Guide to Turn on Wi-fi and See Password of Connected Wi-fi on Android

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All the Android phone users would agree with me that Wi-fi is of the essence for the phone, right? Without Wi-fi, we are unable to download music, videos, applications, send and receive messages on Facebook/WhatsApp/Instagram, surf the internet, etc. on the Android phone stably and quickly. In consequence, users need to get the means to turn on Wi-fi and see the password of connected Wi-fi so they can enjoy their mobile phone more freely and expediently.

Turn on Wi-fi on Android Phone

The means to enable Wi-fi on Android phone is not sole. When you want to switch on and use the Wi-fi, you have 3 choices:

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Option 1. Turn on Wi-fi in notification bar

The first method is the most common and easy one. You can complete it in seconds- swipe down the phone screen to enter the notification bar with many options. Then you need to find out the icon of Wi-fi and tap on it to enable the feature. Many users select this means since it is very easy to operate and saves time.

Option 2. Enable Wi-fi in Settings

The next method to turn on Android Wi-fi is to manage the network in Settings section. This would not be as easy as the first because you need to go to Settings> Wi-fi and click on the button to turn the feature on. But different from the first means, by using this method, you can see the usable Wi-fi around you and choose the wanted on from the list. In other words, you will be able to get more selections and Wi-fi information.

turn on wifi in settings

Option 3. Connect to hidden Wi-fi

Sometimes the Wi-fi might be hidden so you can't see it from the list. In this case, if you know the name and password of the wanted Wi-fi, you can connect to it as well:

- Navigate to Settings> Wi-fi> Add Wi-fi network.

- Then you can enter the network name into the box and tap on Security to select the security type for the network. After that, just type in the password.

add wifi network to android

- Click on Connect and the phone will scan and search the network. When the selected Wi-fi is found, your phone will connect to it and you can use it without any hassle.

Notice: some Wi-fi provided in public would not require passwords but they might be insecure so be careful while using them.

View Password of Saved Wi-fi on Android

It is normal that users forget the security key sometimes and fail to connect the Wi-fi again. But it doesn't matter cause you can see password of the connected Wi-fi as well. To complete this process, you need to turn to Root Explorer.

- Root your Android phone at first.

- Download and install the application from Google Play Store. Here please note that your phone must operate on Android 4.3 or later.

- Launch the program on your phone and you will get a Root page. Just scroll down to find the data option and select msic.

how to see wifi password

- Next, choose wifi on the MISC page and find out "wpa_supplicant.conf".

how to view passcode of wifi

- Then you can see the network option in the red square. It is the Wi-fi that your Android phone had ever connected to. And from the information, you can get the Wi-fi name (ssid) and its password (psk).

see password of saved wifi

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