SD, SDHC, and SDXC cards?

These are different types of SD cards with varying capacities. SD cards typically have a capacity of up to 2GB, SDHC cards range from 4GB to 32GB, and SDXC cards have capacities exceeding 32GB, up to 2TB.

Q4: How do I check the remaining space on my SD card?

On a computer, right-click the SD card in File Explorer and select "Properties" to see the available space. On a camera, check the storage information in the settings menu.

Additional Tip - What If I Can't Transfer Photos from an SD Card to a Computer?

Generally, the feasible ways mentioned can transfer photos from an SD card to a computer. For transferring a large number of photos or recovering deleted content during the migration, consider using MobiKin Doctor for Android directly.

android data recovery for win android data recovery for mac

Lastly, we'll provide some precautions when performing SD card photo transfers:

  • Ensure your device is connected or the SD card reader is functional.
  • When using apps like Photos for importing, be aware of potential compatibility issues.
  • Adjust computer settings or perform minor troubleshooting if necessary.
  • Resolve system bugs by updating your mobile device or PC operating system.
  • Configure your Android device for both file and media transfer options.
  • Avoid importing too many Android images simultaneously to prevent transfer failure.
  • Safely eject the SD card before removing it from your computer.

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